In this post experts will be teaching you how you can attract girls and get them back at your place. Let’s accept it, all of us need love and to get that special one, we must have some level of social skills. Let’s get started now. We discussed some techniques to seduce and get girls back at your place and you might want want to read that post as well.

Jordan Harbinger On How To Attract And Take Girls Back To Your Place

I’ll grab the girl by the hand and if it’s me and my buddies I’ll tell them “Hey guys, be ready to go” And then we’ll simultaneously grab our girl’s hands and say, “You know what? Here’s the plan. We’re going back to our place for drinks so you guys should totally come with us.” Not, would you like to come back to our place? Or can you come back to our place? Or will you come back to our place? It’s “we are going back to our place and you should join us”. That way you’re already doing that activity. You’re already bouncing. You’re not leaving it up to them to dictate the schedule, but they know that the train is leaving, and they can come with you or they can say no.

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Now if they say, “We have to go to the bathroom first.” Then that’s legit. That’s fine. Or, “We have to tell our friends we’re leaving.” That’s fine. But if they go, “Well, we kind of want to stick around for a while.” That usually means that they’re not ready to go. The escalation isn’t there. The connection is not there. They might not feel safe enough with you guys yet. Guys have to realize that girls are making a pretty bold choice to go home with guys they just met that evening, so it can be pretty tricky. Now, if you have a really solid connection, maybe you’ve known them for weeks or months or even years and you want to take things to the next level, as long as the escalation is there, tell them you’re going back to your place for a night cap or for drinks after the party and that they should join you and that will usually do the trick. If everything else is in place that would be more than enough to get the ball rolling.

Julian Foxx Shares A Classic Technique To Get Girls Back At Your Own Place

One of the classic techniques that we use was developed alongside Vin DiCarlo and that is using intrigue as a technique. Let’s say I say “Hey, let’s go back to my house but you have to promise me you are not going to laugh when you are there.” OK, so, setting some kind of a condition and using the intrigue: “Listen I’ve got to be in bed by 10:30” so it allows the women to focus on the condition that you are setting and distracts them from what you are really talking about which is “Hey baby, let’s go back to my house.” In addition to this here are some more techniques to take girls back at your place.

Yad Says Do Not Bullshit

Do not bullshit. Girls hate it when you bullshit. Girls love it when you’re honest. Or sometimes, if I bullshit, it’s in a very ironic way. So I’d say, “Listen, let’s just go back to my place and carry this on. I’ve got a bottle of wine.” If she’s being hesitant, I might say, “You know, I’ve got really good stationary in my bedroom I want to show you. I think you’d really enjoy how good my staples are,” and that’s obviously very ironic. There is subtle communication going on there, “You know I don’t want to bullshit you.” Here is what to do or say to get a girl to come home with you.

Adam Lyons Shares An Easiest Way To Get A Girl Back To Your Place

I’ve always found the easiest way to get a girl back to my place is to do it as part two of a map. So for example, I’ll have the night club as Venue zero. I start talking about food so we bounce for food. Venue one would be somewhere to get food. After the hunger has been put into our mind, I always order the food and I always order it to go before they say anything. Then she looks at me, “Oh, why are we going to eat to go?” And I’ll say, “Well, this place gets a bit drunk and crowded, my place is just around the corner. We’re going to eat at my place. That way, I can call you a cab from there,” or whatever the situation is or my justifications to bring her there. Venue two or Part two will be my place. We go back to my place and eat food at my place. I can get drinks flowing again and at that point I’ve got her in the venue.

Alex Coulson Shares His Method

Always say it’s an after-party whether there is one happening or not. You can’t really say, “Hey, let’s go back to my place so we can have sex.” You can’t say that to a girl. Sometimes you can, I suppose, if she’s sort of really into it. But you want to invite her back to an after-party. It could just be you and a bottle of champagne and the two of you on the balcony. That could really be it, but you want to sort of oversell your place. You also want to say, “Hey, listen. I’ve got a bottle of champagne at my place. How about if we go back there and we’ll have an after-party.” And that’s really it. That’s really probably the best way of doing that.

Bobby Rio Says It Depends On What You Are Talking About

Like I said, it really depends on what we’re talking about and how the night is going. If I’m drinking and we are in a party atmosphere, I’ll usually just mention that I have more liquor at my place. In the old days, I would mention how I had something funny that we could go back and smoke together.

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If they’re not that type of girl, you’re maybe older or you’re meeting a girl at an environment where an after party isn’t necessarily going to fit, then I try to use something that we’ve talked about previously. If we had talked about traveling, I may tell her, “You know, I have some really cool pictures of South America.” There’s usually something you talked about that you can tie in to get her back to you place. If you have issues with your conversation skills, read a dating guide to help you with your conversation skills.

Brad Jackson Shares His Best Line

“Let’s get out of here. Let’s go back to my place, but under no circumstances are you to walk in the door and remove your clothes.”

