So, who says that Internet Dating has to cost a ton of money every month? Well, the fact is, it does not when you use free online dating sites! I was just doing a Google search on free sites and wow; there is a LOT of them!

I’ll show you what I came up with but first, I want to go over some things to watch out for when searching for a free internet dating site.

1) First, make sure it is 100%, totally free! Sometimes, a site will claim that it’s free but then they’ll smack you with a fee to do things like email other members. How many times have you encountered this? I have a lot! So, the best thing to do is as soon as you arrive at the dating site, do a search for other members and then try to email one. If they want you to sign up, that’s OK. Sign up and then see if there’s a fee to email a message. That’s always a good first check.

2) Always browse some of the profiles in your area! Most of these dating sites will let you quickly sign up and do a search for women in your area. Make sure and do this. If you do a search and only a few profiles show up in your city, don’t waste your time with that site. Move on! You want to see a high number of search results for your area. Remember, online dating is a numbers game and you always want high numbers.

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3) There is one other thing to watch out for when you search for profiles in your area. If you see a bunch of HOT women that look like models and they have REALLY short profiles, ditch that site! It’s either a scam or the owners of the site aren’t doing a good job of deleting fake profiles. Yes, we would all LOVE to believe that all women on internet dating sites looked so good, but unfortunately, that’s just not true.

So, that’s just a few things to be aware of. Now, here’s the list.

1) – I did a check on this site and it looks good. High numbers of members and it’s a totally free site.

2) – This is a VERY good site. Here is an overview with a quote from the creator of plentyoffish:
“I created because I was tired of seeing faceless corporate dating sites preying on singles. Finding love is not about handing over a monthly fee to a dating site that only cares about making sure you stay another month to pay them again.” Not bad… I tried this site a few times and had good results. I highly recommend it!

3) – Here is a GREAT free site that not a lot of people are talking about. It’s a classified ads site and it has a personals section. It’s totally free to post a profile and email other women. When someone responds to your ad, you will get the message delivered right to your email inbox! I’ve had TONS of success with craigslist. In fact, I posted my top secret profile from Bonus number three on Craigslist several times and I can’t believe how many women responded! Anyway, give this site a try. You won’t regret it!

4) – Another good site. I haven’t tried this one but it has potential. You can talk with other members in free chat rooms or privately via instant messenger. It’s got a lot of other cool features.

5) – Another totally free site. Similar to plentyoffish.

6) – A 100% totally free site.

7) – Warning! I did a search on this site and there appears to be fake profiles all over the place! Either it’s a scam site or they aren’t deleting fake profiles. I don’t recommend this site.

8) – A 100% free site that actually has a lot of “niche” sites within it. There’s a pet lovers site, a site for military soldiers, a vegetarian’s site, etc. You’ll find just about every different kind of group here.

9) – Another totally free site with lots of cool features.

10) – Free Dating site.

So, there you have it! Your list of totally free internet dating sites. By far, the best ones are plentyoffish and Craigslist. I highly recommend you try both first. And be sure to follow the tips I gave you before joining ANY free dating sites.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!