All that jealousy shows a woman is that you are way too attached to her.

If you are the best at attracting her in keeping her “in love” she will have no desire to leave you because in her mind you will be the best partner she’s ever had and she will not want to risk losing you.

However, you have to remember that even if you lose one thing there is always a million more opportunities awaiting you.

To many people I know spend all their time worrying about all the possible ways they could fail and never focus on actually get anything accomplished.

You must understand that if you lose a woman there are millions more equally attractive and wonderful women out there for you to meet.

One thing about confidence is that there are very few men who display it when trying to attract women.

What’s ironic is that it is probably one the single biggest turn-ons to a woman; when a man can be completely comfortable with who he is, when he can be completely comfortable with having an attractive girlfriend and not worrying one single bit about her devotion to him this is when he is a true alpha male.

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A confident alpha male is constantly becoming the most attractive man can possibly be and realizes that he never needs to worry about losing a woman.

A true alpha male does not pressure woman and he gives them all the space they need.

What it comes down to is this:

Supplicating and needy behavior actually causes a woman to LOSE attraction toward you. When a man displays jealousy he is no longer displaying himself as a man.

He is no longer displaying himself as alpha and he has turned into the same needy, insecure, clingy guy that she rejected 1000 times last year.

The most ironic thing about this is the fact that a calm alpha male is far more likely to have a woman come home to him while a jealous beta male is far more likely to drive the woman away into the arms of a true alpha male.

“Is This A Test?”

Your primary goal as a confident male is going to be based on two things:

1) knowing how to increase a woman’s desire for you. (The complex part is knowing exactly how to go about doing this.)

2) Taking real control of your own life and dominating your reality.

Now that we’ve talked about separating yourself by not following the herd, let’s dig in to being the leader of the herd.

If you’re going to be a confident male, women are going to test you a lot and you need to be ready for it.

Of course, this is not a literal test but way that a woman analyzes whether or not you’re truly the man you present yourself to be. Sort of like a test to see if a man who seems to be a certain kind of man really is the man he appears to be.

Unfortunately most men aren’t this kind of man and they try to fool women, which is why they have to analyze everything they do to make sure they’re keeping an image up.

I have met a lot of people who think in terms of:

Everything’s a test.

Is she testing me?

Was she testing me here?

Did I pass the exam?

What do I look for to find a test?

I’d like to simplify this for you a bit and in order to do this I want you to think on the following beliefs:

Alphas always pass tests.

Alphas pass tests because their natural personality is what she is programmed to look for.

All an alpha needs to pass her tests is integrity and his real unapologetic alpha self.

When you understand that her tests are simply a way of assessing your confidence factor and whether or not you back up your words with actions things become a lot easier.

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If you really take time to consider what a “test” is and realize that it is to assess whether or not you’re the real deal you do not need to worry about responding in a certain way because it comes down to three things:

If you are the real deal you will naturally pass.

If aren’t the real deal you will constantly be on watch for tests and hope you pass.

You are clueless entirely and fail every time.

If you truly make this no-bullshit personality a part of you, you will never have to worry about her tests. You will naturally pass them because you have built a solid and genuine confidence.

Women (like men) rarely do anything in attraction consciously and testing men is no exception.

If she is testing you there is a 99% chance that her primal brain is the part doing it; she is unaware that she is testing you and is also unaware that because you understand the mechanics of attraction you are now fully aware that she is into you.

One big one I will tell you to watch for is if a woman starts talking about sex in any way. I’m not saying you should focus on this as “passing a test” but more take it as yet another green light that you’re headed in the right direction with what you’re doing.

A woman’s “test” is simply a matter of seeing if she can leverage the situation and gain the upper hand – it’s a test of a man’s character.

If you have real, solid confidence you will naturally put her in a position where she won’t be able to mess with you… you will stand your ground and be yourself.

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It will work in one of three ways for you:

1) If you are a natural alpha you will pass.

2) If you are a pseudo-alpha you will pass with a lot of conscious effort and will occasionally or frequently slip up.

3) If you are not an alpha you will fail.

If you have a real and natural confidence she will not be able to get the upper hand with you plain and simple.

Think of these “tests” like a binary scale of 0’s and 1’s where your action will either make a woman more attracted to you or less attracted to you.

Just keep things as confident and simple as possible.

You should make it your ultimate goal to make sure that woman views you as confident 100% of the time – by making yourself naturally confident.

I don’t mean just making yourself appear confident to her here. I mean being confident. This means being unconventional, unpredictable, fun-loving.