A book written by Dominc O’brain, a man who is eight times world memory champion. It is safe to say that this book is a must read for those who are interested in memory development. But just saying is not enough, let us see what this book has to offer

Like any other book, this books starts with an intorduction of the author and mnemonics. Really short one and then this book takes you straight to memory techniques. The chapters are really short and to the point, so do not expect lots of theory. Another plus point this book has is this that the author provides excercises at the end of each chapter so that you can test your memory and measure the improvements.

This book teaches the use of acronyms to improve your memory. Using acronyms is a basic yet powerful memory technique. And then this will teaches you how to turn numbers into sentences to easily memorise them, a fun technique to learn.

Then this book introduces you to a very old memory method, body system, and teaches you how to use your body to boost your memory.

After the body system, Dominic talks about association and how it can be used to increase memory. This is my most favourite section. If any of you knows about Dominic’s approach to memory, he/she must know that Dominic thinks of association, imagination and location as the keys to mnemonics so it is safe to say that Dominic is really good at teaching association method of mnemonics.

And then Dominic talks about the other two keys to mnemonics, imagination and location. Really good tips are shared in these two sections. If you read nothing else then just read sections on, association, imagination and location.

Afterwards Dominic talks about the most advanced and widely used memory system, the journey method, Dominic teaches you how you can use journey method to boost your memory within minutes. And Dominic explains the role of concentration in memory development and how you can use the power of concentration to boost your memory power.

After these sections that teach you the basics and some advanced techniques, Dominic takes a turn and teaches various techniques to that you can apply to various topics. Dominic teaches how to remember numbers, how to remember names and faces, how to remember directions, how to remember spellings, how to remember countries and their capitals, how to learn a foreign language, a fun technique to remember your past, how to remember the elements, how to remember jokes, how to remember telephone conversation, how to remember historical dates, mind maps, how to read faster and remember more, how and when to revise the memorised information, how to remember speeches.

And in the end Dominic teaches three of his own systems that are really very useful. As we just saw that this book has so much to offer and covers almost all of the mnemonics techniques. I would recommend this book to anyone, to people of all ages.

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