Do you ever feel sad and bad about your life? May you you are not happy with your life because you are not where you always wanted to be. Everyone including me has an idea of destination. I know where i want to be and what i want to achieve in my life. Same goes for you.

But do we always achieve all the things we desire? Nope. Can we? Yes! how? That is what we are going to talk about in this article. One thing i always believed in all my life is a firmly held belief that we should never be a quitter. The moment we quit is the very moment game over with all the hope dead.

We mess up our life and one way to do that is to what i call ” Negative Self Talk”. There is a post that explains How Negative-Talk can destroy our life.

Let us talk about the very process that changed my life and i am sure it can change your life as well within a matter of hours.

1. You Get What You Believe In

As a kid i had the worst parents anyone can ever have. They were so close-fisted that they never paid for my education. As i was a pakistani i could not understand or speak English but i wanted to. I hoped against hope and all the odds, that one day i’ll be speaking and understanding English.

I had no money to pay for English Language course. ¬†The only money i had on me was my pocket money around 15 $. I had huge dreams about joining a famous institute. I’d imagine myself dressed like James Bond. You see i wanted to be a great human being. I wanted to make a name for myself. Most importantly i wanted to help others. Back in the day, i was sure that i will learn the language. I will help others as well make a name for myself.

[ Positive Blog Also Has A Nice Article On This.

I firmly held onto my beliefs no matter what happened. The same poor kid with abusive parents is now writing a post to help others. If you google my name (khuram imtiaz), you will find me on first page.

How did i manage to learn the language ?

Point two answers that.

2. Your Brain Starts To Figure Out The How-To Part The Very Moment You Believe Something Is Possible

I have read plenty of books pertaining to human Brain. The fact that i burned into my brain is:

“If You Believe In Something, Your Brain Will Figure Out Ways To Turn Your Dream Into A Reality”

This is a great post on how your thoughts can change your life.

This step is actually automatic. You just have to believe that something is possible and your brain will come up with amazing ideas.

achieve your dreams

If you are just starting out, you can coax your brain into coming up with solutions. Just think of your current problems that you might be experiencing in your life or a dream that you have. And then ask yourself (Your Brain)

How can i do this?

There must be a way. What is it?

Why can’t i do that?

How can i overcome the obstacles?

There must be a way and i will find that. There is always a way out.

When i asked myself these questions, i got the following answers

1. I could buy a pocket size English Learning Book.

2. I could buy a small handy radio to listen to English.

3. I could make some native friends and practice speaking with them.

4. I could buy a pocket size dictionary to help me with difficult words.

The more i believed in myself, the more answers my brain came up with, the more answers i had, the stronger my belief grew.


So far we have established that first you need to belief that it is possible to achieve your dreams and goals. And then you just have to let your brain work and come up with a practical plan to turn your dreams into reality.

3. The Moment You Start Acting Upon Your Plans Is The Moment Your Life Is Changed

I bought myself the English learning book, the dictionary and radio and started practicing. Without a teacher, i was able to speak and understand English at an intermediate level within two months.

Anthony Robbins Said In Awaken the Giant Within

“The moment you decide to do something or not to do something is the moment your life is changed.”

We waste most of our lives speculating without actually taking some practical steps to achieve our goals. We fall victim to procrastination. You can keep thinking all your life but without some practical actions involved nothing is going to change. Beliefs win you half the game and the other half demands some practical actions.

Fun Fact : Fair And Negativity Can Be Good

Let’s Change Your Life Right Now

Step 1 : Get a piece of paper and write down the answers to the following questions. Honesty is the best policy.

1. Where do you want to be after five years from now?

2. What kind of life do you want to live?

3. What are the current problems you are facing in your personal and professional life?

4. Do you really want to change?

Stop reading and continue only after your have written detailed answers to the above questions.

Now answer the following set of questions.

1. What can you do right now and on regular basis to achieve your goals in personal and professional life?

2. What are the potential obstacles?

3. How will you deal with these obstacles?

4. Can you imagine yourself, living the kind of life you have always dreamed of?

Stop reading and write down the answers. To change your life it is of utmost importance that you actually write as instructed. Without the writing involved, this article will just be a waste on you and your life will never change.

After you are done writing down the answers, put that paper on your table or sofa. Close your eyes, and literally live the kind of life you want in your imagination.

Imagine yourself in the same dress, house, office and with wife and lover that you are trying to achieve. Imagine people treating you with respect. Imagine all the positive things.

Don’t worry. Internet will still be active, this article will still be here, your paper with answers is not going to vanish. Reddit is not going to shut itself down.

Just take your time with your eyes closed and imagine the kind of life, you want for your self. Live it.