Most people spend their life trying to figure out what they want. They never realize that their brain can help them find what they want. Yes your brain can reveal what you want in life.  We are going to discuss how to find what you want in life.

Imagine taking a stroll one balmy evening when, in the twilight, you stumble across an ancient brass lamp, the kind you might expect to find in a Turkish bazaar. You stoop to retrieve the lamp and notice in the dimness an inscription carved along one side. Centuries of tarnish and neglect make the writing almost illegible, so you buff it two or three times with your sleeve.

KA-WHAM! The lamp erupts in a blast of smoke and flame. Stumbling backward, you drop the lamp and shield your eyes. When you open them again, standing before you, as big as a billboard, is a genie.

He looks at you with a gleam in his eye. And with a voice that rolls in like thunder from the horizon, he says, “I am the Genie of the Lamp. What will you have, Master, what will you have?” What would you ask the genie to do?

Believe it or not, you own just such a lamp. It is located about a centimeter behind your eyeballs, right between your ears. And medical science has even given it a name. It’s called the human brain. It is the most powerful computer on earth. In fact, it is so powerful that it has invented all the other computers on earth. It has invented everything from supercomputers to moon landings to sliced bread. And you own such a brain, free and clear. Yours is the equal of any other brain on the planet. You are its sole proprietor, the only one who can summon forth its awesome power to make your wishes come true. You are literally your own genie, brimming with the godlike power of creation.


But that still leaves you with the same problem, doesn’t it? What will you ask the genie to do?

Before you can make your wishes come true, you must first decide what to wish for. When people don’t get what they want from life, usually it’s because they don’t know what they want. They grind through one work week after another, daydreaming about the good life, but they rarely muster a clear idea of what that “good life” should be. As competent and hardworking as they are, they lack purpose. They’ve been taught how to shoot, but they’ve never been taught how to aim.

Perhaps the most startling truth about human nature is that anyone can do something truly remarkable in life if he or she has something truly remarkable to do. Once you decide what you really want, the rest falls into place. You awaken each morning with a reason to get out of bed. Your days are filled with meaning because you fill them with meaningful work. You are able to take advantage of your talents, your time, and your opportunities because you have a purpose. Without this purpose the astonishing power you have to grant your own wishes sits idle, double-parked, the motor running. With no one behind the wheel. But with this purpose, you shift smoothly through the gears, traveling at speeds far beyond your comprehension.

So go ahead, slip into the driver’s seat. Figure out what you really want—not what you’re supposed to want, not what someone else wants for you, but what you in your heart of hearts want for yourself