Dominance is a display of power, one animal over another. Sometimes this power is implied and not displayed, though more likely this status will be challenged constantly – depending on the species. In the human kingdom, your dominance is challenged just about every day of your life.

Dominance actually has very little to do with strength. Dominance is all about wisdom, guile, smarts. The cleverest animal is often the one that dominates in the herd. Especially in the human herd, where we no longer fight to hunt down our next meal anymore.

In a group of turkeys, for instance, signs of dominance are strutting, attacking the lower order turkeys, as well as being the first to gobble in the morning. (Consider that the same need for you to be the first to “gobble” or talk to the woman you spot in a bar or other social situation.)

Domination is where you ensure that you are heard. That you get your way when it comes to the things you want from life.

When I was looking to move to a new flat in the San Francisco area, I focused on finding the place I wanted. Then I made a bid and aggressively contacted the seller to find out what was going on. (Without being pushy, of course.) I got off the phone after the first call and realized that I didn’t make my offer stand out from the others they’d received. So I called back and sweetened the deal a bit, as well as asked what other offers they were looking at. As it turns out, they were about to offer to another couple. I countered their offer and got their hesitations out in the open. They were leery of accepting a dog owner, so I offered a higher deposit to ease their mind. In the end, I got the flat. I was persistent and I made sure I dominated in the negotiations. If I had let it go at my first call and offer, I wouldn’t have gotten the flat.

Dominance is also a combination of persistence and wisdom.
And, ultimately …

Dominance is all about knowing how to outsmart and outwit those who would seek to dominate you.