Often times guys are confused as to whether they should take a girl’s number or they should take her home. Well, it depends on various factors, attraction being one of them. Today, experts will share their insights on when you should take a girl’s number and when you should just take her home.

Alex Coulson Says It Depends On Logistics

It really depends on logistics. For instance, if she’s with ten of her girlfriends, then that’s a pretty obvious sign that it’s not going to be tonight. You want to find out early in the conversation who is she with, how did she get there, where she lives, how is she getting home, and what is she doing the following day? That’s the litmus test to find out whether it’s an opportunity for now or an opportunity for later.

If she says, “Oh, I’m with that big party right over there” and there are 20 women and they’re having a lot of fun, having a night on the town – that’s when you want to get a phone number and sort of follow it up later.

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But on the flipside, you could ask her, “Hey, you know, what’s going on here? What are you doing tomorrow?” And if she says, “Oh, you know, I’ve got nothing to do tomorrow. In fact, my friends are just about to leave, and I don’t know what I’m going to do” then you’re not going to get her phone number and say you’ll call her. You want to chase her up. That’s an opportunity for then and there, that night.

Bobby Rio Explains When To Take A Girl’s Number And When To Take Her Home

This depends on what we’re talking about in terms of age group. For instance, for college guys, when you’re dealing with girls who are out at a college bar, the easiest way to do it is to say, “So what’s up for the after party?” And if she says, “Oh, I don’t know,” then it usually means she’s apt to come back to hang out and she wants to continue to party. If she shoots it down with, “Oh, I’m just going to bed,” or “I’ve got to work,” or “I’ve got an early class tomorrow,” then I’ll usually just go for the number.

What I also found, though, is if you already have some established physical contact, just assume she’s coming back with you and act as if she is. Don’t even really bring it to the surface because if you start saying, “So, are you going to come back?” it sort of interrupts her pattern and she’s thinking, “Oh, shit.” Then you’re putting her slut mechanism on display and she’s got to make the decision. But if you just talk to her as if you assume she’s coming back with you it tends to work, especially if you’ve already established some physical contact. Also read Kezia Noble and other experts on how to get a girl’s number.

Brad Jackson: Says You Should Watch For A Woman’s Body Language

This goes back to that other question: you watch for body language. If you’re at a bar or a club, you’ve both been drinking and there’s a lot touching going on, ask her to go to your place. Always go for the big close when you can because you’ll be surprised how often she says “Yes.”

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This reminds me of a situation back when I was terrible at “closing the deal.” Well one night I walked into a bar and within 5 minutes I was already on the dance floor with this girl who was a little tipsy but really into me. I think we even started kissing. In that five minutes, my friend Joey walked up behind me and said: “Ask her to go home with you.” I shook my head and he said it once more. So I looked right at the girl and said, “Do you want to go back to my place?” and she just nodded her head and off we went. That was a very memorable night and it was an epiphany in my life. Sometimes girls want it just as bad as guys.

On the other hand, if the girl is just lukewarm, go for the phone number and tell her you’ll call her tomorrow – not in 3 days – to set something up. Here is an interesting guide to help you read girl’s body language.

Brent Smith Says It Is A Social Thing

We always turn it to some kind of social thing. There are two things that we do. First of all, either we always have a couple of girls over after hours. We buy a couple of bottles of champagne and say, “So what are you guys up to later?” They say, “I don’t know. We are probably going to go to the club and do this thing. What are you guys doing?” We say, “We’re probably going to do something like that too, and then, you know, a little champagne after hours.” And they say, “A little champagne after hours, what’s that?” And we say, “Oh, just a couple of people we have over … OK, look, if you want to know about it just reach out to me.” And so we’re constantly doing that.

That’s one way we do it, and then they take out their phone, take out their numbers and sure enough a text comes in at 1:30 in the morning: “Where are you at?”

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I didn’t show any interest. All I said was this is what we’re doing. They know what it means because I have the sexy vibe, right? And they come over. Sometimes, I’ll say, “You know what? I think I’m out of here soon. What are you up to?” That is so powerful too, because they’ll say, “Well, I don’t know,blah, blah, blah.” And I’ll say, “Yeah, you know what? I think I’m just going to go home and maybe I’ll have a night cap, open a bottle of champagne or open a bottle of wine.” And then I pause for a second, and then I’ll say, “You’re welcome to join me if you like.” I don’t lose any power, right, it’s an invite, but it is not, “Hey, please join me. Hey, I really like you and I’m pursuing you.” It’s a cool thing. Either way they take the number.

Let me mention a third way. I’m always going to events and stuff like that, and I’m kind of “in the know.” So I’ll say, “So what are you up to?” If she says, “Well, I don’t go out that much” then I’ll say, “So if you ever want to know about anything, just reach out to me and I’ll let you know what’s going on. You’re welcome to join us for anything that we do.”

So she reaches out to me, and we either hook up that night, two weeks later or whatever. I don’t get girl’s phone numbers, anymore. I haven’t done it for years, and I don’t teach men to ask for girl’s phone numbers because there is no reason to do that any longer. Women will actually call you.

The moment that you stop caring if women call you and realize that you are only in control when they have your number then women will chase you, hunt you down, ask you for sex. They’ll give you stuff, buy you gifts, and you will never have to work again at this whole seduction thing because they’ll be seducing you. It’s a different way to think about things, but it’s so powerful because I was the master seducer, and I was the master pursuer, and I had all the phone numbers you could ever have. I was a master at getting them. I was a master at converting them, and it was quite exhausting. Still I only converted a certain amount, even though I was really good at it, and I thought, “Man, I’m done with this. I’m going to see if women will just pursue me.” And they do, and we’ve been teaching it for years now, and guys are super successful. And especially guys who you don’t think would be successful: they are the average looking guy who is 5’3 and doesn’t dress very well. They’re like rock stars.

Carlos Xuma Advices To Keep Escalating If You Are Getting Indications Of Interest From A Woman

Keep escalating if you’re getting indications of interest from her, where she’s touching, she’s kissing, she’s going along with you and there’s not a lot of resistance. In a lot of cases you can just tell by her personality, is she’s a certain type of girl. If we’re talking about at a bar or club, it’s more obvious than it is in day game, where it is a lot more difficult to do that sort of thing. If you see these indicators of interest, then by all means keep progressing, keep escalating. Take our crash course in generating sexual attraction for free.

But if you start getting indications that she’s just out to hang out with her friends, or there’s some interest but …” You can just tell when a girl is not going to be going down that path. And to push her along it would actually just screw everything up. It’s far better to just get her phone number, tell her you’re going to call her a little bit later, and then hook up with her another time. In the pick-up community we’d like to believe that every woman could be seduced, and it’s not true. Some woman can be, and some woman cannot be, but almost all women can be over time. That’s more important. The more exposures, the more opportunities you have to meet up with her the far better it will be for your game. So don’t worry about getting it all done in one night, it’s better to stack them up.