Your approach to social interaction should be characterized by honest and open scrutiny. Unlike the “Seduction Community” or other social education programs that shroud their methods in secrecy, valuable truths require public examination. Conclusions gain credibility when others are allowed to examine them with a skeptical eye. You should openly welcome criticism. The truth of a matter can only be discerned when others are allowed to test it.

Learn to recognize the difference between an unstable assumption and unchanging fact. Again, a healthy amount of critical scrutiny works wonders in weeding out faulty assumptions and irrelevant personal preferences when attempting to verify any social interaction principle.

While assumptions fuel the imagination and serve to validate one’s choices, they inhibit the truth from being discovered. Failure to carefully scrutinize poor assumptions leads to the construction of baseless theories. The more elaborate the theory, the more confusion and frustration it causes to those who fall victim to its irresponsible tenets.

All dysfunctional theories follow the law of entropy. Whatever lacks order and valid purpose, whatever resists balance, whatever fails to pass the test of critical examination will inevitably move toward a state of disorder. Don’t be afraid to treat assumptions with unsympathetic, brutal analysis. The truth of a matter can always withstand any amount of sifting.


You are designed with an innate, functional desire for pleasure. In everything you do, being satisfied becomes your end goal.

This is represented by physical, psychological and spiritual forms of pleasure like eating, intimacy and love. To end in a satisfying condition, it’s necessary to create order. Order is an indication that you’re moving in the right direction toward satisfaction. Conversely, whenever order is absent, you are heading in the wrong direction toward dissatisfaction.

The Cause of Attraction

Ignorant of feminism’s damaging influence, today’s men blindly search for ways to attract women. They study animal mating habits, work on their conversation skills, don fashionable clothing, decorate their bodies with tattoos, increase their size through weight training and look for ways to raise their social status, all for the sake of attracting women. Granted, some form relationships, but these unstable unions typically erode due to their dysfunctional foundation. Most end up lonely and frustrated. In the end, the important question remains unanswered: what really attracts women? To discover the answer, it’s necessary to understand what causes attraction.

Consider money, represented by unimpressive green-colored paper. While its aesthetic appeal may be limited, its actual significance proves quite attractive to people. Money has the ability to buy food and protection, create relationships and influence others. In short, money, when used responsibly, can bring order to people’s lives by meeting their needs.

Consider social status. Many women find men of high social status (rock stars, celebrities, politicians) to be attractive because of their ability to garner massive social approval. Because social acceptance and approval are necessary components of an orderly life, women are drawn to men of high social status that are able to meet this need.

Consider sexual needs. When your sexual tension is resolved, you are brought toward an orderly state. Sex also leads to children. This, in turn, leads to an orderly social outcome—the propagation of life.

Consider physically attractive people. Their facial symmetry along with the balanced, proportionate arrangement of their bodies expresses order. This is naturally more attractive than a disorderly body where features are disproportionately placed or missing altogether. Countless disorderly expressions of the human body exist, but only one exact expression of order is universally recognized. Amid all the birth defects, injuries, varying stages of growth and old age exists a pleasing, balanced arrangement of complementary parts that appeals to our highest aesthetic sense of order.

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Because money, sex and social status are the tangible means used to obtain order, they are often mistakenly given credit for creating attraction. However, it is not the means but rather the resulting harmonious, orderly arrangement that draws us. Order is the attracting principle.

Functional Knowledge

Functional knowledge is attractive because of the order it creates when applied. I don’t need to ask whether or not this article is attractive. Because it helps men order their social interactions, it meets the standard of attraction.

Knowing the amount of seeds in an apple doesn’t create order. Knowing how to grow apple trees creates order.

Facts in themselves are meaningless. How those facts apply to your life is important. Don’t strive to be a container of facts. Become a man who knows how to apply what he’s learned to create order. This ultimately proves attractive.

Attraction Today

In today’s dysfunctional social climate, physical beauty strongly influences most men, while most women are prone to seek out men of high social status. However, these unstable, unsatisfying criteria cannot be trusted.

Properly functioning men and women are attracted to those who meet their needs. Since order ultimately meets everyone’s needs, it proves fundamentally attractive to both genders. This means men are attracted to women who submit to an orderly arrangement, and women are attracted to men who are able to create an orderly arrangement. Thus, the most orderly arrangement that meets the needs of both genders can be found in a relationship. This is why men and women naturally gravitate toward relationships.

Relationships give women the opportunity to depend on men. This in turn allows men to meet the needs of women. Relationships also give men the opportunity to depend on women for sex. This allows women to meet the needs of men. When dependence is mutual, order is established. Such orderly relationships are mutually satisfying because everyone’s needs are met.

Feminism wrecks the potential for healthy relationships by encouraging women to express their disorderly condition,erroneously assuming it will attract men. Sentiments like “I don’t need a man” and “I’m strong and independent” are meant to impress; however, this dysfunctional rejection of necessity undermines any potential for order in their relationships. The feminist media and pop psychology even denigrate functional women by giving the term “dependence” a negative connotation. But you need to realize that life is a matter of dependence. Independence leads to death.

Only dead people can become truly independent of their necessities. Thus, while the idea may sound great in theory, men ultimately find independent women to be unattractive.

Still desiring to have their needs met, men focus on the one remaining orderly aspect found in women—their physical beauty. This explains the unnatural emphasis placed on appearance today. Turned off by feminism’s dysfunctional insistence on independence, men have nothing left to appreciate about women other than their face and body.

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By the same token, men suffering from the disorderly, emasculating effects of feminism fail to attract women. Because these men have no authority, they lack the means to govern women effectively. Without authority, men can’t create the order necessary to meet the needs of women. And without order, there is nothing to attract women.

Because of this disorderly condition, women today unnaturally focus on the one remaining authoritative element still ruling their lives—social status. Men with high social status are easily able to acquire the approval women naturally seek out. When these men are validated, women feel validated as well, creating some semblance of order in lives. Unfortunately, although it’s possible to meet some needs of women this way, without knowing how to actively and functionally apply their authority, even men of high social status cannot maintain order in their lives. Thus, they ultimately fail to keep women attracted.

Society only compounds this problem by attempting to usurp the function of males. Instead of forming healthy relationships with authoritative men, today’s women are ushered into a dysfunctional relationship with the state. Police offer protection, courts offers social support, a welfare system provides food and shelter, the media provides approval, business careers provide an illusion of self-sufficiency, fertility clinics provide children and prescription drugs provide instant gratification. By competing with men, the state undermines the potential for healthy relationships between the genders.

Ironically, the state’s own dysfunctional authority cannot meet the needs of women. While police and the judicial system work to deter crime, they can do nothing to prevent women from creating dangerous situations for themselves. Likewise, welfare housing, while providing shelter, can provide no actual assurance against poverty. And public service programs providing healthy living resources have no authority to train women to make responsible eating choices. Taxpayer-funded support networks providing unconditional approval cannot bribe women into adopting self-discipline or train them to become accountable for their “domestic violence” issues. Giving women access to higher paying jobs still cannot buy healthy, functional relationships. Giving women independent rights to childbirth will never solve the problem of overcrowded prisons as the vast majority of criminals clogging the legal system are documented products of single mothers. The state’s inability to exercise proper authority over women results in a thoroughly unsatisfying relationship in which all parties suffer.