Brainstorming is a very valuable tool when it comes to creating and fleshing out ideas. Most often brainstorming sessions are done by a group of people and are a great way to create a pool of ideas to work from. They’re also great for solving specific problems or answering specific questions. A mind map can be drawn while in a group brainstorm session and can really help with getting down ideas in a rapid fire manner. When a group is brainstorming, the ideas can come really quickly and being able to write them down using keywords and linking them together with lines and arrows in shapes. It can even begin to feel a little like a game if you use different colored markers to create the map the map.

When you’re having a solo brainstorming session, it can be tough to generate ideas in the same way since it’s all coming from one person. However, a mind map can help to facilitate that thought process and inspire the creation of multiple ideas. There are different types of brainstorming sessions that can be done using mind mapping.

brain storming

1. Team idea mapping

A group comes together to work on a particular concept. Each member of the group comes up with some ideas individually then each person’s ideas are shared for the group to discuss them collectively. A mind map can be drawn illustrating how each idea relates to the central concept. The map will present a visual representation of what the entire group is thinking and can be used to quickly identify ideas that are most appropriate.

2. Individual brainstorming

As stated above, an individual brainstorming session can be done using a mind map as a way to inspire creative thinking in the moment. Some other forms of individual brainstorming are free writing and word association but mind mapping can be a combination of the two. It also makes it easier for the individual to share the brainstorming results with other individuals afterwards.

3. Question brainstorming

Rather than focusing on solutions, sometimes it can be just as effective to focus on questions. Doing a brainstorming session centered on the questions that can be raised is a great way to determine all of the potential problems or challenges that may need to be solved and address them in advance. Using a mind map to organize the questions can help to begin to create a framework for potential solutions because the map will show how each question can link to a singular issue. In a question brainstorming session, it’s entirely possible that there might be multiple mind maps.

Brainstorming is a valuable idea creation or ideation tool. It’s important to take the time to consider all of the possible options regardless of consequence or outcome in some situations. The great thing about brainstorming with a mind map is that it helps to facilitate the creative process and get the mental juices flowing but the information is presented in an organized fashion that can be considered and discussed later.