Using a hypnotic blitz with the 5 words of power, trance themes, resources and desired results, you can create any hypnosis script anytime you need to. (Refer to fundamentals of hypnosis )

To get a particular person’s resources and results, simply ask questions like:

  • Resources: When you overcome this problem, how will you feel?
  • Results: When you experience this problem, how would you like to feel?


Here is an example for someone wants to improve their test taking ability.

  • Resources: memory, relaxation, confidence, learn quick, make sense
  • Results: better grades, less effort, easier, enjoy, more time, more money

Just pretend for the moment that you are an expert test taker, isn’t it wonderful b be so confident in your test taking abilities, because you are able to remember all the important information you need with ease. Notice how you are getting better grades simply because you can easily make sense of all the information you are absorbing, and it’s a good thing you are confident, because you now have so much more time on your hands to do the things you really enjoy, and you enjoy confidently taking tests, don’t you? You may notice that your grades keep going higher as you find that it takes less effort to study, because you really do understand all the information you are learning, and it really is so enjoyable take tests, now that things just make sense to you, isn’t it amazing how much easier it is for you now, etc…

how to create hypnosis script on the fly

Important Information

Now i am going to share some important information with you in regards to creating a hypnosis script.

How To Give Helpful Feedback

Feedback sandwich


ONLY give positive feedback in the form of “l liked…”

I really liked how you paced my unconscious activity, it really helped me go into I trance quickly.

No matter how tempting it is to say anything else, DON’T SAY IT – KEEP QUIET.


  1. Start with specific things you liked ” I liked…”,
  2. Then present some improvement in the form of a POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR they can adopt next time do X Y & 2…” – Never say what you didn’t like.
  3. Finish off with general positive comments about their performance.
  4. Talk about a glowing future once they have incorporated your behavioural suggestions into their way of doing things.

I really liked how you slowed your speech as I went deeper into trance. Next time it would help me if you really locked eye contact with me for a tonger period of time. ‘ Because you really have a GREAT tonality, and between those three things, people are just going to be hooked on listening to you!


image for troubleshooting hypnosis

Now let’s us teach you how to troubleshoot.


An abreaction is a strong release of negative emotions. It can seem quite wild when you come across them – although you should know that spontaneous abreactions are quite rare. If the abreaction is related to the therapy you are doing, GREAT, run through the regression protocol and you get to quickly clear up some very traumatic material.

If the abreaction is not appropriate, you need to put a lid on it safely without adding fuel to the fire. Here’s how to do that:


When you stay calm, they can feel safe.


A touch, like a hug, can create a physical trigger, which means that should someone hug them the same way again later, it could trigger the abreaction all over again!


  • Essence: Experience fades, come to present.
  • Example: Scene fades, feel the chair, you are safe.
  • Sanctuary:
  • Example: Feel the chair, and know you are safe!
  • Repeat until the abreaction has faded
  • Allow for amnesia:
  • Example: And you only need to remember the things that are safe and important to remember


  • Distract them, talk about something else, have them stand up, maybe offer them food and drink, and do not bring up the subject.
  • If they don’t remember, their unconscious mind is protecting them from something they are not ready to deal with yet, so they probably won’t remember what happened.
  • If they ask what happened, simply state that they had an intense reaction, nothing unusual, and that you can help them clear it when they are ready.

If you get an abreaction that is related to the work they came in for, perfect, proceed straight into the regression, when you handle the cause of the abreaction, you will very likely handle the problem they came in with.

If you get an abreaction that is not related to the work they came in for, it comes down to ethics and trust. When someone comes to a hypnotherapist, they are putting tremendous trust in that person. If that trust is broken, it can seriously undermine even their trust in themselves.

What If They Don’t Come Out?

image for hypnotic sleep

Now, it doesn’t happen very often, but there is a possibility that someone may not come out of hypnosis when you count them out or when you say, “Hypnosis is over now.’

Again, this is a pretty rare occurrence and it isn’t that somehow you failed and something terribly bad has happened.

Typically what has happened is that the person has found the trance experience to be so pleasurable they simply don’t want to come out; they stay there longer; they want to enjoy it.

Sometimes however, people come out a bit’groggy”. It is much like waking up too quickly from a dream: the body hasn’t caught up with the mind yet. Now, this is a completely natural phenomenon, and a sign that you gave them an exceptionally deep and profound experience.

If you have the time, you may just want to leave them there and let them enjoy it for a while ‘ longer. There’s no problem with that at all.

If time is an issue, for example you’re running a hypnotherapy clinic and you have another client waiting to see you, you will want to bring them back out again.

How do you do this when someone is refusing to come out?

  1. Insist more authoritatively that they emerge or wake up.
  2. Suggestion of alertness.
  3. Suggestion of physical movement, stretching.
  4. Engage their intellect with normal conversation.
  5. Offer food and Drink.
  6. Suggest they rub their head and face

Morning and Evening Exercises

Hypnotic Snap

Use language pattern cards combined with hypnotic themes.

10 Second Hypnotist

  • Close Eyes
  • Go Deeper
  • Learn/Self Esteem
  • Emerge

60 Second Hypnotist

  1. Close Eyes
  2. Go Deeper
  3. Sounds Around
  4. My Voice
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Learn/Self Esteem
  7. Reinduction
  8. General Self Esteem
  9. Emerge


  1. Trance
  2. BP1
  3. Sanctuary (visualization)
  4. Orient
  5. BP2
  6. Emerge

Dynamic Induction

  1. Trance
  2. BP1
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Gateway
  5. Count 10-1
  6. Orient To Gestalts
  7. Count 1-10, Great Job, Reward
  8. BP2
  9. Emerge
  10. Blitz

Chance To Experiment

  1. Remember H+!

I hope you have learned how to create your own hypnosis scripts on the fly and now you are also able to troubleshoot problems, shall they ever arise. In the next post we will cover the complete hypnotic process.