Read the following list of 20 words:

James Bond
Race car
Washing Machine
Spider Man

Having read the above list of objects, what is your confidence level of being able to recite the list from your memory? Is it very difficult?

How much time you would want for memorising the above list so that you can recall the entire list in that same sequence?

10mins? 30mins? A day?

But if you use a technique, remembering a list of 20 words would be a two-minute job. Ready for it?

Yes, just 2 minutes!

Simply go through the narration below with all your concentration and attention. Try seeing all the happenings in your mind’s eye, as clearly and as colorfully as possible. Do not use a pen or pencil. There is absolutely no need of writing any thing. Ready? Let us go

Create vivid pictures in your mind as you read the narration.

Imagine a huge bed.
On the bed, there are many apples.
You throw an apple into a truck.
The truck is being driven by a hen.
The hen is drinking milk.
In the milk, there is a phone floating.

You press the button of the phone and out comes a tree.
On top of the tree, there is a prison.
In the prison, you find a bird.
The bird flies onto a bungalow.
The top of the bungalow is fitted a huge computer.
From the computer, you see James Bond jumping out.
James Bond starts driving a race car.
The race car jumps into a valley.
In the valley, there is a big elephant.
The elephant is crushing eggs.
You put the eggs in a washing machine.
On top of the washing machine is a rocket.
The rocket goes up and hits a lamppost.
From the lamppost is hanging the Spider Man!

If you have visualised the above clearly, you would be able to easily recall the list of 20 words in the same sequence. In order for you to take benefit from the exercise, you have to recall this.

Don’t simply say, I know I can recall. Take the time and recall. The key to benefit from an exercise like this is to take action. Otherwise, you will never know, whether this worked or not.

Take a pen and a paper and write down the list recalling the words one by one from your memory.