There a lots of commonly misspelt words. And today we will be learning a technique that will help us remember spellings and avoid common spelling mistakes. But before we start, here is an exercise for you. Below are eight words with both correct and incorrect spellings, try to identify the correct ones

Supercede and Supersede

Momento and Memento

Accidentally and Accidently

Cemetery and Cemetary

Ecstasy and Ecstacy

Definately and Definitely

Embarrass and Embarass

Handkerchief and Hankerchief

So, how many were you able to identify? If more than five, well great and if less than five then you should be glad because we are going to learn a method that will make it much easier for us to remember even the most confusing spellings.

To remember confusing spellings, you should look out for common connections between patterns of letters and the meanings of the words. Want to know how Dominic O’brain uses this technique? here is how, to remember HANDkerchief, he thinks of the fact that that he needs to use his HAND to pull out his HANDkerchief? And To remember that the correct word is Memento, not momento, he thinks of his MEMory.

I hope you have understood how we can use certain patterns of letter to remember correct spellings.

Now let us learn another method to remember correct spellings. I call it ‘the sentence method”. Read the follwoing examples

A barGAIN is a GAIN

To AGE is no trAGEdy.

There’s a BULLET on the BULLETin board.

You EAt a stEAk.

Your SECRETary has a SECRET.

Did you see how we can use the spellings of a word that we can easily remember to remind us of the correct spellings of another word? Isn’t it easy now to remember words with correct spellings? i bet my lunch it is.

What should you do now?

As you have learnt two effective methods to remember correct spellings of words, you should now write down all the words that you commonly misspell and then apply any of these two methods to get rid of your common spelling mistakes. It will be a great idea to teach these two methods to your kids so that they make it a habit. It will also be fun for your kids. As i am talking about kids, i would like to mention that if you guide your kids as to how they can member things faster while getting rid of their sticking points, your will will start to love reading and remembering naturally. It is our responsibility to guide our kids and to teach them things that will help them, not just now but also in future. If you feel that your kid does not take interest in studies, then you really should try to make education fun for your kid. You can bring home games, books that are directly or indirectly related to your kid’s study and you must also keep learning new stuff so that you can pass it onto your kids.

Hey! you can challenge your kids to identify correct spellings. Can’t you? It will be fun.