Okie so today you will be learning how to deal with different tests that women throw at you. This is going to be a really interesting article for most men as you are going to learn a lot. Let’s get started.

Julian Foxx Shares His Techniques For Dealing With Female Tests

The question reminds me of a quick story I’ll tell you about Emily, a stripper who was my ex-girlfriend’s roommate. Now strippers tend to have much better game than your average women.

So you are dealing with someone who is sensually a professional gamer. I was able to get her under a very false pretense. I was able to get her over to my house to coach her for an interview that she had. At one point she knew what I was doing. This was many years ago and I was still involved in the pickup scene, so she knew about that. At one point she said, “But Julian, you are a pickup artist or you are a player,” and it was one of those moments when I knew I had a critical choice to make, whether to or how to deny it.

how to deal when a girl tests you

Well you know, sweet I am not, don’t worry about that. I had an impulse and I went with it and said: “You are right; there is no way that you are going to be able to resist.” So, I actually accepted the frame that she had imposed, “you are a player.” I accepted it and used that, reframed it that now I have to bang you because you can’t resist, and it worked like gang busters and I completely destroyed that relationship with my ex-girlfriend and they are not roommates anymore.

Stephen Nash Says To Agree Is The Best Policy

You always agree. I mean, if you’re a guy who’s not serious about getting a girlfriend. When I got started, I just wanted to get laid and get some experience. At a point, I wanted a girlfriend. But before that point, if she called me a player, I would say, “Absolutely right.” And I would take that and run with it and form some ridiculous story around that. Because when she calls me a player she’s basically opening up the game at that point, and back in the day I would play along because that’s what we did.

Now, if it was a more serious question such as, “Listen, are you dating other people or what’s your story?” I would be very honest with her about that, and I would say something to the effect of, “You know, I’m not into anything serious right now. I’m looking just to have fun and meet lots of people.” You could frame it, as well: “I’m just getting out of a relationship or I just moved here or I’m just looking to have fun.” Any of that is fine and then you’re honest in that way. You want to be clear.

no more shit-tests

Listen, some women are looking for a boyfriend, and in my view it’s not right or fair to lead them into thinking you’re a serious romantic interest for them unless you really are. And if you are, great, then you’ve met somebody who is right for you and that should work well. But if you aren’t and she asks you sincerely, you owe it to her to be honest. “I’m not looking for that right now. I’m just looking to have fun. I’m really enjoying my time with you and I hope that doesn’t get in the way of us seeing each other again.”

Yad’s Advice On Dealing With Female Tests

I’m very straight up. A lot of women ask me, “So do you always do this? You just talk to women on the street and take them back to your flat?”

And I’ll say, “To be honest I love women and I love the company of women and I love just meeting a girl who I can immediately connect with and who has good energy like me and you. I just love life, you know. I just love the idea of exploring it. You know, there are so many beautiful people out there. So many beautiful energies and I want to experience it all, you know.” And I tell them, “You know, you never know what comes out of it. It’s so cool if you were someone I could get to know. It’s so cool.” And I tell her, “You know, even if we didn’t fuck, I’d keep in touch with you, you seem like a cool girl. I’d like to invite you to have fun sometime. You have a good positive energy and I like that. I want more people like that in my life. There’s nothing wrong with that.” And then I’ll change the subject.

Adam Lyons’s Teaches Men How To Answer Are You A Player Question

I was recently voted number one pick-up artist in the world on almost every single website worldwide. I’ve been in the top three pick-up artists in world for the last four years on and off. This is something I get all the time and there’s only one thing to say to it: “Yes, I absolutely admit it. I’m dating multiple women.” If they ask if I’m a player, I’ll say, “Yeah, I am a player. I’m pretty bad news, but these are the things that you’re going to get with me: I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to get clingy. I’m going to be 100% no-strings attached. And I’m not going to get bored with you after a week. Most of the girls who I’m seeing right now, I’ve been seeing for the last year and a half, two years or what have you.”

how to pass any shit-test

So that way, the girl knows exactly what she’s getting into and she can choose between sleeping with me – somebody saying, “Yes, I do date other women but I’m not going to treat you bad” – or some other guy that’s lying to her and most likely going to cheat on her. You’re going to find in this situation 9 times out of 10, the girl is more than happy to go with you because you’re not lying and you’re only presenting yourself as how they assume every guy is anyway.

Alex Coulson Says He Makes Fun Of Female Tests

I would actually make fun of it in a playful way. You don’t want to be defensive, and say, “No, no, I’m not a player. I don’t date other women.” You want to exaggerate. You want to say, “Yeah, yeah, of course, I am dating 18 girls at the moment. You’re like lucky number 19. You’re my favorite number 19, you know.” Or you want to say, “You know, I’m dating 7 girls right now, and you’re my Tuesday girl.” You want to exaggerate and make fun of her in a playful way, denying it at the same time, but doing it in a playful way. You never want to say yes. Never say yes seriously because you think women love players. They don’t want to be played. They want to date a guy who is socially intelligent and he knows how to attract girls, but they don’t want to be cheated on. So yeah, exaggerate, make fun of it, but do it in a playful way, and yeah, that’s probably what I would say.

Bobby Rio Method For Dealing With Female Questions (Tests)

I’d just smile and I say, “You’re not the jealous type, are you? Oh, it’s so cute that you’re getting jealous.” And I just kind of dismiss what she’s saying as just her being jealous and I don’t give her an answer. There comes a point when you’ve been dating a girl for a while, where you need to have the talk or the talk becomes necessary. But in the beginning, if she has asks me if I’m dating other women, I’m just vague about it and sort of turn it around on her like, “Oh, it’s cute that she’s getting jealous.”

If she ask, “Well, are you seeing other people?” and she really wants\ to know, I’d say, “Just don’t get ahead of yourself. We’re having fun. We’re enjoying each other’s company. Let’s not put more pressure on it than we need at the moment.” Most girls won’t pry because if you let them know that yes, you’re having fun with them, you’re enjoying their company, that’s almost good enough for them, especially if they’re really into you.

As you get better and better with women, the quality of women who you’re attracting is better. You’re going after girls who have more experience. They are more socially intelligent, so they’re not likely to get as clingy as a girl who isn’t used to dealing with a guy she really likes. I’ve found that being vague like that definitely has worked for me in the past.

Brad Jackson’s Method For Dealing With Female Tests

One, never really deny the fact that you are smooth with women and have a lot of girls who want to date you. My response has always been one of two things: “I’m not a player; I’m just popular.” Then I just sit there and smile. Sometimes I follow it up with something like this: “Look a „player is a guy who tells you anything you want to hear whether it’s true or not JUST to get inside your little panties there. I don’t do that. I won’t tell you anything that’s not true or say I feel one way when I don’t just to see you naked. It’s not that I don’t want to see you naked, but I don’t need to be an asshole to do it. I don’t have a problem getting dates and I have a lot of friends, but I’m always upfront. That’s the difference between me and all the players you’ve dated before.”