Be a non-conformist.

Being a non-conformist will suggest a number of things.

Most importantly it will mean you are independent, self-sufficient and passionate.

Also, don’t be “yourself” like the kids who are “rebelling against the establishment” by doing the exact opposite of what they’re told to do just for the sake of defying someone.

But yeah, being yourself is a big one with women in men they’re attracted to.

When you don’t care where you fit in the society mold you rise to the top. (weird huh?)

Once you stop trying and just allow things to happen you succeed.

Remember, you need to be alpha-confident from the moment you set foot in a woman’s life whether it is through a computer screen, cell phone,, in person or a combination the four.

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Your goal should always be to attract her at an unconscious level and never be afraid to take risks.

Have you ever seen what happens when a child is given a piece of candy for seven days in a row?

Eventually one of two things is going to happen:

1) You take the candy away from him and he begins to cry over his loss.

2) He is going to want more and grow unsatisfied with the amount he is getting.

If you’re going to be successful you need do two things:

1) Amplify – Always be building upon what was done previously with anything you’re doing in life to keep it growing.

2) Take risks – In order to be successful at amplifying a situation you have to be willing to risk screwing it up and losing it.

You’re 100% guaranteed to lose if you don’t amplify a situation, but once you master the experience of building upon what you started you will find your success greater and greater.

This is why I can’t emphasize risks enough.

Men who don’t care about what others think and aren’t dependent upon outcomes take risks plain and simple.

I want you to think about something:

When you think of the term “alpha male” what comes to mind?

Go ahead…just take a moment to ponder that question for a few moments.

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When you thought of your answer what came to mind?

I want you to remember that answer for later.

Let’s take a look at some of the traits that are confidence:

Dominance (NOT Domineering)

Confident Body Language


No-Apologies Attitude

Gives a Sense of Security

Unaffected By Peer Pressure

Speaks His Mind

Shows His Emotions

If you have ever met a confident male you likely found him damn near impossible to trick, fool or manipulate. It is also very likely that you found yourself looking up to him or admiring him in one way or another.

This is probably because he was dependent on others for approval in any way, shape or form.

By not being dependent on others approval he gains their approval and admiration.

These are the kind of guys you want to turn yourself into. Well, not the jerk part; a charming man is always more attractive than a jerk because he will always have the upper hand by having a fully rounded attractive personality whereas the jerk will only have half of the equation solved.

The ideal man has a balance of being independent, dominant, strong, caring.

I’m about to tell you something that will blow your mind.

Are you ready? It is a concept that many men are aware of but few actually assimilate.

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The best way to get a woman is to need her as little as possible; just enjoy her and make sure she knows it. That’s it.

If you can do this correctly something magical will happen – the tables will turn and she will start becoming interested in you.

Want to know something that makes this even more interesting? When you achieve the ultimate confidence; the point at which you are no longer seeking any woman’s approval, you will find that every girl you interact with becomes interested and intrigued by you.

Also, you will have the added benefit that she will look past virtually every one of your flaws because she is so blinded by her desire for you.

When it’s all said and done though there is no way around these “tests”. She is going to test you if there is going to be any chance of a romantic or sexual relationship.

But the interesting thing is, contrary to what you may have believed, she doesn’t want you to be perfect and she doesn’t expect you to make every move perfectly.

She just wants you to be you – and that means being dominant, no-bullshit and real.

The problem is that most people aren’t truly confident or self-reliant enough to be their true selves… I know I wasn’t for the longest time.

But In the way that her attraction mechanism is unconscious, she will be driven and act to test you unconsciously.

She is not thinking about it and she is not going to blatantly ask you on a logical, conscious level if you’re a secure, confident man who can provide for her because every man who wanted to get inside her pants would say yes.

She needs to test you on a level where it is far harder to lie.

I have met many “pick-up artists” who learn a few ways to pass women’s “tests” and consciously assess them but if you don’t have a real confidence you are going to slip up sooner or later.

If you are passing her tests with conscious effort and analysis and NOT as the result of your core personality, you are not going to get anywhere near as far as you will if you make this confidence a natural part of you.