Some of the best experts in the pickup and dating world will be sharing their opinions and advice on how to get into a fun mindset and meet strangers.

Dean Cortez On How To Make Friends With Strangers

how to meet strangers

Batting practice comes into play here, but let me throw out one more concept that is really important and that really works for me, and that is getting to know the gatekeepers. When you go out, usually you‟ll see that the hot girls are accompanied by a frumpy friend. There is at least one girl in their crew who is not nearly as good looking as the hot girl. Hot girls must do this on purpose and actually like the ego boost of getting all the attention because they are more attractive than the girls they are with, so that‟s the girl that you want to get to know. She‟s oftentimes the gatekeeper.

A lot of times, the frumpy girl is the queen bee of the group socially and sort of arranges the get-togethers. She‟s got a good personality and next thing you know, she‟s inviting me to come and hang out with them next weekend or to come and meet her friends. I show up to meet them and there is going to be one stunner in that group, and now the gatekeeper is introducing me to the hot friend of hers and vouching for me, and it so easy, I‟m already in the door with her.

It boils down to three factors, batting practice, gatekeepers and also meeting other men in the environments where you hang out. Guys will obviously have some social value. It could be a couple of cool guys who are just there hanging out or it could be a bartender, a doorman, a DJ, or a manager.

If you ever want to start a conversation with another dude, just talk about women. Just say to the guy, “Hey man, what‟s going on? You know, there are so many cute girls here tonight. What do you think? Who do you have your eye on?”

He might tell me about some party tomorrow night that I end up going to and banging some chick. You never know. Always be expanding your social circle of men and women.

DJ Fuji On How To Get Into A Positive Mindset

how to get into a positive mindset

That‟s a tough one because a lot of guys who get into this don‟t have a social circle. They also don‟t have some of the core fundamentals or the requirements that are prerequisites to have that social circle. It‟s the same thing holding them back with girls. What I would say, though, is to go out with the attitude that whether you flirt with a girl who‟s gorgeous or you flirt with a girl who is 200 pounds, flirt with everyone and understand that you flirting with girls is a process of giving.

This is you giving value. This is making someone‟s day. This is going into Starbucks and the woman behind the counter, whether she‟s hot or she‟s not, is bored. She been at work for eight hours and you go in and put a smile on her face. You can joke around, make her laugh, throw a few compliments, flirt in general. When you interact with people, always be giving. Always be exuding that positivity. When you do that, people start to come into your life. And at that point, you don‟t have to worry about trying to get something from people, or trying to go out and find friends because those people and those elements flock to you.

John Alanis On How To Meet Strangers And Make New Friends

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Well, the first thing that I would tell them is to just sit down and get very clear on the reason why he wants to do that. A lot of guys aren‟t clear. They‟re just chasing cars. They want to go out and have fun, and that in itself is not a bad thing, but if you just want to go and have fun, I think you need to be very clear on that. So a lot of guys just randomly go out and try and meet women because they want to meet women with no purpose or point whatsoever and they wind up meeting the wrong type of women.

First off, as I said, you‟ve got to be clear on why you want to do that, and it‟s absolutely different for every single guy. It‟s absolutely different in different phases of your life because that also changes as you get older and go through time. I‟ve always said that the reason that you want to go out and meet women is to build equity in your life, not just for romance, but you‟ll never know when some female friend who is attracted to you could bring opportunity or the woman you commit to for life.

The second thing is make it your business to be around women and hang out with women and like women. I mean, I just don‟t understand why guys want to go out with the guys at night. I want to go and hang out with hot women. So make it your point not to be the guy who they all give hugs to and make fun of, let‟s say, nice guys. Be the guy who now is attractive to women.

There really are very few men who act like men, talk like men, are 100% congruent being men, and that‟s really what women want. Because they want men who act like men, not these panties and limps that are floating around nowadays.

So when you‟re just known as a cool man to hang out with it, women will hang out with you because they can‟t get that anywhere else.

And then if you joke with them and say, “Help me; there is not enough women here. You girls need to go out and bring me some women.” It‟s just a funny joking thing, but one woman will show up. So that‟s really how I approach it, keeping in mind from the very beginning that there needs to be a purpose with the women you want to bring into your life. One woman can make your life great and one woman can make your life hell, and very few guys actually think about that.

Entropy Reveals His Social Life Secrets

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There are two aspects of it. The first is to seek out what you love doing. Get in touch with what you love. If you’re a musician or you play guitar, look into joining a band or joining a group or something. If you used to play basketball in high school and kind of miss it, look for a local basketball league or something. If you‟ve always wanted to learn a martial art or how to tango or something like that, join a class. Take night classes and stuff like that and it’s by far the easiest and best way to meet people because everybody who you’re meeting is going to have a similar interest as yours. That’s going to immediately give you a pretty wide circle of acquaintances.

And then the other thing is to develop good social habits of keeping in touch with people and inviting people to places. Once you have all these activities that you’re doing and you’re meeting people from different places, keep in touch with them. Text them frequently and invite them to other places. So, if your basketball buddies are going to go get a beer somewhere, text the cute girls from your night school class and invite them out, too. And then you can start introducing them to each other and pretty soon you can have a vibrant social circle going.