We will be talking about communication skills in regards to women. You will learn how to attract women with your words, how to keep the conversation going and other attraction building techniques. You know what is the best of it? You’ll be learning straight from the seduction and dating experts.

Bobby Rio Teaches How To Keep The Conversation Going

This is actually something that I’ve struggled with for a long time and I’ve worked for years figuring this out, so there are a couple of key things that I think made a big difference for me as far as keeping a conversation going. The first is the 90-10 rule, and what that means is that you need to be prepared to do 90% of the talking for the first five minutes. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do 90% but you need to be prepared to do so. When you approach a woman and she’s not ready to start a conversation, it will fizzle out if you don’t have a lot of stuff immediately ready to talk about. A lot of guys make the mistake of walking up to a girl, using an opener, and then kind of waiting for her to carry the conversation.

how to attract women with your words

You’ve got to remember that you’re catching a woman off guard when you start a conversation so you have to be in control of 90% of that. And the best way to do this is to have a story ready. I usually use opinion openers. I don’t use opinion openers to start a conversation, but I kind of keep them in my pocket so that if I feel like there is no momentum, I’ll bust out an opinion opener.

The third thing is I have something called the ‘Four Topic Slide’ – a mental list of four topics. I move from one to the other and this keeps me on track towards building attraction and moving a conversation forward. I usually begin with glorified gossip, something like an interesting story about your friend’s love life or just something to engage her. Then, I’ll start talking about a childhood memory or something fun, something that brings us back to that playground atmosphere. From there, I’ll usually ask about her future ambitions because this will build the rapport and the connection. And then I’ll start making some observations about her which allows for attraction and sort of builds the sexual tension. And because I always have these four topics in mind, even though I’m not necessarily glued to sticking to them, it kind of keeps me on track when something’s winding down. I think, “OK, move to this then move to this” and it keeps me moving forward.

Brad Jackson Teaches How To Use Open Ended Questions To Keep The Conversation Going

Ask open ended questions. It’s pretty simple really: you get a girl talking about herself, but not about small stupid stuff like her job and where she’s from. Get her to tell you a story. Or better yet, if she has a good sense of humor, start off with a story and tell her to finish it.

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Get it going and then half way through just say: “You know, I’ve told this story a million times and I’m bored with the way it turns out. Do you have a good imagination?” She’ll say yes. So you say, “Great. Help me finish the story: So after I did xyz then you tell ME what happened.” Laugh and say “Come on, you can do it.”

Boring girls won’t like this and it won’t go anywhere, fun creative girls will run with it and you’ll have more fun than you know what to do with.

Brent Smith Teaches How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say

When you’re super relaxed and you don’t want anything from people, you would be surprised at how you never run out of things to say ever again. Because the only time that you run out of stuff to say is when you’re nervous and you’re worried about what to say next: “Oh, man, I hope I don’t lose my train of thought. What if she blows me off after like three sentences?”

When you stop worrying about that, it doesn’t happen to you anymore. So in other words, she feels the vibe. She carries the conversation. It’s not your job to keep her attracted because she’s already attracted to you just by your energy of “I’m coming to help you have fun and to help you have a good time.” Now, having said that, with guys who aren’t at that level yet, here is what you can do: just simply ask more questions: “How’s everything? Good, well, what have you been up to lately? Have you been traveling? So what wild stuff did you do last week?”

And I try to keep everything on a very light note. I talk about fluff most of the time. I don’t talk about serious subjects, and the thing that will turn women off the fastest, in my opinion and experience, is when you get too serious. I would love to talk about serious stuff all the time, but it just doesn’t work, so I keep it very light. So I will say, “What wild things did you do last weekend? What are your plans for this weekend? Have you traveled anywhere lately?” Stuff like that, and look, if you’ve got the right vibe, they will just continue to talk to you.

