Calling a person on the phone is very similar to standard game, except you can’t use physical touch. You want to refrain from using a phone call as a first point of contact after meeting someone. You’re likely to find that you get a much better result from using text messages instead, as they involve less pressure and lower involvement for the person. Texts don’t require an immediate response, which makes it easier to get hold of someone. You can send a text at any time and take comfort in knowing your message is resting in their phone, ready for them to reply. On the other hand, if you try to call them and they are too busy to answer, you may think they are not interested. It then leaves you in a weird situation, with you wondering whether or not you should try to call them again.

The First Text

I have a standard text message, which I send to girls after just meeting them. It is as follows:
Hey [nickname]! So random meeting just now. Are you always so friendly to people you’ve just met?? 🙂

Nickname – giving them a nickname (ideally created during the initial interaction) makes you stand out because only you (and no one else) are calling them that.

So random meeting just now – If you identify a potential objection first, then it’ll no longer be an issue. Be the first one to point out that it was a random encounter so that they won’t mentally surprise themselves with the thought, “Who is this random person I just met?”

Are you always so friendly to people you’ve just met?
– If they say yes, then that means they have to be friendly to you too. If they say no, then that means they’re typically not friendly, but is being friendly to you because you’re an exception.