Now, we have built plenty of trust by exchanging a few emails with our woman of choice. Once you feel as if enough rapport has been established, it’s time to get her phone number. That is, after all, the point of this whole thing. We need to get her number and then set up a live meeting.

But, first things first. Now, the last email is something I tested over and over again. I needed to find a good way to get a woman’s phone number with consistency. Well, turns out it was actually really simple.

Just tell her with confidence to give it to me.
So, this is a template I developed and it works very well!

Number Email

(Continue banter from previous email. One to two short sentences.) Then say:

“Listen, things are really hectic right now and I haven’t had much time to go online. Let’s go ahead and meet in person. Why don’t you pass along your phone number and we’ll set up a live meeting.”

That’s it. Short, sweet and to the point. Just the way a confident, busy guy would write it. So, just send out that email and wait for her to respond with her number. If you did all the previous steps correctly, she’ll give it to you without any hesitation.

Now, what if she doesn’t give you her phone number? Well, usually this happens because she doesn’t really feel comfortable with you yet. Notice I didn’t say she’s not “attracted” to you yet. Women don’t get attracted to men they haven’t met in person. It simply does not happen.

memory tips for memorizing numbers

The only times that might happen is when she really likes your picture and that doesn’t happen too often. See, you are just words on her screen and the whole point of emailing her is to get her in person. Then, you start building attraction.

So, back to the phone number. Say she gives you the following response after sending your “number” email:

“Hi, yes, I loved my trip to Europe it was great… (Continue with banter from previous emails.) So, tell me, where will be your next destination?”

Notice how she completely ignored the fact that I asked for her phone number. This is common when you are first starting out with online dating. What’s going on here is that she’s not yet comfortable enough to give it to you.

So, you might respond with something like this:

“Hey, where’s that number? You do have a cell phone, right? Anyway, pass it along and we’ll continue this conversation on the phone.”

Gotta run…

See, I didn’t address anything in her last email. I just told her to give me her number again, in a firm, confident tone. What I’m communicating here is, “Listen we’ve done the email thing and it’s time to move things forward. So, give me your number.” That’s how you want to do it.

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