If you want to be attractive, you need to display yourself in an alpha manner. How you display yourself is ultimately all you have in attracting a woman.

It is your body language, your speech, what you say, how you carry yourself and just about anything else that a woman can sense in you.

People who achieve the results they want know deep down that they can’t worry about how others view them.

If you try to hard it will create a negative effect (in most cases)…

In order to appear confident and alpha you have to not be afraid of what others will think about you.

If you are a nice guy, you become a pushover. If you are arrogant, you are an ass.

You need to find the balance and you need to ingrain the elements of your personality so that you do not overdo anything.

You’re not perfect and she’s not perfect – that’s reality.

In fact, one really good way to make yourself more comfortable talking to women is to try and figure out her flaws so that you can understand that she is not a goddess but merely a human being just the same as you – if you’re admiring her as a goddess for her bone structure you need to realize that she’s a person and for all you know she could be a far worse human being than you.

Remember that what your admiring her for is nothing more than skin and bones – she has skin and bones no different from yours, the only difference being her skin and bones formed in a shape that’s sexually appealing to the eye – does that make her worth of praise or worthy of intimidating you?

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Why do I tell you this? Because many men (as I’m sure your aware) put beautiful women on a pedestal.

In reality, she is no better than you and often, because of the attention and benefits she receives, never needs to learn to develop a complete personality and is often a less complete person than you are.

We are all human and even if it takes more work for some of us to get where we want to go than others. Some of us are born into opportunities (such as if you were in a normal family and had to hit the road to get a record deal instead of having your dad be Billy Ray Cyrus and give you perfect pitch and connections which landed you on a successful Disney show or if you’re Paris Hilton).

Now those are just random examples from pop culture that a lot of people can relate to but my point is that if you weren’t blessed with opportunities and have to create your own whining isn’t going to do a damn thing to change it…


“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

– J.K Rowling (Albus Dumbledore)

Even if you are not where you want to be, there is always a way to get there. We must accept where we are and what we need to do to get where we want to go.

Complaining will only make things go backwards.

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Complainers are among the most unrespectable people in the world.

People who complain are the ones who believe that everything else in life is wrong and that they are the victims of a cruel and harsh world.

These are the people who believe that their life is out of their hands so all they can do is piss and moan about it.

Complainers are the people who believe that they need to be all things to tall people.

You need to remember that your time on this earth is limited and that every moment you waste sulking or worrying or trying to be something to someone else is a moment of your life you will never get back. You need to chose your activities wisely and decide what is really important to you.

You also need to ask yourself in a situation, is worrying or arguing about this worth my time right now, is this going to affect me in any way a month from now?

All too often, complainers are people who have had a tough upbringing themselves – they have worked hard and struggled and even if they are now multimillionaires they will want their kids to struggle as they did because a part of them wants their kids to not have it easier than they did and they want their kids to learn coping and survival skills that they don’t need for the life they’re living in.

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Essentially they feel that their kids are incomplete if they don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations that the parents themselves did – the kid shouldn’t just be allowed to enjoy life he should have to work like mom and dad did.

Back in the day I used to be the complaining whiner of complaining whiners. I use pity, whining and complaining to try to get attention but all it got was a lot of people who hated me and talked behind my back. Is that what you want for yourself – do you want people to feel sorry for you? If you answered yes to that question you really should seek help because you are not going to get a woman even with a $20,000 bill hanging out of your pocket.

But one day I made a realization that changed my life.

I saw an elderly man at the beach in a wheelchair, he got out of his chair and walked maybe 20 feet to a bench and was out of breath. It was at this point that I realized something very profound that completely changed the way I look at the world…

I realized that this was what it meant to be thankful, at that point I realized…

How thankful I was that I could effortlessly roll my legs out of bed in the morning.

How thankful I was that I could walk half a mile completely comfortably with no trouble whatsoever.

How thankful I was just to be able to move my legs down a flight of stairs where it would take someone in a wheelchair 5 minutes to do the same thing I did in 2 seconds.

How thankful I was that everything in my body worked.

How thankful I was for everything I had.

If you want to be attractive put your complaining on a permanent hiatus and be thankful for what you do have in any situation.

If a girl rejects you, be thankful your legs work and you can walk away with no trouble… be thankful you can wander a mall with no pain in your joints or body whatsoever and just be comfortable.

It is about time you learned two qualities of an Alpha Male. A good starting point.