Once again some of the top dating coaches will be teaching you how you can bring more female friends in your social circle. They could be friends with benefits, of course. Let’s get started!

Vin DiCarlo On To Bring More Friends With Benefits In Your Social Circle

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Pick up girls and then don’t have sex with them. You can never underestimate the power of having hot female friends. It’s like getting one fish or learning how to fish. In fact my friend Julian Foxx has a technique based on this called “Friend zone her to bone her.”

The real question is: How do you choose which women to put in the friend zone or not? And my criteria is basically “How good do her friends look?” Lol. Just kidding.

All joking aside you’re going to want to look at two specific criteria. First, you actually want to either find a girl who has a boyfriend or a girl who’s very actively dating. The reason for this is simple.

The number one thing that is going to hurt you is her jealousy. If she gets too jealous –- and this has happened to me before – if she ends up falling for you then she’s going to do whatever she can to make sure you never hang out with her friends ever again.

Secondly, you want a girl who’s sexually open. In Pandora’s Box, this is called a “justifier,” which is a type of girl who doesn’t have sexual hang ups and doesn’t typically make guys wait a long time to have sex with them.

This way, if you sleep with her friends quickly, she’s not going to freak out. Justifiers JUSTIFY why sex happening quickly is OK. And if her friend calls her freaking out, this type of girl will usually calm her down and reassure her.

Action Jackson On How To Attract More Girls

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The problem is if you think they’re hot and you’re physically attracted to them, it’s going to be really hard for you just to see them as a friend. It’s going to get in the way. It’s going to screw things up. So I actually believe it’s a waste of time trying to make female friends just so you can have social proof. I think the better strategy is to pursue girls you’re attracted to and then just stay friends with them afterwards.

Except for a few, maybe close family friends, all of my female friends are girls I either dated or tried to date. The key is to be 100% honest with the girls you date and respect them and they don’t think you’re a sleazy player or anything. So when you break up or it fizzles out, if they think that you’re a guy of integrity, they’ll actually go out of their way to help you hook up with other girls.

Bill Preston On ‘Friends With Benefits’

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For me it’s easy. I like to hook up with attractive women, but I actually just love to be with women in general. I love to do fun things with women, even if she is just a friend or a girlfriend. If I have an extra Yankee ticket, while a lot of guys might invite a friend who loves the Yankees, I actually have more fun when I’m around girls. So, obviously, I’m going to invite a woman friend.

That way, you really become a social guy with girl friends and make it so that women love to hang out with you and you are leading that. So maybe there is a friend of a friend who invites you somewhere and you can bring other girls along and you just treat these girls just like they are your guy friends and do fun stuff with them. Girls are super fun to hang out with.

Lance Mason On How To Attract More Female Friends

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If you want to bring hot women into your lifestyle, you just have to be safe. These hot women are always getting hit on by skeezy guys. They actually do want guy friends. So the cool thing is just be a typical nice guy. You don’t need any tips from me, just go up say hi and just kind of be a normal chump, just be a nice guy, be friendly, and don’t game them and don’t do anything creepy. Don’t do anything weird. Don’t practice your moves on them, but just be their safe guy and just tell them, “Hey, I’m your safe guy. Don’t worry about it. You know, I’m just here so you can hook me up with all your hot friends.” Just tell them that. Don’t laugh. They’ll have fun. They’ll take you shopping with them, and you know what? They will hook you up. Sooner or later, they will hook you up. So you don’t need any tricks. Any kind of weird trick you’re trying to do is just going to make them feel like you’re hitting on them. So you just be a normal guy and just be a dorky guy. Just be a nice guy, be friends and be their safe guy and they will hook you up.

I go out with the intention that I am going to make every single one of these girls I meet my best friend. And they can’t live without it. Now I get probably 80 percent more sex. A lot of people say you don’t want to go into that friend zone, but I think that’s very comfortable place to be. I can immediately come out of it through different tactics and strategies; it’s so much easier. Go in with the friendship card. If I am having a typical conversation with a girl at the bar, I am going to tell her “Oh my god, we can be best friends. You can be my little sister, we’ll go out.”

I love to tell them that they are going to be my wing woman and I am going to be their wing man. I am trying to introduce them to another guy – at least that’s what they think – and then the next thing you know they are actually the one coming home with me.

Jordan Harbinger Shares His Thoughts On Female Friends With Benefits

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If your definition of a female friend is girl who I struck out with or a girl who I haven’t slept with yet, you’re going to run into problems because women will sense that sexual tension or they’ll feel like, “OK, he was trying to get with me. I don’t know if he still is, or I don’t know if I should introduce a friend to him because then she’s going to feel like second choice,” because women do talk about that type of stuff.

Keep things platonic from the very beginning and tell her “Listen, you seem really cool. I’m here to meet new friends.” Again throw it out there that you want to meet as many people as possible and sometimes if you meet a girl who is in a relationship, you can say “Listen, I’m looking to meet a bunch of new people and you seem really fun. I’d love to meet some of your friends and I’ll bring some of my boys. I’d love to make that happen.”

Or even ask to meet their male friends and they’ll bring out girls, as well. Because if you say, “Hey, you know you seem like a cool chic. I’d love to hang out with you and your boyfriend sometime because I’m new in town.” They’ll start to feel you out and once they like you, they’re going to start hooking you up with their female friends because that’s what women do. They tend to hook up their friends with people they like and find interesting.

If you mesh well with their social circle and their boyfriends and other guys in the circle, you’re going to be prescreened and embedded, if you will. If you just say, “Hey, introduce me to all these girls you know” the girl is thinking, “All right, so what? Am I supposed to get you laid now?” That’s really what’s going through her mind and you don’t want to be that guy. That’s not cool.