You can use positive thoughts and images in a number of ways to help you overcome your fears. Repeatedly thinking positive thoughts and seeing positive affirming images retrains your mind into letting go of your fears. Practice thinking, seeing and hearing positivity so that those concepts become the norm, instead of the fearful ones.

Write down specific affirming statements about your fears and say them out loud to yourself every day. Examples include, “I am an effective speaker,” “I enjoy speaking to potential clients,” “I try something new every day.” The most effective affirmations contain positive statements about yourself and are in the present-tense. I am statements are especially powerful in the world.

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You can also create a positive scene of yourself, in your mind, of you without your fear. For example, you can imagine yourself getting on an airplane, completely relaxed and smiling if you have a phobia about flying.

You might imagine a scene in which you are confidently giving a speech, fully relaxed, to a receptive and appreciative audience. You can picture yourself in fights and a cape surrounded by adoring fans!

Fear evokes normal emotions that everyone experiences. By identifying what provokes these feelings and addressing them, you can replace your anxiety with calm self-confidence and become the Superhero you were born to be.

How To Create Daily Action Steps And Implement Them To Beat Fear

Karl Augustus Menninger, one of America’s early psychiatrists, once said ‘Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.’ This is a powerful quote that instills hope within people who are facing debilitating fears in their everyday life. Most of you by now understand that overcoming your fears is a possibility, but the question still exists as to what is the best way for your specific fears.

Nothing in the world has ever been obtained by a person who only spoke words when it came to what they wanted out of life. This is true of overcoming fear as well. If a person is really interested in overcoming any fears in their life that are overwhelming them, then they must actually set out a specific plan of action and go follow it.

One of the best ways a person can begin overcoming their most intense fears is to create daily action steps addressing the top three most influential fears so that they can be dealt with quickly. There are several steps to creating an effective daily action plan and implementing it.

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The first step to creating a plan to overcome a fear day by day is to be specific about the intended goal. Some people may want to completely overcome what may seem to be an irrational fear, while others may just want to be able to face it without experiencing their common reactions. Regardless of the hoped for end result, a person that knows daily progress toward a goal is hugely effective, is far more prepared than the person who doesn’t.

Another important part of daily action steps is to create measurable milestones. These must be very specific. A few example milestones could be talking about the fear, being around the fear or even flat out facing the fear.

These milestones can be put into a list to help a person keep track of their progress. Being able to see progress will actually give a person the drive to continue and hope, which is the most effective tool in battling fear. Every little milestone that a person reaches adds to the chances that the fear will eventually be overcome.

Knowing how to create daily action steps does not in itself help a person overcome a fear; it simply gives them guidelines to creating the necessary steps. The steps and milestones can be used for any specific purpose whether it is personal, financial or any other fear in a person’s life. The important thing is to create a workable plan for your specific fears and implement it.

An important point to recognize in dealing with fear is the concept of not being obsessed with uncertainty while realizing that it does exist. Too many times people are stricken by the fear of the unknown, whether it is taking on a new plan or deciding to get professional help with fear. They do this because they are haunted by the simple illusion of security.

Helen Keller once said ‘Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature… life is either a daring adventure or nothing.’ These words carry the burden of reality upon them. Few things in life are certain, and a person who is afraid of something simply because they think life has certainty, is doing themselves a serious injustice.

Be assured the best way to overcome a fear is to face it with an action plan head-on. The movie ‘Point Break’ said it best with the quote ‘Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.’ Eleanor Roosevelt pointed out that a person gains courage, strength and confidence with every fear that they face.

Many times as your Superhero emerges you will realize that there really wasn’t much to be afraid of in the first place. Once a fear is faced, it is put into perspective, and once it is seen in a new light, it often doesn’t live up to the heightened emotion you gave it in the first place.

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The most important thing is to get started with at least one fear and take on the daily action steps as soon as possible. Sitting around waiting for the courage to do something will result in getting the same thing you have always gotten. It is imperative in the life of a Superhero that you recognize what needs to be done and set out to accomplish it.

Hesitation not only causes our worst fears to become reality, it also makes our fears more powerful. Thinking about handling a fear and not doing it will increase a person’s fear by allowing their mind to run amok. It is only when we are able to control fear that it does not control us.