In this post some of the best male and female experts will be teaching you how you can impress a girl with your conversation style. Let’s get started now.

Kezia Noble Teaches Guys How To Impress A Girls

I am in favor of direct game in daytime. For a million reasons; when you do direct game in daytime, it should be done on a girl who’s in a rush or she’s moving or she’s walking. When the girl is sitting in a café or she’s sitting in a park or whatever, you can then maybe use indirect game because you’ve got maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but if the girl is walking, you use direct game.

It saves a lot of time and you definitely need to put a time constraint on. Always tell her it’s random: “This is really random, but I think you’re absolutely stunning. I’ve got to go back to work in five minutes unfortunately, but it would be very cool to get to know you a bit more.”

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I think that this is very effective because when guys use indirect, say when the girl is walking – asking for directions or something like that – the girl knows. She’s not stupid. She knows the guy just wants to talk to her, and she is thinking, “Why are you being so weak? Why can’t you just show your intention like a real man?”

But what a lot of my students find is that they use this great opener and the girl says, “Yeah OK, cool. Let’s get to know each other,” and then they get this lull in the conversation and it becomes really boring again.

A really good idea is to say to her, “Do you know what? This is so random.” Keep emphasizing the fact that it’s random and say, “You know what? I’ve got an idea. I’ll tell you three things about myself and you tell me three things about yourself in return, deal?”

The guy must always go first and he must say something about his past, present, and future. If he goes first then the girl follows suit and feels that she has to give something in return. So what happens is you flood that interaction with hooks, really strong hooks. Conversation can’t get weak after that especially for 5-10 minutes. So that’s a really great way to keep the conversation flowing after that initial agreement of her talking to you.

Entropy On How To Impress A Girl During The Day

During the day, I’m a big fan of being direct. During the day you don’t necessarily have much time. People are busy, people are going places. You might be busy so it’s good to get straight to the point. And also, nobody really ever stops women and says, “Hey, I thought you were cute, I wanted to say hi to you.” And when you do that, the reactions you get are amazing. Women are just absolutely stunned in a really good way a lot of times. So, yeah, whether I’m walking on the street or in a coffee shop or a bookstore, I’d say 9 times out of 10, I’d say, “Hi, excuse me. This is kind of random but I think you are really cute. I wanted to say hi. My name is Mark.” And take it from there.

Marni Wing Girl Teaching ‘How To Impress A Girl’

I like someone who stops me and pulls me into his world. I like when a man spins me around in his circle. But I don’t like it, again, when I feel like I’m being stopped by somebody who is going to ask me for a donation. Do you know what I mean? When I am walking, I want somebody to bring me into something entertaining. My day is pretty boring. When I walk around during the day, if someone were to come up next to me and not add to my experience, then I wouldn’t like it. So if I was walking and I have a coffee in my hand and somebody stopped me and said, “Oh, you know what? Your outfit is fantastic.” Spun me around and said, “Where are you going? Let’s go for a walk. Let’s get you a coffee.” Or something like that, I like that energy a lot. Some women don’t, but they would want something similar in an energy that they like.

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But I don’t want to say that every single guy has to be this outgoing bantering man because that’s not always attractive.

For instance, my husband is not an outgoing bantering man, but he is a man who holds himself really well and I can feel that he always thinks – no matter who he interacts with – that he’s not inferior. He never goes up to a person and says, “You’re so much better” in his mind.

He does the complete opposite and he did the same thing when he met me. He came up to me because he wanted to meet me. He introduced himself. He talked to me and wanted to find out more about me. So he wasn’t trying to impress me. He didn’t tell me how much money he made. He didn’t do any of that behavior. He was just very firm on who he was and very comfortable in his skin, and that’s what I was attracted to. He did banter a little bit, but he wasn’t jokey, in your face, like a large character. He was very calm, and I loved that in him and I still love it now, obviously.

Nick Quick On How To Impress Any Girl

You know I honestly don’t do a lot of day game here in Las Vegas because most day game here is a lot like night game. People are drunk at 9 in the morning, partying in the streets. So it would be a little bit different in here in Vegas, but at the same time, if I was, let’s say, going through the grocery store, and I saw a woman I found very attractive, I would use something simple: “Excuse me, I know this sounds a bit random, but I think you’re cute, and I wanted to meet you” – direct and to the point.

Scot McKay Teaches The Art Of Impressing Girls With Your Words

If you’re going to be bold enough to approach a woman who is walking down the street, you’ve got to understand you don’t have time to beat around the bush. You know it and she knows it. You need to go and get her attention. Maybe you can walk with her. Don’t expect her to stop everything she’s doing and just talk to you. You can say, “Hey, you know what? I saw you walking down the street, and I knew I had to come over here and meet you. My name is Scot.” If she’s in a coffee shop, the only thing that’s different is you can slow down a lot more. It’s always optimal to slow down and take your time.