Are you ready to learn how to handle the awkward moments in your conversations? The simple answer is by improving your communication and conversation skills you will not only be able to talk better but also attract more women. Let’s get started.

Vin DiCarlo Shares His Thoughts

Usually this happens when you use a technique or say something that’s incompatible with her TYPE because there’s different types of women; different things will turn off different kinds of women. One thing that worked LIKE CRAZY with your ex girlfriend, might make another women repulsed.

I mean if she’s into you and you don’t do ANYTHING, there’s not going to be a reason for her to suddenly lose attraction. So it means you did something that’s in violation of her type.

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So if you don’t know what type she is, then yeah it’s pretty much a shot in the dark. You’re going to be guessing a lot of the time.

So really it depends on what type of girl she is. With some girls, making her jealous is going to work like crazy – like if you switch your attention to another girl, that first girl is going to be fighting to get you back. With other types, she’s going to want reassurance that you really like her. Maybe she got the sense you’re just talking to her to kill time and at that moment what you need to do is say, “You know this is amazing, I’ve only known you two minutes and you’ve already made me laugh five times. We’ve got to hang out again.”

So yeah – it’s hard to give a real specific answer on this one because there’s a ton of techniques that will work with some girls and not others. The real answer is to quickly find out a woman’s type so that you don’t do something to cause attraction to drop in the first place.

Action Jackson Offers His Advice For Handling Awkward Moments In Conversation

Ideally if things are really flowing and you have good chemistry, that’s not going to happen. But there are certain situations maybe because there are distractions around when that’s going to happen. So I’m going to give away one of my new techniques here that I’ve been doing. It’s been working great, and what I’ll do is I’ll actually say to her, “You know, we’re going to play a fun little game. I’m going to tell you a crazy story about something that happened in my life and at the end you have to guess at what point it stops being true, all right?”

For instance, I’ll say to her, “So I was cliff diving in Hawaii last year and my girlfriend at that time, she was with me and she did a swan dive up this 50- foot cliff and she over-rotated and landed right on her back. She did like a back flop and it was ugly, so I dove in after her and she was kicking and struggling at the water and stuff and I secured him in my arms, and I was swimming us into shore. And as I was swimming us into shore, a sea turtle surfaced next to us and scared the shit out of me, but it was funny because I grabbed onto it and actually used it as a flotation device to catch my breath for a minute, and then after that, after a minute or so, I actually basically just…” But anyway, you finish the story.

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And she’ll say, “Oh OK. That part about your girlfriend cliff diving is biatch.” You’re, “No, no, that’s actually true.” And what’s cool is that in the end you show her that actually the whole entire story is true except for the part where the sea turtle surfaced. And what’s cool about that is you’re playing this little game, but what you just done is to totally raise your value by showing her that you travel to exotic locations, you do adventurous activities and you date adventurous girls. It shows you as a protector of loved ones because you dove in after her. So it’s just a fun little routine to do to keep the conversation going, turn it into a fun little game, but also at the same time, build attraction and raise your value.

And then what’s cool is you can say, “OK, all right, now, you’ve got to tell me one.” And then at this point, she’s usually willing to play along.

Bill Preston Shares Three Things You Should Do

There are three things you should do and whether it works depends on how you do them.

The first one is to just relish the pause. It takes a lot of confidence to actually sit there with somebody, especially when you have just met them, during a lull. If you are completely comfortable with the pause, and cultivate the pause, relax in it and show that you are relaxed in it, you will actually realize that you have a ton of rapport you can build on by being relaxed during the pause.

The second thing is completely break rapport and say, “Hey! I’ve got to run and be with my friends,” or “I’m going to grab something from the bar, let’s go.” And move her out of the venue. That’s the way to physically do it whether it is breaking rapport or moving her.

The last one is to bring in your stories or your conversational techniques that will instantly snap it back in to place. That might be a story about something that happened when you were walking home yesterday or it could be telling her this ghost story and you can jump on into that.

how to deal with a lull in conversation

One of those three things is the best and the worst thing to do is to panic and feel like you actually have to do something, so do what feels best for you.

Lance Mason Shares An Easy Method For Handling Conversations

Maybe the best thing that you guys can do is when you feel that tension and you feel that like, “Oh no, I’m losing it,” just step back kind of frown; shrug your shoulders and say, “That’s it.” She’ll ask, “What?” You can say “Yeah, I got nothing. I mean that’s it. I’m done.” She’ll say, “Really?” I’ll say, “Yeah, well, what do you got? I mean, I’m here and I’m leading the conversation, what have you got? Come on. Let’s see what you’ve got because I got nothing, I„m done.” And it kind of makes it funny. She’s going to laugh. And all of a sudden, the conversation gets its own momentum again and hopefully you have time to kind of lead the conversation somewhere else. But I want to tell guys they can actually practice this. If you want to get really good at this start a conversation with a woman and deliberately do this and get to where it becomes second nature. And it’s just a real fun thing to do. It works all the time. And I know you’re not going to forget it because you just say “I got nothing” just say it, own up to it and put a big smile on your face.

Joseph Matthews Explains Why Awkward Moments Occur During Conversation

You know that’s a tough one because there are different reasons for why that happens, the first reason being that she wasn’t really interested in talking to you in the first place and she’s just looking to get away from you. Or she could be really into you but you both don’t what else to talk about anymore.

There are different ways to deal with both those situations.

If the girl is not interested in talking to you in the first place and she’s looking for a way to get out, there’s really no way you can recover from that. But if the girl is really interested in you and the conversation kind of stalls out, she’s just waiting for something else to jump on. You need to come up with some new avenue of talking to this girl and once you do that, guess what? She’s going to come back into it.

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Did you do something to cause her to suddenly break rapport and lose attraction? If you made a joke and she was offended, you can apologize and ask if it offended her: “Oh, I’m super sorry. I tell you what. I get really offended really easily by people calling my nose big, so why don’t you go ahead and make fun of my nose. Go ahead. Just give me your best shot.”

If she’s offended find out what offended her, apologize for it and move on. If she’s just not interested, you can keep trying to bang your head against that wall or you can move on to the next girl.

Drew Canole Says 75% Communication Is Non-verbal

I think 75% of the communication in non-verbal anyway. So, I don’t rely a lot on talking. What I generally do when I start to feel it slipping is I move. If I am in a club, I’ll just grab her hand and move to the dance floor. I won’t even ask. Or maybe we go up to the bar and have some movement going. It’s relatively simple to break her out of that boredom spell. If you feel like it is boring or you are losing her, just become funnier, joke around with her. Pull two complete strangers into the conversation, interview strangers and her at the same time. Never make it 100% completely about her. You don’t want to seem like some creepy stalker, begging for her attention for whole time. You want to let her know that you could care less about what she thinks.