The best thing is to master the flow, the in the moment feeling.

There two types of mentalities “ I am engrossed in the moment” and “ I am stuck in my head”

Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and success in the process of activity.

When I am in my head my energy will drain much faster and it never benefits me in any way( remember the jogging vs. the treadmill example).

Do it for the joy of the activity not for the result! , the success comes from the process of the activity( this is a mindset shift I have to make to get into flow),don’t think about too much things when I am making an activity just focus on what I am doing and be totally immersed in what I am doing. And feel good about the activity I am performing. I should feel joy when I doing anything.

Flow does not come from external things it comes from within.

beat stress

We are too stuck in our own heads, we don’t get full enjoyment of what we do( that makes us tense, awkarwrd … and nowhere near the zone.) and because we don’t enjoy the process of learning we usually give up( when I enjoy the process I will get better much faster).

Life is about enjoying what we do!

What happens when we get into flow?? Well we become very charismatic, you’ ll avoid getting stuck in my own head, you become a more interested and interesting person, you don’t waste time on unproductive things.

I cannot force myself into flow, it is unpredictable when it is going to happen, it just happens, it can happen while performing any activity.

I should do thing that are not less and not more than my skill level. Go hit on girls that are from my level!

Set manageable goals, find mutual goals, help her achieve her goals that would get me into state.

I must be willing to invest attention, just listen for god’s sake! 1 I will learn about her, 2 I will build rapport and 3 I will get material to strive on lol. (Just remember to keep that cocky/funny /dominant vibe so I will not slip into friend zone.)

Flow occurs when the challenge is just manageable (when the girl is equal in value to mine) so go out and pick up girls that are a challenge that matches my skill level or just a little above my skill level but no so hard that the anxiety is going to kick in (always increase my skill level and set a challenge that Is just above manageable.)

Learning the autotellic personality (this is the personality type of naturals, the people who have this personality are the most charismatic people ever).

Its defined by one having a purpose in and not apart from itself.

Auto telic is used to describe people who are internally driven, and as such may exhibit a sense of purpose and curiosity.

So what are the traits?

Doing activities for the sake of the activities.

Not being concerned with what is happening around me rather than the experience.

Less concerned with self and others and more concerned with the moment(remember the book buying example).

Alert to surrounding and learning from it.

Attempts to understand and solve problems.

So how do I become autotellic?

Develop the habit of concentrated attention (this is going to be difficult at first but it will get much easier when it becomes a habit).

Transfer some psychic energy into doing things we’ve never done before or don’t do enough Learn to concentrate mind’s energy at will.

Begin enjoying activity for activities sake.

learn what diet gives me optimal feeling.

Learn what activities gives me optimal feeling.

Some Exercise To Help You Beat Stress And Negativity.

1. Make a Conscious Effort to Practice One Simple Activity in Complete Immersion. Simply Enjoy the Experience of the Activity. (i.e. Washing Your Car, Jogging, Cleaning Your Room, ect).

2. Pick one thing you’ve never done, or don’t do enough, and put your complete energy this week in Attempting it. Close off distractions, excuses, or frustrations about it.

3- Go back and Re-live Specific situation through other point of view. The ability to empathize with people is a skill worth continued practice.

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