Fear is the driving force behind most of the obstacles in our lives. Some fears are easy to recognize – fear of flying, or heights, or nervousness in front of a crowd. But others remain hidden deep inside our subconscious minds, creating blocks that stop us from realizing our potential and manifesting dreams for a better life.

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In order to accomplish goals and create a vision of Superhero success, it’s essential to find and eliminate those hidden fears. Some strategies that anyone can try at home include meditating, journaling, collage making and tapping. These activities can aid people in exploring memories and experiences in order to shed light on problems and their origins.


Although often met with skepticism, meditation can help identify and cope with hidden fears. Often poorly understood, meditation is simply the practice of clearing clutter from the mind and opening a space that allows us to listen to the still voice of our own intuition. One part of meditation involves observing the thoughts that appear, and recognizing the emotion behind them, especially if it’s a fearful one.

Meditation can be practiced in many ways. The traditional form that’s familiar to most of us involves sitting upright in a comfortable position on the floor or other surface, fingers touching in one of the many mudras (hand positions) of yoga.

Breathing deeply, the meditator might envision a mantra or a phrase, or simply observe thoughts and breath. There are also a host of mediation CDs and websites available to help with this practice as well.

Other types of meditation involve activity, such as walking, running or t’ai chi. However it’s practiced, though, meditation allows us to practice paying attention to the hidden parts of ourselves and find fears and the emotions associated with them.

Journaling and Other Kinds of Writing

Exploring your life through writing can help to uncover the fears and blocks that throw up barricades to success. Journaling or memoir writing can illuminate areas of the past that created fears, and numerous self-help guides available both online and in print can offer guidance in formulating the kinds of questions that can lead to insights.

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A relatively new way of using writing to uncover the hidden parts of the self is personal storytelling and myth making, strategies, which involve seeing your life as a narrative that can be changed. Alternatively, telling the story of your life in the form of a fairy tale or myth can often help to create distance and a new perspective that makes it easier to see areas where fears and other kinds of negative emotions arose.

Collages and Mind Maps

For some, a visual representation of an aspect of life that needs attention can be helpful. Collages, vision boards and mind maps are often used in coaching and therapy to help clients visualize problems and solutions and to clarify goals. The mind map is another visual technique that involves creating a page full of connected ideas that arise from a single “seed thought” in a circle in the middle of the page.

Often used with a prompt or a statement of intention to learn what blockages are stopping progress, these visual explorations of the inner mind access the abilities of the so called “right brain,” which operates on levels other than language.


Tapping is an increasingly popular way to address hidden fears. This technique, used in therapy and in daily life, involves steady tapping on a set group of pressure points on the body while saying a series of affirmations. Points such as the “karate chop” point on the side of the hand, the side of the eye and other key places on the head and body are said to help release the anger and other negative emotions that threaten to derail success.

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Tapping, taught by a variety of coaches and online for self study, is based on the idea that the body carries fears and the memory of negative experiences within its muscles, joints and tissues. Tapping is believed to release these emotions and memories, so practitioners target a selected series of acupressure points while expressing self acceptance and understanding.

Releasing the hidden fears that create obstacles can be a challenging but necessary task of self-development. Simple practices that anyone can do at home can help people to explore their emotions and memories in a positive, accepting way. These and similar practices can create conditions for uncovering hidden fears and eliminating their power to block goals and dreams letting the Superhero within you breakthrough.