In this post you will be learning how to approach and talk to women. And you know what? You will be learning from greatest pickup artists and seduction gurus.

Drew Canole Teaches How To Approach And Talk To Girls

No woman is absolutely perfect. When you go in with that type of mentality it automatically boosts your confidence level. You don’t want to be intimidated by any girl so that’s the first and foremost thing that I teach my students: you should not be intimidated based on looks. And secondly, it all goes back to programming your mind to go in there with an attitude that you are going to come out with a phone number. You don’t need any fancy conversation. If you are confident enough to feel that, you can really walk up to that girl and say “Hey, can I get your number?” and she will give it to you.

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At a coffee shop, use a prop she has and talk about that prop. If she is having a drink, talk to her about that, say, “Hey! Is that good?” Tell her it looks like a heart attack in that thing and get into a conversation with her.

When Jordan Harbinger Sees A Girl Here Is How He Approaches

If I see a girl who I’m really interested in, really sexually attracted to, I might choose to go direct. I’ll state that I think that she’s adorable or cute right away. Now, it can be a little bit inappropriate at times. For example, if I’m in a waiting room in a dentist’s office or something, I won’t say that outright because they would have to leave if they feel uncomfortable and they’re stuck there at the waiting room. That’s not a good way to start off. Now, if I happen to be in a grocery store, I might say something like, “You know what? You look really cute.” And then, at least if she feels like, “Uh-oh, I don’t want to deal with this right now.” She can just smile politely and we’ll go our separate ways.

And really, you have to be very contextually savvy when you use direct. And it’s just as easy as saying, “You know what? You look adorable in that.” That type of thing is very light. She can either say thank you and move on, or she can react to it and respond and the conversation starts from there.

I’m always displaying fairly confident body language. I’ve got a fairly confident vocal personality and eye contact and that’s stuff that comes through practice. So the approach, the first impression is made before you really know you’re doing it. When you’re a blip on her radar, when she notices you, that’s when your first impression is made. A lot of guys think that they’re making a first impression when they decide to man up and walk over there – not so. The second she sees you she’s making that snap judgment consciously or subconsciously, “Is this guy confident, is he sexually attractive?” So you need to make sure that your default load is actually projecting confidence and charisma.

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Julian Foxx Uses Situational Openers To Talk To Girls

I would look for something tying into the situation. We have a number of exercises that help to improve our ability to associate faster. For instance, if I said “snowman,” suddenly our brain starts to think, snow. We think of the carrot for the nose, we think of the buttons, we think of flakes, we think of all of these little associations. We want to train ourselves to associate faster and have better associations. So when I am approaching during the day, I am looking for associations that have to do with her, me, the situation, the environment and I am trying to consciously choose the best one for that particular situation.

Stephen Nash Shares How To Talk To Girls

When you see a woman, let’s say, you’re in a café and you see a girl you want to meet. You simply go up to her and you say, “Excuse me, I noticed you from across the café and I had to risk complete embarrassment to meet you. My name is Steven.” So what did you there is you start things up certainly on a very honest foot, which is good.

For yourself it’s good because you’re being direct. There is nothing dishonest. You’re not manipulating. There is no bullshit, and you get this kind of chemical feedback I was talking about where your body has a certain charge from a direct approach. That’s good. That’s helpful. But that little line is very effective because you’re not saying she’s hot. You’re not saying she’s got great eyes or great ass or great legs, you’re saying you noticed her, number one.

Number two, you actually faced the reality that it’s a little uncomfortable by saying, “I had to risk complete embarrassment, so you’re saying it’s embarrassing for you. And what that does is it alleviates any embarrassment she might be feeling, so it’s a little social skill there called pacing that alleviates any kind of bad negative feelings that are happening in that moment.

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You give her your name, and then you stop talking, and what happens is 9 times out of 10, actually 95 times out of 100, what is she going to say, well, she’ll say, “Oh, so what did you notice?” And then at that point, you’ve got to be prepared for something on why you approached her, some kind of reason, something that you actually did notice about her. And usually it needs to be something very complimentary like, “Well, I heard you’re on a call earlier and your laugh was so infectious. I had to come and meet somebody who seemed that happy.”

Something like that, very simple, not about her looks, and anytime you compliment a woman’s looks, it’s a subtle insult actually because she probably had very little to do with that, more to compliment her personality and her choices. That little structure has served me extremely well. I was more successful with that than I was of indirect kind of more gimmicky thing, so that’s the one I always pass on.

Yad On How To Talk To Girls

It’s the physicality. You have to be very precise. It’s just being forceful. You have to be able to stop her in her tracks. I let her pass or if I see her from across the road, I make sure I’m behind her and then I run past her shoulder. Then I have this system where I count one, two, three, so I’ve taken about three steps forward and what that does is it gives her a little bit of leeway to maneuver because she’s got this walking momentum, right?

I don’t like approaching stationary sets, by the way. I think it’s a bit lame. So I only approach hot girls while walking because I like that energy of just stopping them in their tracks and completely transporting them from their day-to-day thinking. I’m going past them one, two, three and then on the fourth beat, I completely turn and face them and they come into my vibe, and I make eye contact and say, “Hey, can I just tell you something really quickly.” And I pause a lot when I’m saying all this because all I’m doing is making her feel comfortable. And by the way, she doesn’t give a fuck what you say at that point because it’s all about your energy and your tonality. So if you have good energy and good tonality, your opener is beside the point, so that’s why I really keep it simple with the opener.

Adam Lyons Approach Method During The Day

During the day, I used to do my favorite way of opening, which is really a functional opener. I like to keep it simple and normal and make it look like I’m not really trying to hit on her. So I’m going to ask her where the location of something is or if she knows a good lunch spot or if she would recommend it.

One of the easiest to translate into an instant date is to just say, “Hey, I’m looking for a really good coffee shop around here. Do you know where there might be one that isn’t a Starbucks?” I love it because most people are so used to going into Starbucks that they really have to think to find another coffee shop. And every so often, you’re going to hit the situation where they go, “Actually, I’m looking for a coffee shop myself.” And it’s so easy to then translate that into an instant date. That’s probably my absolute favorite one during the day.

Bobby Rio Teaching ‘How To Talk To Girls’

I think the best way to approach a woman during the day is to be direct. Something like the “drunk I love you” opener, which I talked about in the previous question, doesn’t tend to work as well during the day. It kind of throws a woman off. You really have to tell her why you had to stop her. You have to acknowledge that “Hey, I had to stop you. I had to start this conversation because you had an incredible energy, and I wanted to see what you were like.” Whatever your reasoning is, try to be genuine about it, try not to make it necessarily about her looks. Make it more about the way she carries herself or something you noticed about her.

Then you want to try to use laughter very quickly because laughter is disarming. It’s very awkward for a woman to be approached at a grocery store or on the street. She’s not used to it necessarily, so she kind of gets her guard up, and by making her laugh pretty quickly, it will get her at ease and allow you to continue with her guard down.