I want to be cool vs. I want to have fun. It’s the second one that I am interested in because by laying back and having fun I will eventually emit a cool vibe.

Promote myself and don’t care about what others think or say. Just don’t give a damn and have fun in my life its better.

Throw my opinions into conversations whatever the consequences (be smart using this one).Don’t avoid displaying reactions.

women want fun they don’t want cool.

Confidence stems from putting value on myself, aggressively sell myself act as if I have a lot to offer.

Why might I have problems selling myself?? I might have had bad experience getting sold to, or I had rejection selling myself, or maybe I had bad parental or peer programming, or I feel it is beneath me. But women need what I am selling (remember the guy selling alarms).Bottom line whatever just approach if I don’t I’ll actually get nothing.

cool guys

Believe in my value, look at the whole approaching situation from this angle “if I am not approaching and I have something to benefit others I am not only wasting their company but I am making them loose my company as well. (Remember the perfect house sale)”.when I have something to offer do not hide it offer it, if I don’t somebody else will ( well in my case I have body, looks, tall , personality, fun, very big social circle! Any girl would want that I just have to take the risk and just approach.)

Package myself and do everything I can to improve myself in every way I can (working out, having fun, groom good, feel good …).

Fun is cool, cool is boring (don’t worry about what people are going to think do whatever I like and whatever I like. And be proud of my opinion) don’t feel like conforming; don’t do this shit unless I am faking rapport lol.

I must be the kind of guy who inspire and motivate others, I must be the kind of guy who is enthusiastic, and I must always get a strong reality stronger than the other’s reality or at least as strong (remember David de Angelo’ the house metaphor! It’s my reality they are just guests).

concentrate on becoming the best audience I can be.

Some exercises for enthusiasm and charisma:

1-Watch and listen to some speakers talk about a boring, dry topic. Watch on either TV, taped lectures, Technical presentations, etc. Really pay attention to how they speak, their tone, their pace, and how much (Or little) energy is conveyed.

2-Watch and listen to some speakers who use a lot of energy and enthusiasm when they are talking! Really Pay attention to how they speak, their tone, their pace, and how much (or little) energy is conveyed.

Note. How even if the material is something you do NOT care about, that a good speaker can really grab your Attention with their energy and enthusiasm.

What are you waiting for now? Put this awesome stuff into practice.