You need to leave the house quickly, but you simply can’t find your keys. In future, you can solve this problem by determining fixed places for all important items, such as glasses or keys, and using these same places all the time. Then it’s impossible for you to lose things, and you never have to look for them. However, if you are not—as I’m not—a tidy person, you can creatively achieve the same goal by training your memory to remember where you’ve put things. The people I know who’ve used memory techniques and practiced visualizing images say that it’s now easier for them to find lost items.

Try this method, which depends on visualization. If you’ve been searching, for an item like your car keys without success, and you’ve looked in the three or four places where you’ve always found them before, try to visualize the keys and remember the moment you last held them in your hand. Or try to remember what happened to make you put your keys down in an unusual place, thereby losing them. Usually the image of the spot where you put the keys will pop up at the very moment you visualize them.

When you go through your home, make a habit of noticing things that are not where they should be. If you consciously note this detail in passing, you can remember the scenes later and recall them. If you find that something is missing, imagine it in precise detail and then walk through the rooms in your mind until you can “see” where it is. You can also make the search easier by getting in the habit of focusing your attention for a moment when you put something away.

Memory improvement is not something you can do in one day. It takes time and the key to success here is to be persistent.

Most people get discourages because they choose the wrong learning style. They would buy a book and start learning all the techniques at one time.

That is not the right way. You should pick one technique and practice the same techniques until you have mastered it and only then should you try to learn other techniques.

how to improve your memory

To help yourself stay motivated is really very simple. All you have to do is to simply think of the benefits.

You will be able to memorize lists of all kinds, you will be able to memorize numbers, you will be able to memorize speeches and much more.

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