Most of you visit clubs and today experts will be teaching you how to open and talk to girls and how to get a girlfriend when you are in a club.

Drew Canole Talks About Getting A Girlfriend From A Club

One of my favorite things to do is to approach a group. I am generally out with a ton of guys and we just roll as a pack. I treat it like it’s a game show. I have to do that stupid silly stuff immediately and I basically demand that they also do it. If they don’t, I give them a hard time, whether it’s doing a dance move or going up to a guy and giving a hug out of nowhere – just completely embarrassing them, and that seems to work. Afterwards they have had so much fun that she comes back with us. And that’s where the seduction really picks up; once they get into the limo or whatever we are taking back to the hotel. It’s similar with one girl, as well. I think showing them you are having a good time, original conversation, pointing at people, people watching, dancing and walking up and saying specific things about what they are doing and giving them a hard time about it always works.

Jordan Harbinger Shares His Thoughts

When I’m in a bar or club I’m usually situational or I’ll use those openers I mentioned before.  It really is just the delivery. You have to smile and be playful. If you’re in that boyish mode instead of that serious rapport mode, you’re going to have a much easier time starting a conversation in a high-energy environment like a bar or a club. It is about playful eye contact, playful vocal tonality, and playful body language.

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Approaching a group of women is definitely different because there’s a dynamic there that you may or may not be aware of at the time. If the women are out to have a good time, which they are almost always, then you’re going to really have an easy time engaging, especially if there are no other guys talking to them.

They’re probably even sitting there waiting for guys to come over and entertain them. Now, you can’t just talk to one of the girls in the group, you need to engage the whole group and be able to hold court with however many are in the group. If you start talking to just one or two, the other girls are going to get bored and they’re going to figure out a way to make sure that that conversation is over and that’s your worst enemy.

If you are having trouble holding court with five girls and you’re all by your lonesome self, you can recruit any poor sap over at the bar. He’s going to be thrilled that you’re throwing girls at him and he’s also probably going to be very entertaining for the rest of the girls in the conversation, at least at first. So you look good, he likes it and the girls like it. In terms of meeting a group of guys and girls, you need to treat the guys with respect and you need to engage the guys first.

You need to make sure that they’re cool with you being there, and even if one of them is a little bit territorial or insecure, you’ll be able to figure out eventually which ones are kind of running the ship and it’s usually not the loud mouth, insecure guy who’s trying to get rid of you. Usually it’s going to be that you’re able to make friends with at least a couple of the guys just by being a cool cat and not being too intrusive and sort of acting with respect and figuring out, “All right, is this somebody’s girlfriend that I’m now leaning way into or am I actually engaging the whole group on a friendly level and waiting for them to kind of open things up to the next step.”

Julian Foxx Method For Talking To Girls In Clubs

Anyone who is interested in night club game should instead focus on social proofs. If you have social proof in a night club situation, you don’t really need a lot of the tools. In fact, you can have women approaching you. I always found it’s pretty easy to acquire that social proof; you just need to know a few tricks. I always have tried to have social proofs in that night club situation and if I don’t have it, it does not mean that I am not going to be affective, but, I prefer because it just makes life easier and I like things when they are easy.In terms of approaching a group versus an individual, it’s always harder to approach a group. As a rule of thumb if there is guy in the group, and I am not socially proof to that environment, I’ll tend to approach the guy first just to stop any concern or any potential issue that could happen there. I also don’t believe in the idea that you don’t want to clue the woman you are after too early on. I’ve seen proven hundreds of times that you can go right for the one you are trying to isolate or to bring home.

Stephen Nash Shares Two Techniques For Talking To Girls In Clubs

I’ll give you two: one that’s sort of extreme and one a little more mainstream. The mainstream one will be the opinion opener. If you want to learn opinion openers, there are plenty of them out there. Most of them are very good and the reason they’re good is that if they’re taught well, they simulate the beginning of a conversation so that you can pull a bunch of different people on a certain topic or engage a whole group.

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Then by virtue of narrowing down the specificity of your questions – which is what a good opinion opener does – you’ll be able to form a target based on that. I always form my target not based on the hottest girl, but on the one who might have a pretty interesting response or attitude or playfulness about her. So an opinion opener gives you a chance to learn all that stuff within about three or four minutes upon meeting a bunch of different women at once. That’s a good one.

Another one that garners success is more for edge seekers. It’s from a guy in New York named Vinnie: You walk up to a bunch of girls, the younger and feistier the better and you say, “Hey guys, sorry, but my friend and I would like to borrow $20 from you guys.” Some of these women will completely dismiss you and that’s fine.

But there will always be a subset of the group who want to engage that and they will want to test you. So you have to be good at flirting and teasing and passing tests, but that one will always engage the group and it will always help you be seen as different than the other guys in the club. If you’re good at that, you will have a great deal of success with it because once you get through those screens half the work is done. But that’s really more for guys who are looking for a pretty edgy experience. You do it with a smirk on your face. You’re doing is playfully and that’s the tone you want to set.

Yad Talks About Verbal And Situational Skills

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One thing that will really improve you is when you improve your verbal skills and your situational skills. You’re no longer thinking, “Oh, is that the right situation or the wrong situation?” There’s no such thing. It’s what you make it. It’s what your energy makes of it. So if I’m out in a bar and there’s a group of four girls, one of my favorite openers is, “Oh my God, guys, can I just tell you, I love how Sex and the City this is.” Then we would have like an half an hour conversation about who’s who, and who’s the Samantha and I always make sure the ugly fat one is Samantha, so I’m playing with her, but I really got my eye on the hot one.

Adam Lyons Teaches How To Approach A Group Of Girls In A Club

If there is a group of girls in a club and they’re standing around in a circle, I’m almost always going to default onto my observational openers because they really are just so powerful. I’ve got a really good sense of female fashion, so I might even open somebody on their shoes. I might be like, “Hey, wait, is that the latest Christian Hudson Louboutin shoes?” It’s a very quick and easy way to get into a conversation.

A good way is a compliment opener. If you don’t know anything about fashion, you can just give a compliment and say, “Hey, you know what? I love the way that top matches your shoes. It’s a really good look. I just want to take the time to let you know.” That can be another great way of getting conversation going.

My absolute best ones really are just moving past somebody to get to the bar and asking them to move the other way. Then you kind of stand in the middle of that group being awkward because you’re trying to get a drink, so they’re kind of standing around you, and then what you can do is while you’re standing there you can say, “Oh man, I’m really sorry that this guy is taking forever to serve me.” And then you can say, “Hey so what’s the occasion?” And it looks like you’re just keeping small talk because you feel awkward because you’re standing in the middle of the group and it’s a very normal thing that dudes in a bar would do. What happens then is they get hooked up on conversation, and the more you talk to them, the less likely you are to get served, so the longer you stay in set. Then at any point it gets awkward, you can just order your drink, but of course, there’s no reason for you to leave. You’ve been standing in set for so long, when your drink arrives, you can then turn around and get back into conversation. And it’s such a multi-used kind of thing, there are so many options with it, so I really like that opener.