In this post, seduction and dating experts will teach you how to ask for a girl’s number and to get her number most of the time. Let’s get started.

Dean Cortez Teaches How To Ask For A Girl’s Number

When I meet a girl when I’m out, my goal is not to monopolize her time for the next two hours or until last call. I want to talk to her for about ten minutes and make a really good impression on her. Because in ten minutes, I know I have more than enough material to have a really tight fun and interesting conversation. Then I’ll get the phone number from her and her email address, and then I will excuse myself to go and see my friends. You’re flipping it because usually it’s the women who say this, right? The women are the ones who excuse themselves, but no, flip it around, so you’ll be the one to say, “You know what, Cindy? It was so awesome to meet you. I’ve got to go and see some friends, but you have a fun night and I’ll catch up with you later. Oh, by the way, let me get your phone number and you’re email address because there are some really cool parties coming up that I want you to know about.”

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Now, of course, if this is at a bar or a club or a party, my intention is going to be to see this girl again before the end of the night and pick up where we left off, but I’ve already got that phone number and the email address. I always get both, and if you’re nervous about asking her for her number, just ask her for her email. Everybody has it. You say to the girl, “Do you have email?” It sounds totally non threatening, right? I mean, everybody has email, of course. So she’ll say, “Oh sure.” You pull out your little pad of paper and pen or you pull out your phone and you say, “OK, what’s your email address?” And now, as she’s telling you or writing it down, you say to her, “Oh, yeah, tell me your number, too. There are some really cool parties coming up I want to let you know about.” You make it sound like no big deal because it really isn’t.

John Alanis Likes The Idea Of Getting A Girl’s Number

You know, actually, I never liked the idea of having to get her phone number. I’d rather say “Let’s set up the next meeting and let’s exchange contact information” or something like that. This whole text messaging thing has made things immensely easier because now there is the texting back and forth and there is talking back and forth. But you want to do it early on.

You want that really as early on as you possibly can because if you don’t get it or something happens, then she’s gone. You have no way to contact her. I never used the words “phone number.” I’ll say, “Let’s exchange contact information and continue this at another time.”

So it is a continuation of the fun you’re having in the moment. Rarely is someone going to say no under those circumstances. If you use the words “phone number” then it ruins the “Who is this mysterious guy?”

Because the instant that she knows you’re interested for sure, then you’re not mysterious anymore. Women are very attracted to men who are mysterious, and they love to play a game with themselves: “Does he like me? Does he not? I don’t know.”

I’ll say, “You know, let’s hang out. We’ll meet up and hang out. You know, it would be fun.” And so she is always wondering, “Does he like me? Does he not? Gee, I don’t know.” And so they love that type of stuff, and it’s very different from every other guy out there. But getting her number as early as possible is always better.

Kezia Noble Teaches Guys How To Ask For A Girl’s Phone Number

When you are getting the girl’s number it has to be almost as if you just then got the idea to get her number: “You know I’m really being rude. I’ve got to go now. I tell you what, put your number in my phone and I’ll drop you a text in a week or two.” Another good way to get a number that one of my trainers came up with is you say to the girl halfway through the conversation, “Show me your phone. I bet you’ve got an iPhone or I bet you’ve got BlackBerry or whatever.” And she shows him her phone and he says, “I’m going to dial my number on your phone. Now, you’ve got my number. I’ve got your number. We’ll hook up sometime.”

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He’s not being surreptitious. He’s not being dodgy or anything behind her back. He’s showing her, “This is what I’m doing now.” Also, it always guarantees her number. With most girls, when they’re talking with you, and everything is going well, they will just pass you their phones, and they think you’re going to look at photographs. They think you should look at their phone. They’re not actually aware of what is going on and then you’ll put in your number and you see that they don’t resist.

Entropy On How To Get A Girl’s Number

I don’t know if there is an exact right time. Because once you get basic fundamentals down, most girls will always give you their phone number. The issue comes down to whether they pick up or not. I’ve literally stopped girls on the street, and said, “I’ve got to go, but give me your number” and they’ll give me their number.

So, the number isn’t really the issue. It’s more of whether she picks up or not. One thing I’ve noticed works very poorly is if you take her number and then say, “Okay, nice meeting you. I’ll call you tomorrow,” and then continue to hang out in the bar.

