Now we’re going to cover how a confident, unapologetic alpha male approaches women and gets what he wants.

I want to ask you a question.

Have you ever been interested in a woman and not told her?

You know, that time you wanted a woman figured, “I’ll play the waiting game instead”?

I did one time – for months.

You know what happened?

She got a boyfriend who beat me to her.

To go into a little more detail on that though, I realized I’d wasted two months and told myself I wasn’t going to play games on any level or waste time ever again… I realized that it wasn’t worth giving away any control of the outcome to here


I also learned something very important that day when I asked myself a very profound question…

“Why did I feel I had to wait to ask her? Why did I just walk in and take what I wanted?”

After I asked myself this question I began to wonder why I would ever waste time and give someone else a chance to step in and take away my chance.

And on that day I made a commitment to myself that I was NEVER going to wait around or play games again – I was going to walk in, be the most powerful, dominant, aggressive person anywhere and take what I wanted.

And from that I began to take a direct approach to meeting women.

approach tips

So what do you want in a solid approach?

Well the first thing you want to consider is this:

Anything you do women will assume you have some interest in them or you wouldn’t have approached.

Whether you approach telling her you like her, saying “hi”, asking for directions or for her opinion on something or whatever – she’s going to know you had some interest in talking to her.

So why bother making excuses for why you’re there?

So now let’s break down a solid approach for you…

You want to make sure you are:







Clear about your intentions

On being clear about your intentions I’d like to explain a little bit more about what that means:

You could walk up to a woman and say in a humorous, lisped homosexual voice belt out, “you are so gorgeous I have to meet you” and you will probably find yourself getting a laugh out of a group of girls who aren’t even sure if you’re romantically interested in them.

However if you said in a confident and assure tone, “you are so gorgeous I have to meet you” it is almost a given that you would get a completely different response and there would be no question about your feelings toward her.


This brings me to the cornerstone of the alpha approach to attracting women – being direct and straightforward with a no-bullshit, no-excuses attitude.

Ask most women what personality trait (besides confidences) they value most in a man and I bet my bottom dollar the answer will be honesty.

Remember what I said earlier about being unpredictable and unexpected?

The more predictable and boring you are the less of an impact you’ll make on her… a man who approaches a woman with total, raw confidence (no lines, no persona and no act) and lets a woman know he’s there to take what he wants, will stand out more than just about anything she’s ever seen.

guy watching girls

If you want to be the most successful man you need to be the one who jumps in and takes what he wants with no excuses or apologies.


Let me give you an example, I’ve gone into situations where a guy was subtly trying to flirt with a woman and make small talk and casual conversation – but he obviously was into her.

One example was at a bookstore not too long ago.

I was at the mall and saw a stunning blonde at a bookstore cafe who looked like she could have been on the cover of Maxim.

Guess what I did?

I walked in totally confident and got her attention away from him by simply taking charge and going straight up to her and whispered in her ear, “I noticed you from across the room, I think you’re absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to meet you.”

She stared wide-eyed at me and so blown away by this that she immediately began completely ignoring the other guy she had just met who was still acting like a “friend” toward her.

In fact, I actually said, “are you busy?”

And she replied, “no, this guy was just asking me about my book.”

I followed up with, “Let’s go get something to eat, I want to get to know you better.”

Then, I put my hand out she took it and got up.

Then she said, “nice meeting you” to the other guy as I walked away holding the hand of this stunning blonde who had guys approaching her day in and day out – I got her and he didn’t.

The more unapologetic, confident, dominant and straightforward you are the higher you are going to be on the ladder.

Because that guy was lower than me on the alpha dominance scale and was wasting time trying to put up a front with her and act “polite” and “kind” to her I was able to jump in and beat him to the punch, sweep her off her feet and take her away.

Basically, he was trying to take things slow and work up to the point where he let her know he was interested in her whereas I just walked in with no excuses, let her know I was interested and took what I wanted.

I did a few things here that made me get her instead of the other guy:

I didn’t waste time

I didn’t play games

I didn’t make excuses

I was totally confident and straightforward

She got turned-on by my confidence (all women do)

I created sexual tension/chemistry from the second I saw her

She was used to guys approaching her quivering in their boots, acting cocky or trying to impress her – I just acted real.

The more time you waste the more opportunities you give for something else (another guy, lost interest, ect) to set in and miss your chance.

smiling girls

Being a direct alpha male is about not wasting time playing games or “beating around the bush” with people.

Here is the key mindset you want to develop:

“If she had a boyfriend already and it didn’t matter what I said to her, what would I tell her?”

