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As a rule: with good girls you can be nice but you cannot be a “nice guy”.

If you act like a nice guy she will walk allover you and at the end you will either get hurt emotionally or – if her radar is not good enough to dump you fast – you will get her into sexual stat and at the end of the day you will have a very bad relationship with her.

Rule number one: you do not kiss her up. No matter how good she is, how sexy she is, how intelligent she is you don’t do that!

Men who are otherwise extremely tough in business life can be at the level of brain damaged people when it gets to how control their own subservient behavior towards women.

This is especially due to your own instincts of procreating: they put you to do all the stupid things to impregnate a woman.

So rule number one:

Always assume that she will do something early on in the pick-up to test if you are subservient and even more something to have you do so.

You have to ask from yourself at any step: “is what she is doing right now meant to have me kiss her up and if so which is her purpose?”

Next thing you have to do is to reframe the situation so that you don’t supplicate.

Expect an escalation of her attempts. If she is a good girl she will escalate that only with the purpose of testing is she safe with you.

If you conclude that is the case then do something to reassure her but do not supplicate.

When you will have had her give your number for a Day II you will be in the most crucial part of your pick-up.

There will be a “window of supplication” due to the fact that you are the one who is asking for something: meeting her again.

This problem is minimized to zero if you arrange your pick-up so that you go for the close same day but there are problems:

Good girls have been educated by society to not “give it away” the first day. By going for the sex same day you risk raising her ASD (anti-slut defense) at the maximum possible level. She may also think you are needy for sex.

Another problem of going same day is that you risk getting into a ONS (one night stand) which can have the good girl getting buyer remorse and have her cut you off afterwards.

supplication tricks

It is otherwise a good practice to not get into ONSs if you like to have relationships with women: that is the only situation where a woman can feel like she “fucked” the guy. You want to be the dominant alpha male and not the one who is “taken” by a girl in bar.

Women who are adventuresses or materialistas very often do that to get the feeling of dominating a guy for various reasons. This is not what good girls do unless they are depressed or in the middle of a life crisis. If you get a good girl into that situation you might loose her as a good girl.

It should never be like that: you should always be the one to “do her” and not the other way around.

Going for same day lay has the advantage of having you

1. Screen girls much faster

2. Use at the maximum the effect of your attraction game.

It is practically impossible to make an exhaustive list of the means a woman can use to have you become subservient under the effect of her more primitive instincts.

The funniest situations which happened to me were a couple of younger girls who made strange, guttural and incomprehensible sounds when I called to arrange a Day II.

I simply shut the telephone and never called her again.

The instinctual purpose of that would have been to put me into the situation of asking “what’s happening to you Honey?” so to have me invest into her more than what she would invest into me. She was acting out of instinct.

Another girl – a single mother – when I called pretended to play with her child in the middle of our conversation and then the line went off, purpose: to have me call again to ask what happened so to put me into the subservient frame.

guy making victory sign

Guys without field experience will not completely get what I write here. Believe me: women do this kind of extreme moves to have a guy supplicate to them.

Of course there was another reason I did not call these girls anymore. It was because both behaviors of theirs were extremely freaky behaviors. Anyway here is a list of the means she will use to have you get into the subservient frame:

Pretend to not wanting to meet you again while liking you. She knows you have no sure mean to know that in advance. If you have time game here right there when you are and simply forget the number.

If you have to go just push her: if she was not attracted she will not give her contact information. If she was attracted she will surrender. One mean you can use to attract women is extreme determination.

Never give her your number: you are the prize. Also the antislut defense would keep most of the feminine women from calling you in the fear of being considered sluts.

Telling you she is busy when you call. If she does that a few times you are already betaised and the game is over.

If she says she is busy put her promptly to pay a price for it in terms of time.

If a girl says she is busy I tell her that I am even more busy myself (with a lot of fun things like traveling, the gym, meeting fun people) and that I am going to call her later.

I do not tell her when I will call.

I make sure that the time she has to wait for me is at least double the time she was trying to have me wait for her.

Asking you why you want her number. This is a way to have you qualify to her. Simply don’t answer the question or frame it like her coming to give you something like: “I think you have nice stories to tell and I like when people tell me stories.” If she is behaving freaky tell her: “Because I am sure you give wonderful back massages.”

As a rule: be nice if she behaves nice, be direct and tougher if she behaves freaky – adventuress – or tries to get material stuff out of you – materialista.

To each one her own.

That also screens the ones who are not good girls out: you will have them display their cards fast.

dinner photo

Asking you to do favors to her so to take you into a non romantic and non sexual frame. For example asking you to help her to fix her computer or help her with her home work or something.

This is something a good girl who has been before with a not very masculine guy could do to test are a nice guy like her former boyfriend.

When she does that turn it around by telling her to come to an isolated venue like your flat:”I have a better computer at home. We need to link your laptop to it. We could get some Chinese food and work on it.”

She knows that isolated venue = sex. All the women know it. That will put her to think twice before asking again.

If she is doing that to have you be subservient she will get the message that it is better to not try that stuff with you and your value in her eyes will raise.

Males are so subservient to women in our culture that many good girls will suspect that you are a player if you do not do anything subservient.

If you notice she is worried about that be little bit nicer for a while but don’t deny nor admit it.

Adventuress and materialistas could do the same thing – asking you favors – to test if you are a nice guy so they can next you fast if they are adventuresses – they like tough guys – or if they notice that they cannot manipulate you into giving stuff.

Materialistas divide men into lovers and providers very strictly and at the same time will never display that to you.

Making her time more important than yours. Women will try to have you become subservient by trying to give more value to their time. They will tell you that they have the aerobic, the girlfriends, they parties, shopping and try to put you at the end of the list.

They test in this way how much value you put to yourself and they will put you mercilessly in the group: just friend if you telegraph that you do not value your own time.

Be careful: there are nowadays adventuresses or materialistas who suddenly become worried about their biological clock and decide to have a nice guy pass their tests with purpose to having him become the father of their children and their ATM machine.

Normally good girls don’t do this: for a guy without field experience noticing something like this may be very difficult.

You need field experience. Never forget it!

List could be long. Only by continuous experience in the field you can learn to detect all the fine details of the thousands of means women use to detect subservient behavior and induce it into men.

The most important rules you have to follow are this:

1. Always assume she will do something early on to have you be subservient early on and especially if she is in provider seeking mode.

2. Remember that all the women are ambivalent in regard to subservient behavior; ambivalent means that they “want and do not want” a man to be subservient to them. This is especially a problem modern women have.

Be prepared for the fact that the same woman very often will try to have you kiss her up and at the same time hate you if you do that.

3. Watch her very carefully from the beginning of the pick-up, all the way long to seduction and sex and also after the sex for signs of her trying to have you kiss her up.

4. When screening for good girls remember that a good girl will try to have you become subservient mainly to check can she be safe with you and especially when she is under the influence of a strong desire of getting pregnant.

5. Remember that you cannot deal with her attempts to have you become subservient if she is a good girl in the same way you would with an adventuress or materialista.

With a good girl: reassure her without being a nice guy and by showing her that you treat her well without being a pussy.

With an adventuress: show her that you are not safe. The more you are not safe the more she will like you. Anyway in this method you will not do this otherwise you will start to get adventuresses and not good girls.

With a Materialista: remember that in her world there are two men. One is the idiot who gives her stuff. Another one is the pimp who makes her feel herself a woman and takes stuff away from her.