When I first started meeting new women through cold approaches very consistently, I felt like I had found the Holy Grail.

I thought being good at pick up and being a “pick-up artist” was so cool and it would get me all the success with women I ever wanted… but there was one little problem.

Everything I had taught was geared toward meeting new women using cold approaches… and that’s great. It’s an incredible skill to have and I wouldn’t trade it back for any amount of money.

But I soon realized that I had been ignoring 90% of the interactions people have on a daily basis.

boy and girl friends

I realized that most men just wanted to become more attractive so that they could sleep with women they were already friends with or women from work.

And not only that, I also realized that when you “pick-up” a social circle, you earn sexual access to the entire group of women. You can practically pickup ten women for the price of one!

But tackling social circle game requires a slight tweak in your mental focus.

If you meet a woman in the mall in a city you are rarely in, your goal should be to immediately get her on an “insta-date” or get her phone number to follow up 1-2 days later.

After all, that’s the only way you can guarantee you’ll make an impression on her big enough for her to want to see you again after you’ve gone home.

This is the general strategy for meeting women in an open-system.

In an open-system, new women are entering the system continuously, and the women who you interact with will be leaving the system after the interaction. You may never see them again.

If you are trying to pick-up a woman from a closed-system, such as your social circle, a party or your work, the game is slightly different.

In a closed-system, there is very little influx of new women, and when you interact with a woman, she is going to be there later on, and may observe all of your later interactions in that system. In addition, all future women you meet will have seen your interaction with the first woman.

friends talking

Not only that, but showing your interest may hurt your status with the entire group of people. After all, she might have a boyfriend, or might be married!

Remember a woman’s drive to protect her social standing in the group? It’s more crucial in this situation because she knows the people she’s with – she doesn’t have the anonymity of a huge mall or club.

So even though a lot of the attraction code still holds true, in a closed-system you want to be calculated (not careful) with the amount of interest you show, and precise with how you go about getting phone numbers and dates.

Realize that every interaction is not only with the one woman you are talking to, but with every other person in the system.

Instead of attracting the one person you are interacting with, direct your focus to attracting the entire social circle as a whole… Try to visualize the entire group combined into one single woman who you are interested in dating.

When it comes time to get a phone number, (and don’t rush it, you’ll have other chances to see her again) it should be for some “innocent” purpose. You want to study together, work on a project together, have her help you go shopping for your mom, etc.

This way, she has plausible deniability if need be.

And when you do finally sleep with the first girl in the circle do not tell a soul! Sure, go ahead and post it in the mastermind forum, and send me a success story, but do not let anyone in the circle know.

If word gets around it should be because she’s telling everyone how good you are in bed.

You need all of the women in the social circle to feel that you protect their secrets like a locked safe. If you can do this effectively, they will see you as riskfree, guilt-free, no-strings-attached pleasure!

attraction method

And yes… That’s a good thing.

One more point…

Every friendship in your life is a blessing, and those who choose to stay by your side and have your back are your top social priority.

You have shared laughs, secrets, struggles, and successes with your friends, and they have stuck with you through all of it. Your friends are more important than some woman you’ve just met.

Never resort to putting your friends down to make yourself look good. This is a false persona and women recognize it as the behavior of an insecure man. Instead, build your friends up, like a true leader.

Women will see this as true strength and you’ll be amazed what that will do for attraction.