If you want to detect attraction signals that other people are sending you most of the time you need to look for a number of things to determine whether a couple likes each other, from the distance they stand, walk, or sit to each other to the position of their lips and jaws. I do this analysis with famous people, but by knowing what to look for, you can learn to do what I do and apply that knowledge when analyzing your own photos and videos and those  of your loved ones. Some of what I look for includes:

• Smiles and other facial expressions

• Whether they look or don’t look at each other; their eye position and movement

• Jaw and lip action, especially while kissing

• How they hug, how their hips are positioned, and the space and distance between them

• How they touch each other and whether there is muscle tension

• The way their feet are positioned near each other

• Positive and negative signs of sexual attraction and signs of affection or hostility

• Mirroring

• What their hands are doing

• Shoulder and chest positions

And that is it. I know that this is a short post but this post was meant to be short and direct to the point. Use the comments sections to have you say