I don’t know what exceptional skill you possess – but you do. You know what you’re capable of doing that other people can’t do. The more you practice, the better you get at it, the more it becomes a display of excellence. It may be something that you have no idea can become a display of excellence right now.

A really good friend of mine is a professional hacker. This guy can hack computers. A lot of people reading this may have technical skills and may think that it isn’t particularly impressive. But this guy can hack Facebook accounts. Do you know how much people love that? “Oh my gosh, you can hack Facebook accounts? That’s so cool!”

You can’t make it up. Someone who heard about him would be cracking up inside because she knows how cool that is. They’re thinking right now about all their friends’ Facebook accounts and how they could hack into them and change their name or password. Suddenly, this person’s attractiveness has gone through the roof. Right now, they’re laughing and giggling, thinking about this person’s skill. That’s what I’m talking about. Their skill is a display of

You want to make sure that you’ve identified what your display of excellence is. Maybe your skill is with Excel spreadsheets. It doesn’t matter what it is. But as soon as you’ve got the ability to do something cool and other people see it – bam! You’ve got a desirable genetic trait. You’ve got something they can relate to, that they can be attracted to.

I always use this great example about one of my friends who studied Excel spreadsheets. She was the best person at Excel spreadsheets I’ve ever seen. This girl understood it inside and out. I was thinking, “That’s boring, it can’t be great.” But she explained to me just how good it was. She knew so much about Excel spreadsheets that I was amazed. To this day, I’ve talked about it on previous videos and boot camps; about this one girl and about how this was her skill. Beyond her, I found it hard to talk about any other girl’s skills. I’ve met hundreds of ballerinas, hundreds of models. I’ve met more strippers than I know what to do with. None of their skills stood out, but this one girl who had a unique
skill – that was cool. I remember it.