Lets read what some of the most famous dating and pickup experts have to say on how to become a more confident person.

Drew Canole On How To Become A Confident Person

If you break it down, life is a game of quadrants: your physical, your financial, your relationships, your spiritual and then you have your family. It‟s like a wheel. When one of those spokes is broken, the wheel will wobble. I have coaches who have taught me to make sure my life is balanced in each one of those quadrants. If you can develop yourself as a whole, the wheel is more solid and it is rolling down the road.

When I graduated in school, I got into going to the gym. I started working out and seeing professionals, spiritual counselors, a psychologist, and all these different things that can add on to who Drew Canole was. By doing all these things you are going to create a better person and when you become the person who you are trying to attract, women are going to fall into your life. It has happened over and over and over again. You will be so shocked how good the results are when you put a little extra time into yourself. The sexiest thing that any man can have is confidence and purpose. If you are following your purpose, that‟s very sexy.

So first of all get involved in a gym; get that physical portion of your life in check. Work on your appearance: get all your clothes cleaned, get your teeth white if you have yellow teeth, do something good with your hair and then build on it from there. Build that wheel, make sure it‟s travelling right, get that balance in your life, and then you become a better person, ultimately, getting a better girl.

Jordan Harbinger On Making Yourself A Confident Person

In terms of developing self confidence in the social realm, it‟s really key to become social with everyone. In order to realize that you‟re capable of something, you really have to put yourself to the test.
If you‟re not sure about yourself you really you need to put yourself to the test. Self-confidence starts to come when you trust yourself and you trust your own abilities.

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If you start to throw yourself into the fire a little bit and you just sort of grin-and-bear it in the beginning and say, “You know what? Actually, I can learn how to play tennis, or I can start a home-based business, or I can start talking to girls that I‟ve never met before that are previously out of my league,” then you start to trust your own abilities and that‟s where self-confidence is born.

Julian Foxx On How To Become A Confident Alpha Male

It really depends upon the individual. For one guy it might be an exterior thing that might mean working out at the gym and getting some new clothing or something like that. But for another guy it may be completely different. It may be something internal that he has to deal with first. You know you have days when you are feeling more confident than others, but in general, I would say for me, my self-confidence is always at the highest right around the time when I just had sex with a really hot chick.

So, usually I tend to tie it with the number and the quality of women who are in my life. I don‟t think that‟s certainly a good idea, because, you know a lot of the times we don‟t have a beautiful woman in our life and it is still possible to still feel very self-confident. But for me, having a hot chick there always gives me that extra boost.

Stephen Nash On How To Become A Confident Person

Experience. There‟s no fast way. I think it‟s a mistake to actually tell somebody they can develop self-confidence quickly. I believe every guy has an edge in their life they stop at. Whether that‟s related to women, whether that‟s related to business, whether that‟s related to lifestyle, there‟s a certain point at which you‟re stopping. And there is a certain point at which you‟re not doing things that you probably should be doing. The best way to grow confidence is to start doing those things. So if you have a certain interest in something, do it regardless of what other people think. If you want to approach a woman, do it in spite of the norm which is not to do that. Self confidence is won through experience.

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Now, along with that, Mystery used to say that competence breeds confidence, and I believe that‟s true. So take risks and do things that you might otherwise not do. That‟s one way to form confidence. But in conjunction with that, if you‟re going to learn how to skydive and you never even take a lesson you‟re probably asking for trouble. If you want to approach a woman and you don‟t even bother to learn maybe some simple skills of how to do that, you‟re asking for trouble. So become competent not to the point of being obsessed, but take risks and actions in life. Those two things together, that‟s the way to grow confidence.

Yad On The Art Of Confidence Building

When I take my students out the first thing I do is demonstrate what can happen. Then I‟ll explain and break down how long that took me and how far I had to go to completely let go of my ego, and how I went about doing that. So it‟s a long process. And this process can be followed and definitely achieved, so it‟s something that students just have to learn hands on. So I‟m not telling them anything that will sort that out in a magical way. I‟m actually showing them the steps in order to sort that out.

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