If she had a boyfriend I would naturally be as direct, straightforward, efficient and to-the-point as possible because I wouldn’t care about the outcome and there would be no use or benefit in wasting time or trying to be careful with what I say or playing games.

And from that I adopted the following mindset…


If you do that, there can be absolutely NO chance of lying, manipulation or anyone else playing games with you because you let them know where you stand…


Being direct simplifies things by taking the complexities out of attracting women; how do I find out if she likes me? What can I do to win her over? How can I make things work more quickly?

You are not required to put in a bunch of time and effort to get a woman’s attraction and affections and then have to sit by and hear her tell you all about what a jerk her boyfriend is but how she can’t help but “love” him.

It’s about not trying to make excuses or convince a woman (consciously or subconsciously) to be attracted to you.

If you are genuine, open and honest with a woman things become much easier; you no longer need to lie, worry, fake or manipulate women for a half-hour just to see if you can run a successful “game”

know this sounds crazy but women meet so few truly bold and blatantly confident men in their lives that guy who is willing to blatantly express his desires to a woman can be an incredible turn on. Women meet very few truly confident, self-assured, direct men.

When you are this direct with a woman it will many times send her nervous system into overdrive and she will often lose her footing but once she gets over the initial shock she will find a man’s boldness incredibly sexy; a woman knows upfront that you are an alpha male who makes no apologies for his desires as a man and doesn’t give two shits about being unconventional.

#1) Remember when I said women are attracted to confidence?

When you can be straightforward, no-bullshit and state your intentions honestly and openly with a woman you turn-on all of her attraction triggers with your alpha behavior.

#2) Remember when I said that manipulation is a two way street?

When you’re not trying to manipulate a woman, she is unable to manipulate or mess with you because you’re not playing any games.

Being directly honest cuts through the shit and completely eliminates the prerequisite “games” for attraction such as fluff conversation, finding excuses to talk to a woman, trying to impress her and trying to make her like you.

Moreover, it shows that you are an alpha male who drags a woman into your reality and not the other way around.

men and women

Every time you try to ask a woman’s opinion, for directions or some random thing you don’t really care about you’re being fake in hopes that it will please a girl and make her like the persona you’ve created.

When you cut through all the shit you can make a much more powerful impression and get a woman attracted to you in a matter of seconds.

It is all about giving a woman what she has secretly been wanting in a man all along: a confident man who is completely unafraid of speaking his mind and being confident. He is the man who tells her something totally unexpected and proves he’s more confident (and alpha) than any man she has ever met.

Using these techniques you make your intentions clear you walk in knowing what you want, what your goals are and what you are going to do to achieve it. So how do you approach this? Think of a marriage proposal; that’s how you want to approach. A woman dreams of the day a man will come along and be her prince. You go up to her and lay out your intentions right up front.

Now you’re probably thinking but what if she’s with friends, a phone or anything else? nothing else. You need to create the mindset that it is just you and her and you are about to walk in and sweep her off her feet. It should be your goal to maintain constant eye contact and really translate your alpha status to her. YOU ARE ABOUT TO MAKE HER DAY!

So why does this work?

I know most guys wouldn’t expect it to or they wouldn’t spend months and years acting like pussy-whipped little dogs just to get a girl to like them.

You need to understand that although you are primarily visually stimulated and it is often a non-negotiable factor in finding a partner you still will not find what you need in a woman’s looks alone.

The truth is that Almost any attractive woman is going to know that a man who approaches her would sleep with her in an instant whether he conveys this or not.

Girls are far more socially adept than guys and even if she is the most airheaded blond in the world her subconscious mind is still sharp as a tack – she has still had to learn how to function socially as an attractive woman.

The primary difference between those who are direct with their desires and intentions and those who are in indirect is that one form of communication lay’s everything out on the table and the other blankets your intent with a false one.

You can walk up to a woman and tell her that she’s just so cute you couldn’t control yourself but if you do it playfully the girl will laugh and wonder whether or not you were serious – again it’s not about what you say but how you say it… If you say the exact same thing in a serious alpha manner you are conveying real emotion in your words and making your intentions perfectly clear.

However, if this is not done properly it can be followed with a girl being intrigued but not having enough attraction invested to warrant a second meeting so this is something that many men who are new to the direct approach will have to deal with.

Far too many men have been brainwashed to believe they need to approach a woman using a specific formula.

If you have approach anxiety then the following video will provide you with some solid techniques to beat approach anxiety.

Good Luck. Do comment and let us know how we can be of more help to you.