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Vin DiCarlo On How To Build Your Social Life And Cirle Of Friends

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Move to a different fucking city.

Seriously. That’s crazy, right? But it’s the truth. If you want the fastest way, that’s the fastest way. One of the best things I ever did was move to New York City. It forced me to build a social circle and network of girlfriends from scratch.

Now every time I go back home to see my family or whatever, I feel that sinking stagnant feeling that I used to feel when I was living there. If you’re in a situation that isn’t serving you, you need to get out of it ASAP. You need to meet guys who have the same goals and mindsets as you. You’ll be much happier.

You really need to surround yourself with people who have the same success you’re looking to attain. That way you absorb their mindset without much work. As I talked about before in the very first question about overcoming the fear of rejection – it’s really a matter of how you THINK about meeting women – and using that simple secret to your advantage can be a real shortcut.

Action Jackson On How Make Friends Quickly

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I think a lot of guys will relate to my answer because I’m very introverted. I’m not one who can just go out to a bar and make new friends, and I’ve struggled with that throughout my life. So I’ve gotten pretty adventurous and done things like joining a Toastmaster’s group or taking group workout classes at the gym or playing in a co-ed recreational adult sports league.

But if you’re heavy into the pickup artist scene right now, the one thing I would tell guys to do is definitely go online and look to see if your city or location has a pickup artist’s lair. Because when I first gotten into this, those were the first guys I met and they were great. They’re instantly great wingmen. A lot of great things can come out of that.

I really feel like most of us are given plenty of opportunities to expand our social life and meet new people, but we don’t take advantage of them. For instance, someone will invite us to a barbecue or party and for some reason, we’ll make an excuse not to go and then we’ll complain, “Well, my social life sucks.”

So that’s one thing to look out for. It’s really simple. Just commit to yourself that you’ll go to every one of those get-togethers you’re invited to. And with the popularity of Facebook now, you can look up local Facebook events that are going on, stupid stuff, and go to them and these are things that are specifically to meet new people.

Bill Preston Reveals The Secrets Of Building A Social Circle

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That’s something I got pretty good at. When I first moved to New York, I knew one person. There are 8 million people in New York City, so it’s a little weird to only know one person out of 8 million. What I did was I tried to be friends with everybody. I didn’t go out to meet friends and I didn’t only meet friends when I was going out. Everywhere I went, even if it was to the gym or grocery store, if I saw somebody I recognized, I’d go up and talk to them. I would get their name and pretty soon you start to see the same people over and over and you start to remember their names. The next thing you know you see them at night and pretty much create a social circle that way.

There were also lounges I always went to and every time I walked by I would stop and ask them how their night was. That way I got to know their names.

Another thing that really worked for me was playing sports. I played a lot of volley ball and other sports. Every time I went somewhere I would try to talk to people and organize something for afterwards. So maybe we would play volley ball for three hours and after that I’d say, “Hey guys there is this bar and I’m going to go grab a drink and meet with some of my friends. Who wants to come with me?” So every time you play, there is a group of 7 to 15 people coming with you afterward. And the next thing you know all of you are hanging out and going to barbeques on the weekend and just doing more social things. In many cases, you have to lead people because I think a lot of people don’t really want to go that extra mile and meet strangers, so, you have to lead. Introduce yourself and become consistently social with everybody.

Lance Mason On How To Build Your Social Life

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Well, a social circle isn’t necessary, but it makes life a lot easier. It is actually is a lot of work. So my advice to guys is if you’re going to take the time to build a social circle, you want to make sure you do it around your neighborhood. Or ideally you want to build a social network that is actually in your home and that is actually really easy to do. Most guys have heard about “Project Hollywood” from Neil Strauss’ book, The Game, and they know that there was a lot of drama in that house. It didn’t really work out. What a lot of guys don’t know, but it is mentioned in the book, is that I went ahead and started “Project San Francisco” and I got normal guys and we weren’t running businesses. We just wanted to get together and get really good with women and it was a huge success. I lived there for about five and a half years. I just moved out about a year ago, but it was a huge success. Everybody got tons of experience with women, we had tons of parties and what guys don’t realize is that most of the things we did that really worked are things that anyone can do.

So the most successful thing that we did was something that we called Tuesday Dinners. Every Tuesday we threw a dinner party and we never knew who was going to come, but during the week whenever we met someone who we thought was cool, we invited them to Tuesday Dinner. We invited cool guys and cool girls and we told them to invite their friends. It is so cool to do something that’s in your house. That’s the best part of this. It’s in your house. You’ve got women coming over to your house.

And you can do this no matter where you live. I have students who live in one-bedroom apartments in suburban areas and they rave about this idea because there’s nothing to do there. There are no cool places to go and so whenever they see a hot woman or their friends see a hot woman they invite them to Tuesday Dinner in this guys’s one bedroom apartment. It is great. After dinner, everybody leaves, but sometimes the one girl you like is still there so the social circle is great. There’s a million ways to do it, but I say if you’re going to put the work into building a social circle, do it in your house because it makes everything else so much easier. It’s a god send.

Joseph Matthews On How To Make New Friends

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I think the social circle is super important. I’ve never really cared much for having female friends because most of the female friends I’ve had were girls I had no interest in sleeping with. But most of my ex-girlfriends are now my female friends. So one of the things that you have to realize is that if you want to have a large group of friends and you want to be able to network with those people and meet the people they know, one of the things you have to do is create social situations where those people can come into your social circle.

So one of the things I like to do is throw parties. I’ll have a Super Bowl party every year. I’m a good cook. Everything is homemade and made from scratch and so I’ll invite a bunch of people over to watch the game at my place and have barbecue and I say, “Hey, if you have any friends that you want to bring along, feel free to bring them.” And I’ll invite every girl I’ve met up to that point. And not everyone shows up, but the people who do usually have a good time.

You need to set up these social situations where you can be introduced to people and bring them into your social circle. Then you are the center of some type of social interaction where people are basically forced to meet you and interact with you, and then once they’ve broken that ice and gotten to know you a little bit it becomes easier to invite them to other stuff that’s more casual or a one-on-one type thing.

It doesn’t have to be a party at your place. It can be something as simple as, “Hey everybody, we’re going to this club tonight.”