Let’s read what some of the most successful pickup artists have to say about becoming a fun guy and making new friends.

Bobby Rio On How To Become To Fun Guy And Make New Friends

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Well, I‟m going to give the advice that I give to a lot of people, and it may not be practical for everyone, I realize that. If you want to build your social circle quickly, the best thing you can do is get a part-time job at either a bar or a restaurant. These jobs will instantly get you in a circle, and I‟m talking about more along the lines of a chain place that has a big influx of servers and staff. A place like Fridays or Pizzeria Uno or Chili‟s. It‟s the best way you can practice. You‟re instantly meeting tons of 20-year-olds, 25-year olds. They‟re all usually down to party after work. They always go out and have a few drinks with each other and even if you just do it for like six months, the skill, the social skills and the people you are going to meet is amazing.

I know with some guys that is just not practical, whether they have a fulltime job that takes up too much of their time or what. One of the other things I like to say is get involved in something that forces you to connect with people. Find something where you share a common, mutual focus. Work does do that or intramural sports teams. There are a lot of co-gender volleyball leagues and stuff like that where you have a team and it gives you something on a weekly basis to come back to and talk about. Some guys have luck with going to a charity type organization, bike clubs, and so on where you have something that introduces you to the same group of people on a consistent basis, and you have something that ties it together.

Brad Jackson Teaches How To Make New Friends

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Be a fun guy to be around and think about how you can help others have fun instead of just worrying about yourself all the time.

That goes back to one of the advantages of using magic in your game. It‟s not about picking girls up with magic … it‟s about being able to introduce something into your social life that makes you a star and at the same time brings value to the people you‟re doing it for.

When you meet a new guy, especially a guy who has a good social life, get curious about him. Befriend him and see what you can do for him … what does he need? Live your life like this – by leading with the giving hand and see what you can do for others. It comes back to you several times.

Brent Smith On How To Become A fun Guy While Making New Friends

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The first thing you do is just focus on where you‟re at, where you live right now. Don‟t worry about where everyone else lives. You need to find out where people go where you live. Everything can be done on the Internet these days. You can get on a search engine and type in hip lounges, hip bars, whatever you‟re into. You can even find groups on Meetup.com. There are social groups. There are wine tasting groups. So you don‟t have to be this guy who goes out to night clubs or anything. Look for those things you are interested in. They all have parties. They all have mixtures. They all have get togethers and start going to them.

Number two, I‟d get on Facebook, and I would type in what you are interested in doing: whether it‟s Meet Up groups, night life, bars, lounges, hip clubs. Start joining the groups and you‟ll start getting invites to all kinds of cool things. You might want to send a friend request to the creator of the group, that‟s one way. You can send friend request to DJs that are hot and local. It makes you look like you have a lot of social proof, and then when you go out, meet these people. Go to these things and say, “Hey, you know what? I just want to come up and introduce myself. I‟m just trying to build my social life or build my connections or I‟m new in town or whatever it is, and I just wanted to say hey.” And just keep doing that and that‟s definitely one way to do it.

You can be a guy who has absolutely no social life and absolutely no friends, but you have to start somewhere so just ingratiate yourself to lots of people. If you see cool people, buy them a drink or something. Buy a guy a drink. It could be someone who you know is good with the ladies or whatever, and befriend him.

Carlos Xuma Reveals His Secrets Of Making New Friends

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First, just start going out. I mean, literally, just go out. Go out alone if you have to, but get in the habit of going out. Schedule a minimum of one day a week to go out. Because what will happen is, eventually, you‟ll obligate yourself to this, and you’re going to get sick of just going out and not doing anything. You’re going to eventually just force yourself to start meeting more people.

Approach groups of people and just strike up conversations. Now, a lot of guys I know would say, “Oh, but you make it sound so easy.” You‟re making it sound too hard. You just walk up and start a conversation, and of course, there are skills and techniques based around this that you can use to make it much easier because it’s not that hard. But get yourself out. Just start going out because you’ll find that the network of people that you meet will put you in contact with more people, more attractive women, and it only gets easier.

Christian Hudson’s Opinion On How To Make Friends

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This is something that I thought a lot about and I’ve been asked about many, many times. The answer I’ve always given has been to join a Meet Up group and go to more parties and it’s always been tactical stuff. It all starts with your values. My values, my social values, are that I‟m very non-judgmental. I love beauty in my life. I love truth in my life. I love to laugh and have fun. I love to be a part of, and usually in the center of, environments where people feel that they can be open and not judge, and that they can just have a good time. And so it’s really through those values that I attract like minded people.

Many of those values are things that coincide with people who are extremely social. It all starts with your values, how you see the world and what you want out of your social environment. If you can bring that forth and connect with other people who share those values, you will naturally start making connections. They will introduce you to people. And you’ll be introducing them to people in your life, and it all takes place very organically. It all takes place as a result of who you are and the people you connect with. It can take a week, it can take a month, but once you prioritize being social, being open-minded and being non-judgmental and loving the people around you and having fun wherever you go, it becomes very easy to connect with like-minded people.

David Wygant On How To Make New Friends

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Your circle of friends is really important. You need to become your own best friend first. One of the things that I do all the time, I call it “becoming a tourist in your town.” When I first moved to Los Angeles a long time ago, I didn‟t know anybody. I kind of scouted out my neighborhood. I looked at the local coffee shops. I looked at where people were hanging out and went there. I sat at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf every Saturday morning from 10:00 to 1:00. I heard other people‟s conversations. I chimed in when things were of interest to me. People started sitting with me and I built my social life up. At the end of three months, 30 people used to meet there. We used to just chill out, hang out, and get invited to barbecues. So to increase your circle of friends, go where people hang out and actually bring things. Bring a newspaper, bring a magazine, or swap a magazine with somebody.

It‟s just about being social and really going out and really communicating with other people around. Don‟t sit at a coffee shop on Sunday night when nobody is there. Go there on Sunday morning and you have the power of eavesdropping. You have the power of sharing the newspaper. You have the power of commenting on what they order. It‟s about learning how to be social. And you can meet so many people because most people that do work in public places do so because they truly want to meet other people.