Why are women so attracted to men in positions of power? Have you ever watched President Clinton walk around a room and talk to people? Have you ever gone to a networking event, and there’s one person who just seemed to be radiating energy, so much so that every woman was attracted to him, and people were lining up to speak with him? And this magnetism and star power has only increased since he left the oval office.

What men fail to realize is that women are attracted to non-verbal clues that radiate when you walk into a room. Let’s explore speaking like Clinton, and what it means in the dating world.

The first thing you need to do to understand this is to watch Bill Clinton work an event. Google him. Go to Youtube.com and watch how he works a room.

Attraction works based upon what you’re doing in the moment. In order to create irresistible attraction, you need to give your best 30 45 seconds to everyone you meet.

When Bill Clinton walks into a room, he embraces everyone in his path. He listens to everybody and what they have to say. Then he pauses for a second and responds based on what they said.

When the conversation is over, other women will have been watching the interaction and conversation that occurred, and women will be aching for the opportunity to talk to him.

Why is this? Well, the attraction for a woman starts in her mind based on what she’s sees around her. When a woman sees a man utilizing the type of power that Clinton has, she is not only watching this man walk around the room and seeing his power, but she is noticing others’ reactions and responses from their interaction with him.

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Here’s why: Women are observers. Women watch everything that’s going on and become attracted to men to whom other people are attracted. Us men on the other hand are hunters. They look at women like a piece of meat and go in for the kill. What most men do when they’re working a room is become fixated on the target. In order to create intense attraction wherever you are, you need to let go of your hunting instincts and embrace the power of Clinton.

With everybody who crosses your path, you need to give them the best 30-45 second conversation that they’ve had that day. You need to make people feel special no matter what. Bill Clinton creates an irresistible attractiveness based upon this simple principle.

If you desire to create this kind of irresistible attraction to you, you need to study the great speakers of this world to see how they turn on and motivate everybody in their path. What most men fail to realize is that attraction is being built second by second with each encounter you have, which will ultimately lead to the conversation with the person you really want to attract.

Since the days of high school, women have been attracted to the men whom everybody else wants. In order for you to be attractive like that man, you need to learn how to become that man.

The first step is to learn how to work the room and to speak and listen to everybody who is around you. The people who truly listen are the ones who truly connect.

Most men don’t listen, and when they walk away from a woman, another woman has watched this encounter and saw the look of non-connection on the other woman’s face. This is one of the reasons that when you later approach that woman, you find she has already lost her attraction to and interest in you.

So what can you take from this? Learn how to give your best 30 seconds.

Here’s how I did it. I went to places that I was comfortable with, meaning that I picked two or three places in which I was able to have conversations. When I was first doing this, my favorite spot was H&H Bagel in Manhattan. I love the bagels there. In the morning, I’d grab a bagel. For a snack, I would grab a bagel. If I went out that night, I’d end up grabbing a bagel at the end of the night. I just loved the smell of the place and enjoyed the fresh cream cheese. There were always people and good energy there.

There was the grumpy bagel guy and the funny bagel guy, and I got to know them both. In fact, I’d say this place was one of my first ever practice spots. I’d get in line, make some observations, and I would chat people up. I’d talk about the smell and about what they were ordering. Simple things! I would talk about things that were already on their minds, because their senses were alive in this place. I worked that place until it became an extension of my world at the time. It was the perfect place to build my conversation skills, because I was comfortable there.

You need to find a place like my bagel place, and become so comfortable that you know you can give anyone who walks in a great 30 seconds of you. It might be the bookstore, a coffee shop, a gym, or a deli. Doesn’t matter where, just go there and learn how to give people your best 30 seconds. Make sure your energy is high and your body language is strong. Listen, and practice everything that we’ve gone over, and go out there and have great conversations. You will never run out of subject matter, because you know now how to connect based on what’s happening in the moment.

I promise, if you’re connecting with all these people in a place you’re comfortable in, like magic, the person you’re attracted to will approach you and you won’t even be thinking about it. And remember what I said earlier, get to know the people working here first, they’ll be your greatest allies when talking to strangers later!

Get to know the person who serves you coffee at Starbucks.

Get to know the person who scans your food at the grocery store.

Get to know the person who makes your sandwich at the deli counter.

Get to know the clerk at the bookstore.

Get to know the person who works the front desk at your gym.

By giving these people the best 30 seconds every time you seen them, other people will be attracted to you immediately, because they did not get the reaction you did from those people in these places. Observers will want to know what’s so special about you – they’ll be curious about you.

This is using the “power of Clinton” to create your own hype. You need to create excitement whenever you’re around. And by really listening to people, you actually have follow-up things to talk about the next time you see them.

For instance, imagine this. You’re in line in the grocery store next to a woman to whom you are attracted. You have no idea what to say to this woman, but you’ve previously talked to the person scanning the groceries at least fifteen times, and you know that she is a big “Modern Family” fan. It happens to be the morning after the show airs. You look at grocery clerk and say: “Did you see it last night?” And she excitedly says “Yes!!” You then proceed to get into a heated discussion about “Modern Family” that’s animated and passionate.

Now, during this discussion, the hot woman next to you in the line is watching you bond with the grocery clerk, and she starts to feel more comfortable with you as each second passes. She does not have this connection with the grocery clerk, and human nature will make her wonder what it is about you that’s different from everyone else.

At this point, she will either jump into the conversation not wanting to feel left out, or you can turn to her and say “Did you watch last night, or did we just ruin the episode for you?

Once you’ve mastered the power of Clinton, i.e., listening to people, gathering information, and giving them the best 30-45 seconds, you will be able to bring others into these conversations and, women will be lining up to speak to you! Wouldn’t you like to live that fearless style of living every day? You can with practice, and the knowledge that this stuff really works once you know the secret.