Today you are going to learn how to attract women by becoming a great conversationalist. The conversation techniques you are just about to learn will not only improve your conversation skills and personality but also will help you attract more women.

Marni Wing Girl Teaches How To Talk To Women The Right Way

Well, there isn’t a topic that they should talk about, but I think that it’s nice to be well versed in many topics and to know things that are going on. Like I read a magazine every week and it gives me tidbits of information about things that are happening all over the world and entertainment and books and all of this stuff. I know what’s going on with things, and so I have many things to talk about. I think that if you go to work and you come home and you watch a television show at night, there are not a lot of things going on in your life, so you don’t have many conversations to bring up. So to enhance your conversation skills, number one, you have to have things to have conversations about. So add a couple of things to your weekly routine so that you, number one, have an activity, and then number two, interact with people. So that when you start using your conversation tools, you’re more practiced and can use them when you actually need to use them.

Another tip is where you listen, confirm and affirm. I really like that tactic and I’ve been using it to teach a lot of my clients. For example a woman might say, “Oh, I really like Brie and I like other types of cheese as well.” So you listen to it. You then confirm that you’ve heard what she is saying and then you affirm that it’s a wonderful thing that she said that. Because she likes Brie and you like Brie, it means that you have a stronger connection. It’s just sort of giving her a pat on the back and saying, “That was a good thing that you said, and therefore because you said that good thing, I like you more.”

Nick Quick Shares His Conversation Skills

There are really only two things that you need to be paying attention to, and everything else you can just throw out. You need to pay attention to her logistical situation, and you need to pay attention to her sexual readiness. So what is one thing that you can do? Start screening for her logistics. You don’t want to be spending your entire night on a girl who can’t go home with you, even if she wanted to. So you need to screen her logistics to find out if she’s a viable candidate for staying out late.

And other than that you can start escalating up the S-axis, which is her sexual readiness. You need to up that. And there are many ways you can do that. You can do that by building sexual tension. You can do that by studying sexual frames. You can do that by escalating. You can do that by three-dimensional escalation and a whole host of other things. So if you run out of something to say, there are all these different methods that you could be applying to escalate sexually.

Richard La Ruina Teaches How To Attract And Connect With Women

Without spending the whole weekend teaching you, I can still give you two really powerful things.

The first thing is that in an interaction, if you ask a girl what her favorite food is or what her job is, in the early stages, she might just give you a one-word answer. This makes it very tough. So she might give her answer and if you’ve got nothing to say back you might, “Umm and ahh,” and you might break eye contact. This is going to be an awkward moment. What you can try instead is to hold consistent eye contact and prompt her for more information. So she gives the one-word answer about her job and then you kind of prompt her for more: “Yeah, I’ve been doing it for a few months, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and what’s your job?” So it’s a good way to encourage her to get into a comfortable two-way conversation as quickly as possible.

how to have great conversations with girls

The second thing to bear in mind is that guys normally ask a series of questions in a row. “Hey, what’s your name? What do you do? Oh cool, where are you from? All right, do you come here a lot? Who are you with?” A series of questions in a row is what I see time and time again. If you can train yourself to ask a question, get her answer and then make a statement every single time and not stay with “Oh cool.”

Instead, make a statement that attempts to connect with her, then you will be following the structure of a conversation she’d have with her close friend. That’s really where you want to get to. Your statement doesn’t have to be anything too amazing. It can be something very, very simple: telling her about the time you went to that place, or telling her your views on how it must be to do the job she does, or whatever it might be. It serves the function of taking the pressure off her and showing that you’re listening and showing that you are making an attempt to connect. So it’s all good stuff.

Scot McKay Says Fear Keeps Guys From Talking To Women

Say 95-98% of guys fear rejection so much we won’t even go and talk to a woman. Another 2-5% of guys actually have the cojones to go talk to a woman they’re interested in. Most of that 2-5% is going to be mortified. They’re going to be shaking in their boots. They’re going to be tripping over their words. They’re going to be saying, “Uh, um. Um, I’m sorry to bother you, but…” Well, if you’re sorry, she’s going to agree with you because you’re sorry. That’s a bad way to open. That’s the worst opener I’ve ever heard, anything that starts with “I’m sorry.”

Conversation Tips, Methods And Techniques

So when you go in an interaction with this beautiful woman who you want to meet and you’re shaking in your boots, she’s going to follow your lead. She’s going to be nervous and uneasy because you’re nervous and uneasy, and if you can’t make a woman feel safe and comfortable in your presence, well, then you’re not really going to get her to go out with you.

So when we are talking about anxiety, you’ve got to understand that first of all, if it’s not a competition and there is no rejection.

So when you’ve gotten over this competition versus conversation kind of tension and you just go and talk to her, she’s going to be responding to you with the same level of comfort and ease as you lead with. That’s incredibly important for guys to know.

So when you start naturally talking to women and you realize it’s going to be OK, then you could become a champ in no time.

The easy part is getting the conversation going. Why do guys have such a hard time figuring out what they’re going to say to a woman after they start the conversation? It’s because they’re focusing on what they’re going to say to her. Get her to talk about herself. Go up with a purpose and say, “You know you are radiant from across the room. How you look, and who you are is amazing. What did you eat for breakfast this morning to give you that radiance?” And let her answer, just let her talk and then just have a normal conversation.

Dale Carnegie wrote a book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. One of the central tenets of that book is if you talk 20% and let the other person talk 80%, they’re invariably going to think, “Man, you’re just a fascinating conversationalist.”

Stop trying to talk to her about who you are and what you’ve got. One of my friends says, “Guys show up and they throw up.” What a great line, right? They talk about their cars, their boats, everything that’s macho, and the woman is thinking, “Oh, does this guy have anything to offer that actually comes from within? Is there any depth? Or is he just trying to buy me over with a bunch of stuff?” You can solve all of these problems just by letting her talk.

Jon Sinn Teaches Guys Conversation Methods To Attract More Women

I have a CD on the Power on How to Handle Things to Say, so I have a lot about this. The first problem is lack of preparation; you’ve got to know the subjects you are good at talking about. I’m good at talking about psychology, traveling, writing, TV stuff, sports, working out, Eastern philosophy, relationships – those are my strong suits. My weak suit is music. I’m really bad about music. I’ve tried. I don’t know anything about music or the artists. I’m pretty bad at current events. I’m terrible at national climate events and politics and I’m not good at religion. So I stay off of those topics and I stick to the ones that I’m good at.

Easy To Follow Conversation Tips For Men

Having techniques to get your subjects introduced is important. A lot of guys neglect what I call social comfort, which is the stuff in between, how you keep conversations going with things like transitions, building bridges, making observations, social questions. For instance, asking, “What’s on the agenda for later?” or “Are you guys going somewhere else?” Things like that will keep the conversation going, but you also need to have some ideas, tactics and techniques. I think observations are a great way to keep the conversation going, specifically observations about her, the group or the environment.

Turning questions into statements is another really good way to keep the conversation going. You could take any question like “Where are you from?” And turn it into a statement like “You seem like you’re from the East Coast” or “What do you do?” can turn into “You seem creative, are you a fashion designer?” And so that allows you to keep the conversation going. And guys also have to learn how to talk about themselves.