Well, the first thing I‟d probably say is: “Why do you think it‟s important to be attractive?” And he might answer something like, “Well, it is important. Girls are only attracted to good looking guys.” And I‟d say something along the lines of, “Well, okay, if girls are only attracted to good looking guys, what does that matter?” And he‟s like, “Well, it matters because no girl is going to want to have sex with a guy who is not good looking.” And then I‟ll say something like, “Well, I don‟t know about you, but thanks to the power of the Internet, I‟ve seen videos where girls have not only had sex with non-attractive guys, but they‟ve actually had sex with animals.” So it‟s all about just like looking at this from the perspective that looks don‟t really matter because you never know what someone else is going to find attractive, right?

Women by their very nature are empathetic creatures. They need to be because they have these maternal instincts where they give birth to a human being that can‟t really communicate, so they have to, on some level, know what that human being needs emotionally, nonverbally and stuff like that. So they‟re much more in tune with their emotions than men are, and as we all know, emotions always overpower logic. So when you start appealing to a girl‟s emotional state, even if you‟re not a good looking guy, you can actually get that girl to feel the way you want her to, if you know the right buttons to push.

Some girls might want a pretty boy who looks like a male model. OK, but for every girl like that, there‟s a girl who doesn‟t care about how a guy looks. They care about how the guy makes her feel. And I‟ve dated lots of girls who have said, “I don‟t usually date guys like you because you don‟t look like the type of guys I normally date.” But I make them feel better than the guys they normally date, and to them that‟s more important.

I don‟t know how many guys out there who have experience with male models, but they tend to be pretty boring guys, and the guys who aren‟t boring tend to be douche bags. So if you can come out and be a cooler guy than those good looking guys who tend to treat women really poorly or extremely boring, then girls will be attracted to you.

I like to say that the most attractive trait about any man is being fun. If a girl has fun with you, you can have that girl have sex with you because being fun is attractive. So get over the idea that looks matter because looks do matter to guys, but women aren‟t guys. Women look at the world differently than men do. So you need to stop thinking like a man and start thinking like a woman when it comes to attraction and start seeing the things within you that are attractive to women and really focus on those.

how to become an attractive guy

Another Pickup Artist On How To Be An Attractive Guy

I would say “Man up, pussy, and get in the gym.” I am just kidding. I always tell them to man up. I would tell him to get in the gym if he is feeling physically unattractive because he is probably projecting that.

And then number one: Seek a passion. You have no idea what passion is.

Pick up some girlfriends, take them to the mall, dress in front of them, ask them what is physically appealing on you and then buy those clothes. And then get into the gym; prepare to lie under the sun a little bit. That will make you more attractive to women.

Nine times out of ten, girls won‟t choose the guy who is attractive, they will choose the guy who is funny, anyway, so, funny is money, that‟s one thing that I have focused on my entire life.

Jordan Harbinger Offers Help For Shy Guys

I used to be a little bit overweight, just not really working out and it really bugged me for a while. Then I started meeting a lot of girls and had good looking girlfriends and I used to ask them, “How come you don‟t care that you‟re in awesome shape and I‟m sitting here eating 12 lobster tails in an all-you-can-eat buffet wearing a Hawaiian shirt?” And the girls said, “Oh, it‟s cute. It‟s fun.” And I realized through just asking a lot of women who I was dating and their friends that although men judge women based on signs of youth and fertility, women are really judging us on so many different levels and so many different channels.

They judge us on the typical things such as our resources (how much money we make and our career) and our looks are there, too, but they also judge us on charisma, confidence, social presence and savoir faire. And those types of things count for a lot more when it comes to women judging men.

If you‟re a really fun guy, you‟re gregarious, you‟re confident, you‟re a leader of the group, you can really get away with a lot more in terms of letting yourself go or being unattractive or not having the right cool guy clothes or the right build. There is a lot more leeway for us as guys.

Julian Foxx Shares His Tips For Shy Guys

I would probably run him through another exercise that we use, where we would have him write down a number of his beliefs. The first category we have him write down is his irrational beliefs. Because, when you really think about it “I am ugly” is actually an irrational belief. It‟s not true because it‟s totally arbitrary. I am ugly compared to whom? So we like them to identify a substitute rational belief to replace the irrational belief. So they could substitute “I am ugly” with a rational belief such as “Well, I am not as good looking as some guys out there but I am better looking than a lot of guys out there.”

Another example could be “Some women really care about looks, but a lot of women don‟t care about looks and that‟s not a high priority for them.” We want to identify and substitute rational beliefs for our irrational beliefs.

Stephen Nash On How To Become An Attractive Guy

There‟s a difference between being genetically attractive and physically attractive. Genetically attractive is George Clooney, Brad Pitt – people who are clearly born with good looks. That‟s less than 1% of the population. But physically attractive is when you take what you have at your disposal and make the best of it. Neil Strauss is a great example. He‟s not a genetically attractive person at all, and he would tell you that, but he‟s extremely physically attractive. He knows how to dress. He knows how to present himself. He knows how to be contemporary and cool. He has great body language. He talks to you, looking you in the eye. He‟s done things with his life that has given him a vibe of being somebody with confidence and self-esteem.

how shy guys can become attractive

So guys need to forget about looks, but they do need to focus on their “look,” which is something very different. What that means is focusing on being the most attractive person you can be, which is a combination of dressing well, being groomed, and having something that‟s uniquely yours in terms of personal style, but also a vibe or an energy about you that‟s confident, somebody who‟s really living their life.

Yad Helps Shy Guys Become Attractive

We‟ve all had this syndrome. When you‟re young, you think it‟s all about looks, and that‟s a very understandable way a young man could think. We judge women by looks, therefore they should judge us that way too, but that‟s completely not the case. If anything, women are the most illogical creatures in the world. I‟ve had women back on my bed and they have said, “No way, I‟m not going to do anything,” and then a half an hour later, they‟re having crazy orgasms. They don‟t do anything logically, they go with their feelings.

Let‟s say she did find you physically unattractive. There is no way she will ultimately judge you by that. No way. She ultimately judges you by yourenergy, by how you feel, by how you make her feel, so if you feel beautiful in your skin – I know it sounds a bit heavy – but she will love the fuck out of you, OK?

Women are very insecure creatures. What‟s attractive for a woman is a confident man because he‟s secure within himself. He‟s deeply secure in his own skin and that is something she has always wanted and she will never have because society judges her on her looks, so she always feel beaten down.

So I go out there with this amazing mentality that I can have any women I like and most of my clients are so much better looking than me, but they literally won‟t stand the chance next to me because of the lack of confidence. It‟s funny how what you feel inside of you can reverberate to a woman. This connection between you both that is so tacit, it‟s not very visible. It‟s just she feels exactly how you feel, so if you feel good about yourself and you‟ve got a positive energy, then that‟s how she will feel. If she‟s being led by a great energy she‟s going to led in a good mood.

If she‟s being led by someone who hasn‟t got great energy, she‟s going to want to get the fuck out there. Don‟t pay attention to looks.