In this post we will be reading how bad boys and jerks attract any women and we will reading what experts have to say.

Adam Lyones On How Bad Boys Attract All Women

I think it’s a massive misconception that the nice guy has to compete with a bad boy and that if he’s not a bad boy; he’s not going to be able to get girls. There are actually different types of girls who are attracted to different types of guys. If you’ve got a girl who’s been burned in the past by having a bunch of relationships with bad guys, then she’ll actually be looking for a nice guy, and by being a nice guy, you’ve got a much better chance of getting in relationship with her. On the other hand, if you are attracted to the kind of girl who wants a bad boy, you’ve got to understand that she’s not looking for the negative situation that comes from the bad boy. What she likes about the bad boy is that he’s a little bit reckless, he’s spontaneous, and he does these crazy things that other people don’t do.

Unfortunately, he also often treats her really badly, ignores her, and would cheat on her. What she wants is that reckless, crazy, kind of spontaneous lifestyle, but she doesn’t really want to be treated badly. So as long as you’re willing to do things that are little bit off the cuff – maybe go out on random excursions in the middle of nowhere for no reason or go out to a late night party that you didn’t tell anyone about – but do that while caring for her, you’re going to win so many brownie points. Just by being the kind of dangerous, spontaneous guys she likes while also being somebody who cares about her.

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Alex Coulson On How Bad Boys Attract All The Women

A jerk is actually a jerk all the time. And if the girl is dating a jerk, she will eventually tire of him. If a girl is dating a nice guy, they’re boring after awhile because they never challenge women. So you really want to be a bit of both. You want to have a mix of both worlds. Sometimes you want to challenge her and disagree with her, sometimes you want to be chivalrous and open the door and hold and hug her and tell her that you love her. Sometimes make fun of her and sometimes just do something that she isn’t expecting.

For example, I used to date this girl and I’d say, “Sweetie, can you get me a beer?” And then I’d say, “Thanks, babe.” and I’d kiss her on the cheek and say, “Come and sit next to me.” And maybe the day after, I’d say, “Can you get me a beer, babe?” She gets me a beer and comes back, and I slap her on the ass and say, “Cheers.” And that’s really it – you want to be unpredictable. So again, it’s a mix of both worlds. You don’t have to be a jerk to attract women; you just got to have some jerk qualities. You don’t have to be a complete nice guy; you want to be decent, chivalrous, but mixed with a little bad boy attitude, if that makes sense.

Bobby Rio On How Bad Boys Attract Women

Nice guys just need to have a little bit of an edge, and by edge, what I think it really comes down to is that nice guys just have to realize that there’s an abundance of women and that they carry a lot more control in the relationship or the interaction than they think. What’s funny is some of the nicest guys I know happen to be bad boys. I have a friend and anybody who meets him thinks he’s the nicest, easiest guy in the world to get along with, never gets in fights, and never has arguments. He’s just totally chill, totally laid back. But from a female perspective, he would be a bad boy simply because he’s realized that he has choices with women. And once you come to that realization that you do have choices, you start to just naturally acquire a lot of these bad boy tendencies.

What I mean by bad boy tendencies is that a bad boy, because he knows he has a choice, isn’t so dependent on a girl’s approval. He tends to not commit himself to a girl so quickly. He’s a little bit more open about the fact that he is seeing other girls because he doesn’t want to get a girl to get clingy. And we define this as bad boy behaviors, but you don’t have to be an asshole or a jerk to do them. You just have to understand that you have a lot of control with women. Some guys in college, especially guys that I met who were quiet, shy, even a little nerdy types, as they got better with women, they just naturally became bad boys because they realized, “Wait a minute. Yo, I actually have a lot of choices.” And girls that they previously were sort of hung up on, they started blowing them off and started realizing that they had options. Then they were looked at as bad boys and that’s really what it comes down to. If you want to compete with the bad boys, just realize that you have a choice.

Brad Jackson On How Jerks And Bad Boys Attract Women

Ah yes, why do good girls like bad boys? It’s the eternal question. Don’t be a jerk … but don’t be a doormat. Girls want a challenge. A girl wants a guy who does not let her get away with anything and who knows his own value and isn’t afraid to stand up for it.

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Being playful and funnily sarcastic can work wonders. Keeping a woman on her toes by letting her know that it’s not all about her can make her like you.

We all want what we can’t have. Not being so physically or emotionally available – even when you’re dying inside to see her – actually makes most women respond to you as if you are that jerk who she’s used to dating.

But remember, when you see a jerk, the jerk just sees himself as being above groveling to the girl. That doesn’t mean don’t treat her well when you’re with her, but just remember not to act like it’s “all about her.” Have a spine.

Brent Smith On Why Girls Like Bad Boys And Jerks

I would not be scared to push the edge a little bit. Do some
things that are outside your comfort zone. Again, it’s kind of hard because guys are really bad at calibration, right? They usually go way too far over the other side. You could also frame it in your head that you’re a “nice” bad boy, right? So you’re a bad boy, but women find that very attractive about you because deep down they know it’s coming from a good place, so you’re not trying to manipulate them, you’re not trying to conquer, and you’re coming from a good place, so they understand that. So it is possible to have that balance. I have that balance, and I teach a lot of guys that balance.