This post is focused on helping those guys who have girls flake on them all the time. Experts will teach you how you can get rid of flake girls and they will also talk about creating attraction and how to increase the chances that a girl is not going to flake on you.

Julian Foxx Talks About Text Game And Eliminating Flake Numbers

Vin DiCarlo and I did the first phone and text game product some years back and it’s just filled with techniques that can just make phone and text game so much easier.

One thing to do if you have a date set up with her at 6 „o clock, send her a text and instead of saying, “Just wanted to make sure we still have a date and are hanging out tonight” say “Hey, just wanted to let you know I am running a few minutes late,” or something like that.

It’s actually an undercover confirmation. I am confirming that she is going to hang out with me without lowering my status. I am doing it in a way that actually boosts my status.

getting rid of flake numbers

Another one is to put my number in her phone and store it as “Prince Julian” or however I want and, you know, no flakes are filled with techniques like that.

Yad Shares His Phone And Text Game Techniques

I always like to call a girl or text a girl in a positive mood because even in a text, it comes across. You don’t have to be in a super mood, but just be in a good positive mood. I’ll call her up around when everyone knocks off work; from basically 6 p.m. till about 10 p.m. is a great time to call a girl.

If I met her the day before on the street, I’ll say “Listen, what are you doing on …?” But I’m always in a positive mood. If she doesn’t pick up the phone, just leave a very simple message: “Hey, it’s Yad, the guy you met yesterday. I just wanted to say hello. Hope you’re having a nice day. All right, give me a callback if you get the chance, and I’ll speak to you soon.” And that’s it. If I’ve already had an instant date, I like to pick something from the conversation we had and text them that in next day or two to keep it rolling.

Adam Lyons Teaches How To Make Sure That A Girl Does Not Flake On You

The easiest way to make sure that a girl doesn’t flake on you after you get her phone number is to ensure that the reason that you text her is the same reason as the reason that you got her phone number. I often find guys who talk to a girl and get her number to send details about the local museum and then they text her: “Hey babe, what’s up? When are we meeting up?” And it always freaks them out because that isn’t the reason they gave you the phone number. On the other hand, you swap the phone number because you’re going to hook them up to a night club and then you contact them about the night club, and they are not going to flake because they knew what the reason was.

If you look back over the times the girls flake on you, you’ll almost always see that the reason you got the phone number is not the same reason you’re texting them. So if you keep everything congruent, I’d say that doubles your chance of the girl not flaking.

And then the other thing has to do with the length of your interaction. If the interaction is only two or five minutes, it’s not that solid a set so there’s a good chance they might flake. On the other hand, if you keep the interaction going for an hour or three hours when you first meet her, then there’s a much lower chance that she’s going to flake later.

Alex Coulson Tels When A Girl Will Not Flake On You

That really depends a lot on your interaction. She probably won’t flake on you if you sat down with a girl for an hour and you talked and you exchanged stories and had a really good time. That sounds like it’s pretty solid. You can probably call the girl. She probably won’t flake on you. You’ve got a lot of rapport, a lot of connections there. She knows about your lifestyle because you have told her stories. So in that case you want to call her. If you text her, it’s kind of weird. It’s kind of like taking a step back, so you want to call her.

understanding why women flake

Also, I’ll test her number when I first get it, right in front of her. Say something like, “Cool, well, I’ve got your digits now. I’ll tell you what, I’ll prank you now, so you can save my number, and you know it’s me when I call you.” And then you call her then and there, and that way you’ll know whether it’s the right number or not. I remember getting phone numbers where the girl really likes me and wants to hang out with me and I’ll do that and her phone won’t ring. She said, “What? What’s going on here?” And she looks at her phone and said “I’m so sorry.” And she legitimately missed a digit. She wasn’t purposely trying to give me a false number.

Get the right number and make fun of her and say, “Oh, you know, you don’t trust me. What’s going on? I’m only going to call you ten times a day, and stalk you and sort of go through your rubbish.” You want to make fun of it and apply it in a sort of playful way.

Bobby Rio On How To Eliminate Flake Phone Numbers

There’s never a guarantee a girl isn’t going to flake. You can only increase the probability she won’t by using inside jokes, nicknames, stuff like that. Maybe use something that ties you back to that night. Something that triggers who you were in her mind and if you bring up some inside joke or some nickname that you used she’s going to feel a little more guilt blowing you off.