It’s crazy that this works. Seriously, women often want it just as badly as men do and sometimes you just ask.

An alternate method is if you’re driving, on a date or after you’ve met her and it’s just the two of you in the car, just drive back to your place and have her ask you “Where are we going?” Say “Back to my place, I have some wine there. You’ll like it. You might even be able to give me some decorating advice.”

Carlos Xuma Says You Have Got To Have A Reason

You’ve got to have a reason. It cannot be about the sexual fun you’re going to be having. If it’s all about that, no, she’s not going along with it. It is because we all know that it’s just programmed in a woman, that they have to put the brakes on. We have to recognize that women need to put those brakes on some time during your interaction. It doesn’t matter when or where or how. It’s going to have to happen because it establishes her control over the sex and she needs to have that. It’s part of her security mechanism.

So you have to have some reason to go back. Let’s say you’ve been talking about music and she totally digs Peter Gabriel and you’ve got this really obscure disc of Peter Gabriel or some concert footage or whatever it is, that’s the pretense you need. You need to do that for her as an excuse she can use to follow you back. Otherwise if it’s all about, “Hey, come on back to my place, we’ll continue this fun there.” No, it’s not going to float.

Christian Hudson Tells What To Say To Get A Woman Back To Your Place

Okay, what do you say to a woman to get her back to your place? Well, the first thing I’ll say here is that I’ve gotten into quite a bit of trouble trying to get a woman back to my place when they weren’t ready for it. If you are pushing too hard because you think that’s what you should be doing or because you think that your friends will respect you if you get her back to her place or what have you, I will tell you personally that there is a few girls who really stand out who I’ve gone either a couple of dates with them or even it was the night I met them. I was really hustling to get them back to my place. They weren’t ready for it, and they told me afterwards, “You know, listen, I really liked you, but you’re agenda was so obvious and I just wasn’t ready for it and you weren’t paying attention to the signs.” So I would just put out there if the girl is not ready for it, don’t push for it unnecessarily just because you think it’s your right or your privilege or because you’re buddies will think more of you. Be sensitive to what she’s ready for at that time.

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With that said, one of my favorite ways to bring a person back is using what I call a false choice. So false choice is basically two choices you do with the person. The first one being the choice that you want them to make and the second one being something absolutely absurd that they would never choose, and it’s kind of funny, so they would laugh at that and they would say, “Well, obviously, I’m going to choose the first option.” To give you an example, one thing I might say to a girl would be something like, “Well hey, do you want to go back to my place or should we try breaking and entering into somewhere around here?” This is maybe after I’ve left the venue and we’re walking down the street and I want her to come back, and I’ll point around, I’ll be like, “Hey, yeah, so you want to come back into my place or…” and I’ll point to some house in the neighborhood, “Or do you want to try breaking into that one. You know, it looks like that’s a nice place that we can go and hang out.” And so obviously she’s going to laugh at that. Nobody actually thinks that you’re going to be breaking and entering on a date. So as she’s laughing at that, she’ll probably be saying, “Well, you know, I think your house sounds like a better option.” And you go, “Okay, cool. You know, I was practicing my lock picking skills, but I guess I can work on them some other time.”

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So the false choices are a great way to make a girl laugh, and if she is ready for it, it’s a really great way to gauge it. If she’s not, she’s going to say, “Oh, you know what? Like I’m just not ready for it right now, I’ve got to work tomorrow morning, blah, blah, blah.” You’ll know about that. You won’t be pushing anything upon her that she’s not ready for. But if she is ready for it, the false choices are a great way to do it. So whether you want to use my line, which is, “You know, do you want to go back to my place or do you want to try breaking and entering somewhere out here?” Or if you could come up with something funny on your own, go for it, but it’s a fantastic way that if she’s feeling up for it, then that will absolutely get her back. Now, other thing I would say is that it’s great if you see the invite. This has been a long time wisdom, so before I’m telling her, “Hey, we’re going to go back to my place.” I’ll probably say something, “You know, I’ve got some bottles of champagne back there. I’ve got a movie queued up. Ratatouille, it’s my favorite movie ever, or whatever it is, so by the time we’re talking about going back to my place, there is an idea in mind about what we’re going to do, which is we’re going to drink champagne, we’re going to watch Ratatouille.

The other big issue here is plausible deniability, and women want to be able to say, “Yeah, I went back to his place. The idea was that we’re going to drink champagne or we’re going to watch Ratatouille, and then things just happened.” That’s really important that you give women an out if it’s the first time you met them or if they’re feeling a little uncomfortable about it because they want to be able to justify to themselves, “Hey, it was totally innocent, and then I went back there, and all of a sudden, things happened.” So if you’re able to put those two things together in terms of plausible deniability and giving her reasons that you’re going back to your place and then presenting the false choice and making it funny, it should be a one-two punch, and as long as she’s ready for it, you’ll have her back to your place in no time. Just make sure you brought money for cab fare or that you are sober enough to drive home on your own.

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