I think everyone already knows that a good memory depends on your physical and mental health. There are certain brain training exercises you can perform to boost your brain power and to improve your memory. Whether you are a student, a professional or just an old man who wants to keep his brain sharp, these techniques work for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Memory improvement techniques not only bless you with a great memory but also make your a more creative person in general. These techniques also improve your thinking abilities and will power. You will be able to think way more clearly after performing these memory enhancing exercises than your current mental capacity.

Busting The A Common Memory Improvement Myth

It is a commonly held belief that as we age, our memories start to get defective and learning abilities can weaken. But guess what? This is not true. Scientists have discovered that human brain is always capable of learning new skills and information. This ability is known as neuroplasticity.

It all depends on how you stimulate your brain. If you just do it right, your brain can perform wonders at any age. You can improve your memory, your learning abilities, your creativity and thinking abilities.

Number One Memory Improvement Tip

It may come across as a no-brainer yet so many people seem to fail for not following it. The number one memory improvement tip is to keep your brain healthy by healthy diet and good habits. These two things go a long way making your brain stronger and sharper. And as the saying goes, a sound body has a sound mind.

So eat healthy and develop brain friendly habits. It will really help a lot.


Exercising your body is actually exercising your brain

If you take care of your body, it will help improve your memory. Why? Because physical exercises increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and reduces the risks or mental diseases that can destroy your memory. Diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular are known to have negative effects on your memory.

Sleeping Can Improve Your Memory

Yes you read that right and this has been proven by science. Memory gets stronger when you are asleep. Ignore the workload, ignore the exam pressure, make sure you are getting proper sleep on regular basis. If you are deprived of sleep, it is going to negatively affect your memory. Sleep deprivation will also harm your thinking and decision making abilities. It will make you a lazy person in general.

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Memory Improvement 2 : Having Fun With Friends Helps

Studies have shown that spending fun times with your friends can improve your memory.

Reasons are obvious. If you are having fun times, your brain is getting exercised. Everyone knows that this improves your mood and makes your a positive person but very few people are aware of the fact that it actually improves your memory and general brain power as well.

Healthy Relationships have a huge positive impact on your brain health. Healthy relationships are not only a blessing but also a great memory booster. They create a win/win situation. You enjoy success in both personal and professional life.

I am sure that you have already heard that laughter is th best medicine. I believe in it and there is scientific proof available.

Some people find it almost impossible to laugh but it really isn’t.

Here is how to laugh!

You can laugh at yourself

It is not necessary to take life seriously. You should and must have fun. Laugh at your mistakes, laugh at your stupidity. Just laugh the negativity off and then let me welcome you to an empowered and happy life :).

Laugh With Others

If you are having fun with others, join them in laughter. You can feel happy for your friends and family. This my friend is a great habit.

Befriend Fun People

I am sure you have met someone in your life who always seems to have fun no matter what. These are the kind of people who live their life to the fullest. And these are the kind of the people you want to make friends with. If you are friends with happy and positive people, you will become one of them.

Children Are The Best Fun Makers

Whenever i see kids, no matter where, i always find them have fun. Kids are always having fun and they are always enjoying their life. You can join kids and share their fun times. Kids have an unbeatable ability to make anyone laugh. I am sure you will agree with me on this.

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Memory Improvement Tip 3: No Stress

Stress is your enemy. It is enemy of your brain and brain power. It is very important to keep stress in check.  There are plenty of ways to beat stress. I personally find a positive mindset the best weapon against stress. If you are internally an optimistic and happy person, you are not going to feel stressed in the first place. I understand not everyone is like that. For some people, it takes time to reach a mental state where they are no longer affected by stress.

There are certain techniques like meditation and yoga that you can use to control your stress levels.

In my experience, hypnosis works like a charm for me.

Please note that if you are depressed or in the grip of anxiety, it is going to affect your memory. So it is of vital importance to live a happy life with a positive outlook for things.

Use Mnemonic Devices To Exercise Your Brain Muscles

Here are some mnemonic devices explained in detailed. Practicing these techniques will for sure give your brain and memory a great boost. Please read the following posts

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I have been practicing mind mapping as well and found it to be great for memory improvement. Mind Maps also help boost your creative skills.

The more you will practice, the better you will get at this.