Also, while you’re talking to her, and before you actually get her phone number, you want to present yourself as three-dimensional. That is one of the reasons why I mentioned earlier that I use a Four Topic Slide where I bring up childhood memories, then I go to future ambitions. It’s because what that does, it makes you three dimensional. You’re no longer just some guy who’s drinking at a bar and having casual conversation. You know things about her life now, and she knows things about your life that maybe some of your friends don’t even know. And that really increases the likelihood that she’s going to feel compelled to talk to you again.

Brad Jackson Shares A Magic Trick To Get Rid Of Flakes

Once more, that Jedi Ninja magic trick I do pretty much guarantees no girl flakes on me, but in general it all depends on the level of her attraction at the time you left her. If you just met her and didn’t really build much attraction or give her a memorable reason to want to hear from you, good luck getting her to call you back.

That’s one area in which magic is SO useful because it creates curiosity and a memorable moment and reminds her that I’m FUN to be around.

Carlos Xuma’s Tips For Lowering The Flake Rate

Number one, leave her on a high note. In other words, always leave her wanting more, and make sure there’s an emotional high point you’ve left her at so she’s feeling, “Wow, I don’t want this to end. I don’t want this to stop.”

Secondly, give her some reason to talk to you again, “Say, do you know what? I know we can’t get together tonight. I can’t give you that Peter Gabriel CD, but you know what, when I talk to you, I’ll find a way that we can get together where I can play that disc for you, whenever it might be.” So you’re giving her a reason that is a bit of a cliffhanger.

lowering flake rate

To make sure that she doesn’t flake on you, and that she’ll actually return your call, somehow get your number into her phone with your name. Because if you call her and if she doesn’t recognize you number, she’s not going to answer it. And then you don’t want to be that guy that’s constantly talking to her voicemail, and having to say, “Yeah, I thought you’d like be there and …” You sound like an idiot; don’t do that. Make sure you get your name into her phone number, so that she knows who it is.

Christian Hudson’s Method For Having Less Girls Who Will Flake On You

Part of that is management of the conversation once you get the phone number and not waiting two weeks to ask her out on a date. But there’s so much that you could do. We actually have a course called “Before You Text Her.” My buddy Ray is the best at this stuff so I’ll share stuff that he’s really pioneered. But so much of it is about just having fun when you’re talking to her. There are two very specific examples that are fantastic, but I’ll give you three.

The first one is using nicknames, so I’ll call the girl “butter bean, chickpea, idle fluff,” really fun nicknames, and no other guy is doing this in her life. It just depends on the conversation, especially if you did create a nickname before or if she’s giving you something as an inside joke, you can use that. But nicknames start to develop physical connection and that’s great.

Another thing I like to use is what I call implied investment. So this is where you ask her for something that’s utterly absurd, which she would never actually be able to do. But it creates the dynamic of you expecting her to do stuff for you. One that I always use as an example is, let’s say I met a girl and went out without her later that night and have a crazy night partying. And I text her the next day and say something like, “Oh my God, crazy night. Can you please bring over two Advil and a prayer for me?” I just met her, so there’s no way she’s coming over to my house to bring me Advil because she doesn’t know where I live, so it’s an absurd request to get her moving.

Another example is creating implied investment. For instance, I met a girl the other night and I was texting her, “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow, let’s get together.” And she said, “I have to clean out my school classroom.” She’s a teacher. And I said, “Oh, cool. Well, make sure that you steal some number 2 pencils and any other fun student contraband that was left over.” So she’s working for me and, of course, I don’t expect pencils. She wrote back something like, “I’ll get you as many crayons as I can because I have enough. See what I’ll do.” And I wrote back to her something how she must bring those, and that’s amazing.”

The third example is the adds-on technique. When you start talking about what time to get together, rather than say let’s meet at 9:00 or 9:00-ish, you say, “Okay, let’s meet at 9:03.” And I have never done this where she’s not written back and said, “You’re sure not 9:01 or let’s do 9:04 or 9:05?” If she said 9:05, you say, “No, no. The party will be over by then, and I don’t want that. We’ve got to do 9:03.” If she says 9:01, you say “No, I don’t want you waiting around forever.”

And so it’s just a funny way to do what you’re doing. Again, you’re making the actual experience of texting you back fun and full of personality, and that’s different than the way most guys do it. The way most guys do it is very factual and very short and very terse, so just aim for playfulness. The three examples that I just gave are straight from our program and the guys can put them to use right away.