For whatever reason, those girls always flake, especially if you go around and collect other girl’s number, too. For whatever reason, as soon as a girl gives you her number, she feels that if you’re there, you need to be talking to her. That’s kind of a rookie mistake I see a lot of guys make. They talk to a girl for 5 minutes, take her number, and then move down the bar and open the next girl. If you do this, you’re begging for flakes.

Nick Quick On How To Get A Girl’s Number

I am mostly looking for the same night lay. But at the same time, most girls are going to be bad logistical candidates. Does that mean you are not going to be able to get them in the future? Of course not. If you meet a girl that has bad logistics, but you still like her: she is fun, flirty, sexy, with all the things that you like in a girl, get her number. Just don’t spend your entire night trying to get her home because it’s probably not going to happen.

When I find out that they have bad logistics, I get their number and move on. Even with the girl who does have good logistics, I still get her number early in the interaction, just in case. Sometimes a monkey wrench will get thrown in there every once in a while. Maybe you’re on your way out with her and all of a sudden her friend comes in and she stays. So you need to be able to have that ability to get in contact with her in the future.

And here is the hidden thing: A lot of these girls that have bad logistics, you could actually still get a same night lay with her if you go out and collect her numbers. And I call this “fear of the empty apartment text.”

Let’s say you’ve gone out and collected numbers, but didn’t find anybody who is a logistical candidate for the same night lay. It’s two or three in the morning and you’re back at home, and you really wanted to get laid. Well, guess what? She’s probably back at home, and no girl wants to be that ugly, unattractive girl who is alone in her apartment, feeding her cat, and feeling like the ugly duckling at the ball. She wants to be in the arms of a charming, handsome stranger who swept her off her feet. So what can you do? Text all of these girls. It doesn’t have to be anything clever. You can text them all at the same time, a mass text of, “Hey, what’s up?” Or “Hey, how’s it going, sexy?” Any response that you get, just invite them over. You’d be surprised how often you can get the same night lay off of all these girls whose logistics early in the night were bad. All of a sudden, when they’re sitting at home alone, they will come right over.

Scot McKay Thoughts On Getting A Girl’s Number

If you think she is interested in you and you’re seeing signs of attraction and you know your time is limited I think that is the time to ask her. Tell her to give you her number as soon as you think she’ll say yes to it. Do it as soon as you think you’ve created enough attraction to get the job done, especially if you’re on a subway train or in an airport, which is one of my favorite places to meet women. You just don’t know how much time you’ve got, so you don’t want to be left hanging and you don’t want it to be awkward at the end: “Wait, wait, before you get off the subway, give me your number. Because this is my stop, the door is going to be open for eight seconds. Bye.” You don’t want to have to chase her out of the subway like a Levi’s Jeans commercial. In the real world, you want to make sure it’s not a big rush scenario.

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You want to have time to make sure the phone number she gave you is right, maybe send her a cute little text message or whatever when you get the phone number.

If you feel like you have a particularly good connection with the woman and that the chemistry is just genuinely flowing then continue the conversation. If you two have this incredible chemistry, enjoy these moments in life because it’s great to meet someone and have that chemistry. Spend an extra 3 or 5 or 10 minutes just enjoying your conversation with her because you know that she is so in to you that she can’t get enough of you. Then go ahead and get her number and tell her exactly when you’re going to call her so that she can be ready for you when you call. You may even want to enter your name and number into her phone so she’ll know it’s you when you call.

Jon Sinn’s Method For Getting A Girl’s Number

The best time for that is about 25 minutes in because ideally in a given night you meet a decent amount of girls, right? If you’re trying to go out and take a girl home you’re probably going to need to meet like 10 different groups of girls, and then filter that down. There are going to be girls with bad logistics and you’re going to want to get phone numbers 25 minutes in because sometimes logistics change. Sometimes you find a girl who has better logistics. Sometimes, her logistics seemed right and then lose her. Having that phone number is like your safety valve. So you want to get that early on, 25 minutes in. You want to set up a date for a specific time at a specific place, so that she’s committed to it. Then you want to make her jealous by doing a takeaway and building some jealousy by talking with other girls.