Let’s hear what some of the talented and skilled people in the pickup world have to say about building a fun live and attracting more female and male friends into your life.

Marni Wing Girl On How To Build A Fun Life

how to build a fun lifestyle

I know you want a magic pill answer, but really it‟s everything that I‟ve already said. It‟s really just figuring out what you want. As soon as you can build a life for yourself, then you can allow other people to come into it without knocking down your boundaries. What I always tell people to do for their first assignment is to write down their goals. It‟s the same way that I would do it for my work. What do I want? I want to be the top female expert and the number one source for men to come to for advice on women. That was my initial goal. I‟m pretty much at that level right now, and so I did that with my business and a lot of men do that with their businesses.

But now they have to apply that same rule to being social and that same rule to how they are with women. So if you have a goal to be a social person, an outgoing person and an appealing option to women, you have to do the things that move you in that direction. So again, it‟s practice. It‟s just making the effort to push yourself out of your comfort zone and also establish boundaries.

A lot of the men I work with don‟t have boundaries put in place with women. They don‟t say, “You know, I won‟t let a woman flake on me two times in a row.” They accept it. They accept a woman flaking on them five times in a row and they still put in the effort. But if they have that boundary in place where they won‟t allow them to flake on them twice, then they cut that woman off after the second time she flakes. They‟ll say, “You know what? This is not the type of thing that I want to deal with.” And usually what will happen is the woman will eventually come back and see that man as a stronger character.

Nick Quick On How To Build Your Life And Identity

identity building

You know I really like this question because I really don’t give a shit about social circle game. Now, that having been said, I do have a lot of connections here and there. They‟re the most good to have, but at the same time, if you don‟t have those, don’t let that stop you. I live here in Vegas, but let‟s say I got dropped off in Cleveland, Ohio tomorrow. I don’t know a God-damned person in Cleveland, Ohio. Does that mean I am fucked? Does that mean I’m not going to be able to go and hook up? No. It means that I‟m just not going to be able to practice the skills that I have anyway, and do it with or without that social circle being there. So as far as doing that, who cares? Go out and start meeting women. Forget about the social circle. Don’t let that hold you back.

Richard La Ruina Reveals His Identity And Lifestyle Building Tips

lifestyle tips

The first thing to remember is do not be a pick-up artist. Don‟t always go out with wing men and guys you meet on the internet and things like that. What you really want to do is work towards a normal social life where you are friends with beautiful girls and cool guys. And this was something I didn‟t realize straight away. It‟s a real lesson that I personally learned. For a couple of years, I didn‟t have a normal social circle.

Something to remember is that women and men want certain things and if you can give it to them, they will be friends with you. So for example, if you go to a nightclub and you make some small talk with a guy and then you go and gain two girls. Then you introduce him to one of the girls and he gets laid – this guy is going to love you for it. Now, if he has access to a high-end club, if he is a manager or promoter, if he is someone that you just think is a really cool dude and might be a good wingman, or role model, or whatever,then you can do that for him. Guys never give other guys compliments so giving him a compliment works.

Girls go out and they get hit on by drunken guys and they worry about guys spiking their drinks and stuff. To make female friends, be the guy who will look after them, who can take them out, who can make sure they get home safely. Make sure that if any guys come who want to hit on them who they‟re not interested in, that you protect them. You also give them access to places, introducing them to the right people. Doing that with a group of girls one night will mean that they call you every time they want to go out.

Just by realizing that instead of looking at a situation and thinking, “How do I get laid?” If you start thinking, “How can I give value to this person?” Then you‟re going to find that your social life just gets out of control and you‟ve got invitations every day and tons of friends that just want to meet you all the time.

Scot McKay Reveals His Social Life Building Secrets

lifestyle secrets

First of all, you have to understand that everybody you interact with is your social circle. Not just your friends. Your co-workers are also your social circle. Some you hang out with outside of work and some people you don‟t. People who are involved in anything you do. People you go to church with, people you go to whatever club you‟re in, all those people are in your social circle. So it stands to reason that the more you‟re involved, the bigger your social circle is.

If you‟re staying at home, playing Xbox, playing World of Warcraft all day, you‟re not being social. If you‟re on Second Life, you probably don‟t have a first life. That‟s pretty sad, and it‟s probably pretty true.

A lot of people spend so much time online. They just get on their text messages. They get on Facebook and talk to each other. On one level that‟s great because you could expand your horizons beyond the people you would have normally met because of whatever you‟re doing online. But you‟ve got to get out there and actually do something. Let‟s say you are on Facebook or Twitter a lot. Why don‟t you start a Meet Up group or a Tweet Up group as it were and meet some of those people you‟re talking to who live in your Metro area? Getting involved with anything you like to do will increase your social circle.

I just recently took up playing lacrosse again. Well, somehow, I‟ve made a bunch of new friends already.

When you increase your social circle, you just flat out increase the number of people you know, and then you‟re more likely to meet attractive women you like. Just meet women everywhere you go, day game, night game, or whatever you want to call it.

I would just go meet women everywhere, whenever you feel like it. We talked about how you‟re going to build your social circle and you‟re going to build your comfort level with building your social circle. It will feed off itself, and the next thing you know, you‟ll just be a person who has a lot of friends.

Jon Sinn On Building Your Life And Social Circle

how to live a better lifestyle

Get a bunch of hobbies. The first thing I would say is you‟ve got to build the things that you’re doing. A lot of guys ask me “How do I build a social circle?” The first thing you want to do is meet the kind of people who maybe aren’t the most attractive. I think a lot of guys move to a city, and they’re like, “I want to build a social circle; I want to build it with 9s and 10s.” And those girls are going to be harder to get out or will want to become friends with club promoters. Well guess what, everyone at the fucking club wants to be friends with the club promoter – that’s his job.

So as you lower your standards and you get some hobbies based on things you actually like doing, that’s the basis of a social circle. For example, I like to work out. I’m actually in the process of moving right now, but I’ve already found some co-ed sports leagues – kickball and dodge ball. I’ve found some things like yoga classes or I‟ll go down to a mixed martial arts gym. So now, I’ve met some people who have those physical hobbies that I like to do. I can make a buddy at the gym, a guy friend, and then maybe we can go watch a fight out at a bar and maybe he invites a friend, and now I meet another person.

Or I meet a girl at yoga and I don’t try to have sex with her right away. We become friends and then maybe we can go for a coffee afterwards, and she introduces me to other people who do yoga, and maybe we try a different class. That’s how you start to build a social circle.

Social circle stuff is much more of a slow build and the tactics and techniques are not flashy. It’s more a matter of being consistent and actually doing stuff. It’s really easy to say you want to build your social circle and to say that you want to make friends, and then sit at home and not do anything and complain about how you’re not making friends with the people you’re meeting at clubs. Depending on clubs to build a social circle is one of dumbest things you can do because club people by nature just tend to be kind of flaky, so that would be what I would say about how to start building a social circle.