In this article you will be learning from experts how a nice guy can compete with bad guys and attract the girl of his dreams.

Vin DiCarlo On How Nice Guys Can Attract Girls

Ok just for the record, not all women are attracted to bad boys.

You know – there are women who avoid bad boys. It could be because of bad dating experiences, or because of conclusions she came to when she was growing up, from observing her parents or other people around her.

And if you’re familiar with my product called Pandora’s Box, and i’d imagine most guys listening to this will want to get their hands on it – well you’ll know that there’s actually 8 different types of women. And you have to know what type you’re dealing with to know what is going to attract them.

So let’s talk about the 4 out of the 8 types who actually DO go for “jerks” most of the time. The first thing to do is realize what parts of so-called jerk behavior actually attract women.

In my mind, there are three different things:

Contrast principle. Most jerks actually have a side to them that’s extremely vulnerable. Vulnerability alone is usually perceived as weakness, but if you show vulnerability after you’ve already established strength, then that’s extremely attractive.

Unpredictability. They are unpredictable, not boring. Jerks usually have unconventional lives: motorcycles, rock band, etc., not stuck in a cubicle all day long. So their life is always dynamic.

Vision (they put something else above women).

In fact if you have these three things, and you create them consciously, you’ll get women way more attracted to you than the average jerk, who really doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Action Jackson On How Nice Guys Can Compete With Jerks

The first thing guys need to do is stop right now and interrupt any of the bad “nice guy” patterns that are showing up, whether it’s in your thoughts or behavior or conversations. For example, if you stay with a girl who puts you down in a negative way and treats you like crap, you’re training yourself to have low-esteem with that nice guy mentality. Or if your girlfriend enjoys flirting with other men and you don’t stop it, you’re training yourself to accept the Beta position in life.

And these are tendencies of “nice guys” that “bad boys” don’t have. If you feel you’re not good looking enough to approach a beautiful women, then you’re demonstrating that you’re not worthy of her through non-verbal communication like body language. Or if you accept just being a friend with a woman who you’re actually attracted to, you teach yourself basically to be put in that position. And that’s why nice guys are always the guys who “get thrown in the friend zone.”

nice guys vs bad guys

Commit to interrupting these bad patterns before they occur, that’s the first step that you need to take. Don’t be afraid to end a bad relationship. You become a better person because of it. Don’t accept someone’s poor opinion of you. Leave them immediately and find someone who has a better opinion of you. You owe it to yourself really to stop these bad patterns, and if you can’t eliminate the Beta nice guy patterns in your life, then like I said, you’ll get tossed into the friend zone with every new girl you meet.

Bill Preston On How To Can Nice Guys Enjoy Dating Success

Any woman who just wants a bad boy has some issues. What women really want is a guy who is going to be a man, who is going to be masculine and allow her to be feminine. A woman wants to be with a masculine man so that she can be more feminine because it is harmonious.

Now, nice guys, many times, are not masculine men. I don’t mean being macho, I mean being protective, being someone who can make decisions. Being nice doesn’t mean letting others walk on you. That’s being a pussy. Nobody likes a pussy. Women don’t like guys who let others walk all over them.

Now, I am a very nice guy. I love taking care of the women I am dating. I’ll cook them dinner. I’ll do very nice things, but if it is not appreciated or I am taken for granted or a girl tells me to be somewhere where she is not, I immediately let her know that boundary can’t be crossed. It’s a way to really be masculine and in control of your life but it’s not necessarily being a bad boy. I think women don’t want bad boys, they just think that most nice guys are just pussies.

Lance Mason Offers Advice To Nice Guys

If you actually look around in the real world, all the truly great women end up with nice guys in the end despite the popular belief these women hook up with jerks all the time. Now, there are some hot women who hook up with jerks, but those are the ones who have selfesteem issues, they have got all kinds of drama issues. They’re not the women that you really want, so the problem isn’t being a nice guy at all. The problem is that most guys are timid and they are scared of hot women. So the solution isn’t to become a jerk. The solution is to man up, develop some confidence, develop some conversation skills and just get some experience dating the hotties. So once you do that, once you get that experience there is no need to change who you are or try to be something you are not.

Joseph Matthews On Nice Guys VS Jerks

Where do we get this idea that girls are only attracted to jerks or bad boys? It’s really not the answer that most people think. First of all, the guys who are jerks can be incredibly charming and incredibly interesting and fun and funny. But the thing that really sets them apart and the reason why they get these girls is because they are so focused on their own self-gratification. I mean, that’s pretty much the definition of a jerk – someone who only cares about themselves and nobody else.

advice for nice guys

When a guy’s only motivation is to get laid and he doesn’t care who it is with, he can turn on the charm. Ultimately, he’s just using that woman and that woman might mistake that charm for actual emotional caring or something along those lines.

A jerk is just a guy who doesn’t really care about that other human being, so he doesn’t care about getting rejected or messing up. A lot of my students say they are afraid to get rejected and get laughed at by others.

To some people that is kind of a ridiculous thing to be afraid of, but a lot of people out there care what other people, even complete strangers, think about them. Jerks don’t.

They don’t give a shit what people think about them. Their only focus is on getting what they want. A lot of people think they have to adopt the traits of the jerk and the bad boy – like actually being an asshole and treating other people poorly – but you don’t have to do that to be successful with women.

What you have to do is number one, be willing to go up and talk to people because that’s what jerks do. They don’t care about getting rejected or anything like that. If they see a super-attractive girl who might intimidate most guys, they go after her simply because they want that. They don’t care if they’re going to get rejected or not. So you have to be willing to talk to the girl. You can’t be afraid to fail. You can’t be afraid of what other people are going to think about you for trying to even talk to that girl. And once you start talking to her you have to be charming and be interesting and funny. I mean, that’s all jerks really do. Their inner jerkiness doesn’t really come out until after they’ve gotten what they want, so once they’ve slept with the girl or whatever, then they start treating them badly.

So you can do all the things that jerks do to get women and you don’t have to treat them bad. But if you can get the confidence to attract a woman and you’re a good enough person to keep that woman around and keep her happy and keep her satisfied, that’s all you really need to do. If you can get past that initial approach, if you can just get that initial attraction, then it doesn’t matter what type of person you are because by that point they’ve already decided that they like you. Most jerks will likely lie. They’ll present something that’s not true in order to get what they want. The nice guys they don’t present anything. They’re too scared. They’re too worried about what other people will think about them to present anything, so you need to strike that balance between the two. You need to be willing to risk something, but you need to show who you are right up front so you know the attraction is real.