What are you doing with your life? I’ve got this thing that I tell people. It doesn’t matter where you are right now; it only matters where you’re going. I don’t care if you’re super rich and you’ve got absolutely everything you want plus a private island. It’s irrelevant, because even if you’ve got all that, if you’re not working to keep it and making sure you’re continually improving, it could all disappear.

Ambition is important. On a subconscious level, all of us are aware of how important it is to continually grow and improve ourselves. So what you need to do is find the ambition to go and do it.

Alexander the Great had a great phrase. “If you’re not expanding, you’re shrinking. Because somebody else is growing.” Every single time I’ve ever given this advice to somebody and they haven’t taken it, within a few months, their business or their life or whatever else they’re working on starts to show signs of falling apart.

Take Action and Chase Your Ambition

I meet so many people who want to be actors and actresses and models. They always tell me how great they’re going to be. I know this one guy; he got on a plane and flew to New York to start his modeling career. He worked out a bit, got some modeling photos, and then he lived in New York for six months working as a waiter. At the end of six months, he went back home. He had the idea that he was going to be great, but he didn’t really know how it was going to happen. He didn’t make any choices or decisions that would enable him to become great. He just sat back and stayed where he was.

Believe it or not there are a lot of people that have an ambition to get good at building attraction or seduction. Home grown experts, who give advice to their friends. They talk online about how great they are, giving advice to their friends and anyone else who happens to stumble across their blog or social networks. They are KJs – keyboard jockeys. They sit down and type and talk about girls or guys. They go to coffee shops and dare each other to talk to guys or girls, but each one of them just hides in secret; they don’t want to do it.They hold themselves back; they’re not ambitious enough to actually put a plan into action to get what they want.

I am guilty of this. Not with game, but with filmmaking. I want to do loads of things with film and movies. And I do take some steps; I go out there and I do little bit. I definitely do more than a lot of other people do. But I’m also a massive KJ. I sit indoors for hours reading books about it, watching videos of other people making movies. I spend time trying to get information about technical equipment. I’ve bought a load of stuff I don’t know how to use because I just love the idea of it. Slowly but surely, I’m pushing myself to do it. Possessing dreams and ambitions is a strong way of displaying your long-term values. Your ambitions do need to be believable and based on a foundation congruent with your life. An ambition to become an astronaut without all the requisite training is a little far-fetched. However, planning to become the head of your firm or setting up your own business is not only a believable ambition, but also a good goal to have in life. Possessing your own goals and ambitions can be a great way of demonstrating an attractive, non-needy nature and shows you to be well grounded in your own life. High value people don’t necessarily believe they’re perfect. They do realize they have flaws. And if they see someone who thinks they’re perfect, it’s going to make them feel inadequate. People don’t want to be with someone who’s perfect. They also don’t want to be with someone who isn’t going anywhere and just sitting indoors each evening on the computer or watching TV. People want to date others who are working at achieving something.

Ambition is simple. It comes from wanting something. The more you want something, the more you’ll get it as long as you work at it – pure, hard work.