Today we are going to focus on your communication skills. Experts will be sharing their best conversation techniques that will not only help you attract more women but also have fun and interesting conversations with everyone.

Stephen Nash Explains The Difference Between A Boring And Tensed Conversation

We’re talking about the difference between a boring conversation and a tensed conversation, but not in an angry kind of bitter, weird, uncomfortable way, but in a sexually charged way. Sexual tension is the antidote to boredom. Now, you obviously don’t want to start groping her within the first three minutes, so you have to learn how this thing builds. It starts with the skill of flirting. Flirting is key and it’s called a bunch of different things out there, but I call it flirting because frankly that’s what I think it is. This is where we play with her, we tease her. We maybe even condescend to her a little bit with a smirk. Light insults. Playful conversation, this is flirting.

And what that does is that within a woman’s mind, there’s a few columns that she goes through I think and you want to be sure you’re in the romantic column. You’re not her next best friend. She’s not going to cry on your shoulder tonight when her friends leave her drunk at the club. You’re not her brother. You don’t want to just be giving her a bunch of advice. You are a romantic interest, which means you’re willing to create sexual tension. Now this is within this skill of flirting. There are certain topics in general that are interesting to women like relationships, pop culture, adventure and extreme activities and things that are emotionally charged.

how to avoid boring small talk

Boring guy talk about things like politics, the stock exchange, the game last night, the NFL draft – women are not interested in that. They’re interested in things that are filled with emotion. Even if there has been something in the news recently that is very emotional, that’s on the table because that’s a way to connect with her. She’s not interested in intellectual logical conversations. She’s interested in things more grounded in emotion. If you can talk about things that are more interesting to women combined with this willingness to create the sexual tension I call flirting, you’ll be fine.

Yad Advices To Make Assumptions To Turn Boring Questions Into Interesting Ones

Assumptions. It’s a great exercise for all you guys out there: Get a notepad and write down all the boring questions you always seem to ask and then turn it into an assumption. So, “Where are you from?” becomes, “You’ve got this really cool Scandinavian look to you like you would easily conquer a new land.” That’s it. That creates conversation.

If you make fun assumptions, people will want to respond. Imagine the power of making a fun assumption about them and that’s going to get a response.

Adam Lyons Adam Lyones Says Having A Goal In Mind Improves Your Conversation Skills

When I’m having a conversation with a girl, I have a very specific goal in mind: I want to find out as much about her as possible. If you want to make sure that conversation lasts a very long time, you want to talk about the past or the future. If you are talking about how the night is going and what the occasion is and the music, the conversation is going to go very fast. The minute you get into “What was the most ambitious thing you’ve ever done in your life?” and “What do you want to be doing ten years from now? Where would you like to go on holiday?” These kinds of conversations are going to last forever and they tell you a lot more about the person. Talking about their past or their future really does help me get out of small talk very quickly.

Brad Jackson Explains How Drama And Stories Can Help You Have Interesting Conversations

I introduce drama or stories or some sort of conversation that gets some passion into the mix. One of the things I learned a long time ago is to never ask a girl’s name, but to let her ask YOU for your name because it’s an indication of interest in you. And this is so true. If she never asks your name, she was never that into you. If she DOES ask your name, at least you’ve aroused her curiosity that much.

using drama to improve your conversations

So my whole outcome of the conversation is to be charismatic, charming or curiosity-inducing enough (by using magic) to get her to ask for my name. Then I move on from there. But it keeps me on my toes.

Brent Smith Teaches The Art Of Avoiding Normal Conversations And Having Interesting Ones Instead

A lot of the conversations start out normal: “So how are you doing?” “Oh, I’m doing great. How are you doing?” And I’ll say: “I’m doing OK, but I’m a little sore. I did about 300 squats today.” And they say, “What?” And I’ll say, “Yeah, well, look, I’m working on my gluteus. Do you want to see them?” I just go right into banter. I go right into something funny. So I go from real to funny, and then sometimes, I’ll go back. She’ll say, “Where did you guys meet?” They always ask me and my friends or clients and I’ll say, “Oh, in prison. Absolutely, we met in prison. It is a long sort of story. We really don’t like to talk about it.” And they’ll say: “No, where did you really meet?”

This is a big distinction for guys. Don’t just work one thing. Don’t just work the normal and don’t just work the humor because that’s what most guys do. They have their one trick funnies. I’m able to go back and forth. I’ll say, “Well, you know what? We’re old friends. We have a mutual friend, but that’s not a very exciting story. That’s not as exciting as the prison story, is it?” And then they’ll always say, “No, the prison story is great.” We really turn it quickly into humor. We talk about ourselves a lot. We talk about sex a lot. We talk about how women want us in a non-creepy way and they love it. They love the banter.

Carlos Xuma Shares His Conversation Techniques

Once you get her to start talking and sharing, then you use that in the conversation. What I like to do is to take everything along unexpected paths. I don’t want her to get bored with how things are going. I don’t want her to start talking about her work. No, I’ve got to find a way to tease her. Or I’ve got to find a way to poke a little fun at it. For instance, if she says she’s going to a certain school, I’ll say something like, “Oh, so you went for their beer drinking program, is that it?” And that’ll give her a little bit of a different angle to take the conversation down. She’ll say, “No, no, no. I didn’t… Well, OK, I did drink a little bit when I was there.” And I’ll say, “Oh really, what’s your wildest party story from that school because I’ve heard some pretty good ones.”

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You’ve got to keep the conversation going in interesting and dramatic directions. Guys make the wrong assumption that conversation has to be about stuff and facts because that’s the way we talk. Women don’t want that, women want emotionally dramatic conversation. Asking “Who did what to whom?” is the most fertile ground for a woman to start talking about things. That’s what she’s really interested in.

David Wygant’s Advice For Having Interesting And Fun Conversations

It really is simple: listen really carefully to conversations. Listen to them, react to them and ask questions. People love to talk about themselves. So if you’re nervous and someone says, “God, the sushi here is not as good as it is in this other place?” You ask: “What other place?” And they’ll tell you, “It’s this great sushi restaurant on the other side of town. It’s called Bill’s Sushi House.” You say: “Bill’s Sushi House? I’ve never been there. What’s so good about it?” If you do that, you’re asking questions about things they’re talking about and everybody wants to talk to somebody who has an interest in them. And it’s going to get you relaxed. It’s a great little technique to teach you how to relax when you’re speaking to others.

Dean Cortez Shares His Important Tactic To Avoid Boring Small Talk

Well, I’ll share a really important tactic you can always use to avoid boring small talk and inject some energy into the conversation. All you really have to do is take any question you would normally ask a girl and flip it. Turn it into a statement about her: Instead of asking the girl “So what do you do for a living?” say, “You know, Samantha, I can tell by talking to you, you’re probably all about work during the week and you’re a pretty serious person, pretty focused, but on the weekends, you definitely have a wild spontaneous side that comes out, am I right?” Instead of talking with her about her job, which is probably not that exciting and she probably didn’t come out tonight to discuss her work, you’re phrasing it in a way that gets you the same information. Because she’ll tell you what she does in the course of her answer, but you’re talking about spontaneity and having fun on the weekends and you’re giving this whole subject a really fresh spin. So as a rule of thumb, don’t ask her standard questions, instead make statements about and get her to agree. Most girls, if they have a job during the week, they would agree with that statement: Yes, they work hard. Yes, they’re focused. Yes, they have ambitions and goals for themselves, but they also have a fun, wild and spontaneous side. Remember earlier what I said about labeling girls. You label her as the girl who is wild and spontaneous when she goes out and she’ll probably want to act in that manner with you.