The confident self is already in me! When we are forced to face up to a challenge we often face it and exceed it. So it is already there.(remember all the time I have been very confident and how I was perceived by people?) allow myself to reach my full potential. When I am forced to take a challenge a certainty arises within me that force me to arise to new highs.

There are three levels of wanting! I want to(it would be nice, I ll take it if it falls in my lap), I choose to( very powerful and it’s me taking decision) and I commit to( the best thing to do and there is no retreat! I do not give myself room to retreat )

So how bad do I want it???? (Remember there is too much quick fix and none worked! Do not dabble on something and then get to the other just commit to something till the end).

Indecisiveness leads to inaction and it leads to loneliness! Just decide on what I want so I could commit to what I want. And not stay confused and get nothing in return.

confident male

I have to be willing to change. And stick to what it take s to actually succeed which means go through the programs, go out and take the risk other than that I am not going to change or get the results. Remember you cannot get something for nothing. hear it act on it otherwise it will not mean anything.

Remember the 5 master keys of success:
Speed of implementation
Getting outside my comfort zone
Self analysis

Write down the things that I must have in my life( not to get depressed about not having it but to strive to get it) and then write down what would I wouldn’t accept in my life( like not settling, or not being shy, or not pussying out on anything…)

Keep my eyes on the prize, and the prize is going to motivate me. It’s really hard to stay motivated for a prize that I do not want! The prize must really be what I want and what really motivates me, create a dream board of everything I want.

So stop giving myself so many choices, do not give myself wiggle room and chance to turn back and escape the challenge. Don’t escape! Face and follow through.once I don’t give myself room to cheat myself out of the experience I will actually experience it.

Internal vs. external validation. External validation is easy to fake. Never do things for the external validation. Because once I have the external validation I will lose the motivation. Do it for myself do everything for myself.

So how do I eliminate the wiggle room?? I have to eliminate the possible retreats (the outs must be eliminated) set conditions that will make retreats impossible.

Create a hero’s code! And abide by it costume made it to fit my personality. Make the lines very crystal clear it’s a 3-4 hours max investment that will lead to a entire lifetime of comfort and happiness.

Create a preconditioned response to situations that puts me in uneasy situations.

Change my vocabulary! (She’s too hot, or saying tonight lets try and get girls, the word should, the word could, the world might.) speak to myself in the affirmative and be assertive when talking to myself( I am going to approach) this is the I am going to language, I will, I m committed to Setting new conditioned response.

Choice is the enemy of action don’t give myself choice and justify my walking away of what I should be doing.