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If they don’t, here is what I do. The moment that I notice it’s going nowhere, I end the conversation first. There is so much power in dismissing yourself as opposed to waiting for her to dismiss you that sometimes, again, as I said, they will come find you. Let’s say I’ve said two or three things and girls give me one-word answers, I’ll say, “All right, listen, it’s been great talking to you. I’ve got to move on and talk to some friends. So have a good night.” And I just turn, and I go somewhere else and I talk to someone else. And maybe it’s just that she’s shy, I don’t know. I don’t take it personally. I’ve had girls, because I didn’t wait for her to dismiss me, come after me. Or we meet back and forth on the way to the bathroom or something or in another side of the bar or whatever, and she actually engages me. So there is power in doing the opposite of what most guys would do.

So in most situations, if you just think what would the average guy do in this situation, and you do the opposite, you would be way ahead of average guys just by doing that.

Carlos Xuma Shares His Conversation Techniques

Well, I know a big hang up for guys is, “What do I say next?” or “How do I keep the talk going, how do I keep the conversation going?” It’s really easy. You have to fall back on flexible tools, not memorized stuff that you won’t be able to remember in the heat of the moment. Many guys know that memorization sucks. It’s just hard to do. It’s hard to maintain. You can find yourself blanking out.

Instead, install a few simple little plug-ins in your head that will help you along the way. Use contextual things. For instance, if you’re at a bar or a club, is there something about that bar or club to talk about? In San Francisco, there is this Irish pub, and they just have junk all over the place, on the walls, signs, posters, little knick knacks. And I would look around at those things, and I’d find things to talk about there.

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When you’re talking to a woman, you’ve got to engage her in conversation. You’ve got to get her invested in it, so that she has an investment in you. So make sure you turn the conversation over to her by asking questions, “So what are you doing here today?” Ask her questions to bring her out and into the conversation.

Christian Hudson Teches How To Be Comfortable Talking To Women

The first thing is that a guy should allow himself to be comfortable with silence. It can actually be a powerful tool. It shows a lot of confidence, especially if he’s able to make eye contact and just admire the woman. If you watch a movie, like „Don Juan De Marco and you watch Johnny Depp’s character, there are many moments where he allows himself to create silence, resonating silence. And the important thing is what he is thinking while he’s making eye contact with the woman. You can see that he’s visibly attracted to her and he’s admiring her and he’s inspecting her, and he’s trying to understand who this beautiful young being in front of him is.

And that’s a very different thing than sitting in silence and cowering and looking down, stammering over your words. It requires that you come from a place of high values, but it feels very different to a woman. So the first thing that I would say to the guy is if there is silence, he should embrace it and use it as an opportunity to explore all the things about her that he couldn’t learn from conversation, but he would learn from looking into her eyes. Now in terms of where to go in a conversation – and we obviously don’t have enough time to cover this in depth – look at conversations as topical, personal or interpersonal.

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Topical would be about blue jeans or about a belt or about a cell phone or about a movie – the topic itself. Personal is how do you feel about it, what your preferences are, what your opinions are. Do you prefer comedies or do you prefer horror movies, and why?

Interpersonal is we are this way together. So, “Oh my God, you like horror movies, I like horror movies too. Let’s go see …” It’s about finding a commonality and bonding on that. What I always tell guys to do when they’re working on their conversation skills is look back at past conversations and understand when they were topical, when they were personal, when they were interpersonal. What we always want to be doing is moving towards personal: Why do you feel this way? What are your preferences? What are the things that are really important to you? And if you’re talking about those things, if you’re talking about things that you love, that you enjoy, that you have opinions about and she’s the same way, then you will find points of commonality. You’ll find points of passion, you’ll find points of enthusiasm, you’ll learn things from her, she’ll learn things from you, and that’s how the best conversations happen.

The worst client I ever had, he could talk but he had no opinion, and I would ask him, “Do you like Zeppelin or do you like the Beatles?” And he’d say, “I don’t know.” He was afraid to take a stand. He was afraid to speak passionately. To be able to really draw that out of himself, that’s where the conversation anxiety will start to go away and you can feel like, “All right, I’m here to teach and be taught, to love and be loved, and to learn about who this person is.” And that’s where you want to direct your attention and your focus.